Raym’s client discovers a phantom pregnancy was not what it seemed.

What did he mean sky-devils? 

My client Nadia telepaths as we take our leave of a helpful old Alchemist from a past life. We are on a shamanic journey and are in no time-space.

Rather than explain, I suggest she tells her body to show her when the crystal we have just discovered inside her body, was placed there.

Body I command you, show me the moment this crystal was placed here. Now! 

Immediately we are in that moment and just as quickly my client starts screaming. 

I do not have to ask do you recognise anyone because she sees herself as she is in this present life, but she looks a little younger. She has immediately stepped straight into her own body. She is in a cold sterile place on a shiny operating table. She is being pinned down by restraints on her wrists and ankles and small grey humanoid creatures with large dark eyes are probing, testing and opening her body, without any regard for her feelings. 

I see them removing, then inserting something into the centre of her torso, she is barely aware of what is happening as she is in so much physical and emotional pain. I know she will want to know more later and I am already reluctant to take her there. However my priority now is to remove the crystal from her body so that she can be free of its influence and can, hopefully, stop screaming…

Nadia has been referred to me for a shamanic journey by another therapist who has been unable to get to the bottom of her behaviour during meditation classes. Keen to grow spiritually, she has been attending classes but has found whenever everyone else in the class enters a deep meditative state, her body involuntarily twists and contorts, her back arches and she is unable to relax. It has got to the point when she is too embarrassed to go to class but does not want to give up, so she has sought help from a healer.

After a brief interview we lie down inside the mandala of crystals which help us easily enter an expanded state of consciousness. Once she is in an altered state of consciousness I suggest she scan her own body as if she has CAT-scan or X-ray eyes. She is surprised by just how much she can perceive if she allows it. 

Nadia is able to see straight through her body and perceive the energies surrounding it, our aim is to pick up anything that should not be there. We are looking for anything that looks unusual or uncomfortable, energies that are a natural part of her well-being will not show up during this process.

There is a long list of interesting phenomenon to be uncovered, a list that only my students and apprentices are aware of. In this process it is important that the client sees what they need to see, not what we see. The energy that is most damaging to the client’s well-being usually presents itself first. 

Nadia is a bit of a New Age fairy and she is delighted when amongst other things, in the heart chakra in the centre of the chest she discovers the most exquisite sparkling jewel-like crystal. 

In her world, all crystals are positive, cool and groovy. In mine unfortunately, they may not be, depending on who put them there and why. We must find these things out.

Nadia is so enamoured with its sparkling beauty that she has no idea that it may not be there for her divine highest good. I ask would she like to find out more about the crystal and she agrees. Knowing that our body holds the record of all our experiences, everywhere, I telepath her the following affirmation:

Body I command you, show me the moment this crystal was placed here. Show me now!

We are standing in a dusty, dimly lit room in an old-style castle which appears to be relatively new. I can sense that Nadia is perplexed thinking perhaps we are on a movie set, I encourage her to explore her surroundings as I step back into the shadows. We walk from room to room through what looks like a primitive science lab with parchment scrolls, strange looking pans, bottles full of plants and other strange substances suspended in murky liquids.

A young boy is busy tidying up the place, putting these relics into some kind of order, we can sense his excitement. An elderly gentleman enters the room. A little stooped and tired looking, he looks like an archetypal magician. His rich purple blue robes are impressive though a little threadbare and long white beard is magnificent if a tad unkempt. 

He is a man just past his prime, still in his power but aware that his time on this planet is getting short. His stern looking face and gruff demeanour hide a tenderness for the boy that is apparent in his eyes when the boy’s back is turned.

Do you recognise anyone? 

I telepath, trying not to lead Nadia into a realisation that is terribly obvious to me.

What do you mean? How would I know anyone here?

Feel their energy, does anyone’s energy feel familiar?

It’s the boy! It’s me, I am the boy! 

Her surprise and excitement are touching.

Let’s see what happens next.

The old man leads the boy through a series of tests. The lad is a bright spark and answers all the riddles put to him easily. He is enjoying both the test and the fact that his answers are pleasing his teacher. The quiz goes on and gets steadily more difficult and complex as the teacher rigs up elaborate contraptions, watching the boy mix potions and create magic, using herbs, crystals and invocations.

Nadia is awestruck at her own past life knowledge and enthusiasm. We are about to arrive at the key moment in her recall.

The old man is explaining to the open hearted and naive boy that his apprenticeship is almost complete, and he will soon be ready to go out into the world and share his abilities with others, under the distant supervision of his teacher. He explains, that not everyone will appreciate his work and that some people may attempt to harm him, through jealousy or fear. He offers to give him protection and produces a magnificent crystal which, to the boy, appears very real. 

We can see that it isn’t. It is a projection, a thought-form conjured up by the old wizard to impress the boy. Whilst it may not be a “real’ three dimensional crystal, all of its powers and programming are.

The boy’s eyes widen as he accepts the gift and the old Adept gently pushes it straight into the centre of his chest. There is much more we could explore, the boy’s life journey, the esteem he gains in his community as a great herbalist and healer, and the deep mutual respect he and his teacher have for each other as the boy grows into a man and the old man ages and passes on. However, we have seen enough.

I take my client into no time-space and suggest she call on the old Alchemist and ask him to join us.

Across time and space I call on my old teacher, I call on my old teacher, I call on my old teacher, please join us now.

The old man appears and as he approaches, Nadia starts to cry. Feeling the depth of their connection as they embrace, I give them space.

Ask if the crystal still serves you now.

No, he meant to remove it but could never bring himself to do so, he would love to take it back now, he knows it should no longer be here.

Give him permission to take it. Ask how its removal will affect you.

I will not have his protection but I am strong. Things are different now and it is time for me to be free of his influence.

The crystal is removed. I ensure Nadia fills the space where the crystal was, with unconditional love.

Thank him and tell him he can go in peace, your relationship is complete.

The old Mage telepaths me.

Thank you my friend, I have been wanting to do this for some time. You have done us both a great service, I can be at peace now. I sense you are aware of the other crystal, it seems to me you have enough power to deal with the sky-devils who put it there. Good luck.

He embraces Nadia and leaves, dissolving into light. I am pleased things have gone so smoothly. I know part of this journey is about my client accessing her innate healing abilities. No lifetime is wasted and she can reactivate these skills when she is ready, they will manifest as intuitive knowing.

I know that the next crystal, which I have already seen, may not have such a happy ending.

What did he mean, sky-devils? Nadia asks.

I suggest she scan her body again and this time she perceives the second crystal in her womb. She makes the appropriate affirmation and then the screaming starts…

Right now I must remove the crystal. It is not a positive influence, it was not placed there with her conscious permission or with unconditional love…

I suggest she step out of her body and into no time-space. Out of her body her experience will be less intense and she should be able to stabilise her emotions.

Are you ready to call on the beings who placed this crystal here?

She looks nervous.

The best way to deal with this is to reclaim your power and have them remove it.

She does not look confident. She knows I am talking sense but is still fearful, eventually she agrees.

Across time and space I call on the beings who placed this crystal here, I call on the beings who placed this crystal here, I call on the beings who placed this crystal here. Please stand before me now.

Three small blue-grey beings appear in front of us, their energy is cold. They are like the green ETs with large, dark almond shaped eyes that you see on popular T shirts, except these are grey. They are about 1.5 metres tall and have shiny skin, I have dealt with them and their kind, many times.

They have no emotions and care nothing for a person’s feelings, on any level. We start the process of removal, which could take time.

I telepath Nadia the following affirmation:

You do not have my permission to leave this crystal here, you must remove it now.

The ETs stonewall her. They are not aggressive or threatening, just cold and neutral. They do not respond.

By the Law of Grace and Decree of Victory I command you to remove this crystal. NOW!

Still no response. It was worth a try, it works sometimes.

I call on your superiors, please be here now.

Now we are in business, their controllers arrive. Tall Nordic types, quite different from the little ones, they have the air of studious scientists, their energy is less cold, but not what you might call heartwarming.

You do not have my permission to leave this device inside my body. This is a free will zone and you know it. It is not possible to leave this crystal here without my conscious consent. Please remove it now.

There is a huddle and a discussion, I can tell they are not used to a mere human being aware of their rights. I also know that they must respect them.

They turn towards us, there is no apology or further discussion, they simply remove the crystal and start to leave.

I advise the following affirmation before they leave.

You may not return without my conscious written permission. So be it.

We ensure the area where the crystal was embedded is cleansed and repaired. Nadia concludes that the device was there to stop her meditating, remembering her abduction and the tests they carried out on her body. I do not disabuse her of that thought as it is partially true.

When we return to the physical, she tells me that coincidentally, several years ago she became unexpectedly pregnant. After a full medical examination she was told she could look forward to a healthy baby within the usual term. Several months passed and she woke up one morning and the baby in her womb was gone. There was no trace of it. She consulted her doctor only to be told that it was a phantom pregnancy.

I decide to end our discussion here and reassure her that now that the etheric crystal has been removed, she will be able to meditate. I call on my assistant Bryony to take Nadia downstairs for a cup of tea and some TLC. Bryony can tell, by the absence of my usual abrupt manner, that she needs extra support.

I hope that Nadia will not pursue the matter further. I could easily take her to an earlier recall, where she would see that the pregnancy was not phantom and was not created in the usual way, by human to human interaction. 

It makes my skin crawl to think of what may have happened to the hybrid embryo, whether it is alive now and if it is, what kind of life it leads, in a totally loveless environment. I understand that in cosmic terms everything is perfect, however sometimes it’s hard to surrender to the perfection of this sector of the Universe, but I try.

All stories are © 2019 Raym Richards and are extracted from his book “Sprit World. A Diary of an Urban Shaman” available through iBooks and Amazon or directly from Crystal Dreaming