A ritual from the past is having a profoundly negative effect on Raym’s clients present.

A ceremony is commencing. It is dark, yet people wear masks and hooded capes. They stand in a circle, heads bowed, illuminated by thirteen thick, greasy, spluttering candles. My apprentice, Jo and I have travelled through time and space with my wealthy client, Sandra. She has just triggered a recall of the source of the uncontrollable promiscuity, that is ruining her relationships.

I can see she is totally taken aback by what she is witnessing. I have seen this before; what IS disturbing for me is the contemporary nature of the surroundings. Although at first glance we could be anywhere, any time, I pick up subtle clues as to the closeness to our present time. Sandra has not yet noticed.

Jo catches my eye, the nausea we are feeling is deep seated and irrational. It is as if our stomachs are gripped in a hot vice, our chests are constricted and saliva oozes into our mouths.

Why is this happening? My panicked apprentice telepaths.

I know but I am not sure how to break it to her without causing further irrational fear, which could exacerbate the situation.

Well,  you know how it is for beings not totally aligned with unconditional love, when they enter a sacred space that we create?

I pause, swallowing the hot pre-vomit stream of spittle that involuntarily fills my mouth.

Yes, they feel nauseous and want to get out.

We are in a so-called sacred space now and it is having that effect on us.

But we are aligned with love and light, how can a sacred space affect us that way?

I said so-called for a good reason, this space is aligned with the opposite – hence our reaction to it.

Oh shit.

Try and take your focus off the nausea, if you throw up your physical body, lying in my session room, may choke.

I feel for Jo who has volunteered to travel with me to learn more about shamanism. If I am not mistaken the grossness of what she is about to witness will change her perceptions of what human beings are capable of irrevocably.

Sandra came to see me because she wanted to get to the bottom of her self-sabotaging behaviour. Not only is she prone to wild outbursts, her licentiousness has led to the break up of several promising, stable relationships. Just when things are looking good she subverts her own joy by sleeping around. 

She suspects this might be due to past life trauma and I am more than happy to help her discover the root cause of it, through our shamanic journey together. However as we witness this twisted ritual unfold, I sense she still feels it is in the distant past, when in fact it is much closer to home.

Jo has her hand in her mouth and is dry retching.

You can return to our present time-space if you wish.

This is all she needs to hear to activate her resolve.

No way, I want to learn how to do this stuff.

OK then be still and observe. Some of these people are in a trance and your agitation might betray our presence.

And so we observe. A girl is brought into the circle, she is terrified and is not there of her own free will. The horror on Sandra’s face tells all I need to know about her realisation of what might be happening.

Oh NO! That’s me, in this life. How can this be? I thought we were in ancient time, I recognise my dress and shoes… I don’t remember this. Who ARE these people?

I know, but I prefer that her realisation be complete and unaided by me.

Please, if you can, just observe. This may not be pleasant but you wanted to understand where and how your behaviour started? We are here now.

The pre-pubescent girl is led to an altar where incantations and offerings are made to entities who feed off the energy released here. A man comes forward dressed as the most common and feared manifestation of evil our culture knows, he appears to be in a trance.

They go through a pseudo wedding ceremony and with everybody watching he rapes the traumatised girl. I feel sick to the core and my feminist apprentice is enraged. I have to restrain Jo to stop her from interacting, exposing our presence and placing us all in grave danger.

This is too much. ENOUGH! Sandra is close to collapsing.

I am sorry, there may be more. Do you recognise anyone here?

They are all masked or hiding under hoods…

I know, but in the state you are in you can read their energy. Tune into them.

I can’t believe this is true, why don’t I remember it?

We will come to that later. Who is in this circle you know?

There are close members of my family here.

You know who they are?


Then we know enough.

I decide she has seen enough when a black obsidian knife is placed in the girl’s small hands and they drag a young boy, a street kid “gone missing,” into the centre of the circle close to the altar. 

I take Sandra to the time and place her memory was erased and she witnesses the process. After that time she was treated as a normal teenager by everyone around her, those who knew and those who did not. Naturally any reference to the secret society and their repeated rituals did not happen when she was around.

This misguided group was confident that this brain washing was permanent. However it is not. One session can unlock it all, totally involuntarily. The challenge now is helping Sandra come to terms with it.

In no time-space I take her through processes that release all vows and agreements that she may have made under duress or that may have been made on her behalf. By the end of the session she is clear energetically and spiritually, although there is much emotional healing still to come.

We return to our present time and my session room. My pale, uber-punk apprentice excuses herself and we hear the muffled sounds of her throwing up in the toilet next door. She returns wiping her mouth as I debrief Sandra.

“You have a complete understanding of what you have just witnessed?”

“I find it hard to believe, but yes I do.”

“Did I suggest anything to you in any way prior to, or during our session?”

“No, you did not.”

“You are well on the way to changing your behaviour, there is nothing now holding it in place. I recommend further emotional healing, but this is not my area of expertise.”

“I understand.” Sandra is still in shock.

Jo who has is now flushed and agitated cannot help herself, regardless of my instruction for her not to say anything to my clients she blurts out.

“I hope you are going to dob those bastards in.”

Sandra reflects. Taking a deep breath she quietly exhales her response.

“Whats the point? I saw, through the other people I recognised in the circle, that this perversion pervades the highest levels of our society. An accusation would go nowhere, it could lead to me being called delusional and locked up. In fact it could even threaten my life.”

My apprentice is stunned into silence as I counsel them both.

“This is entirely your choice, it is best now to focus on our own wellbeing and healing. Those confused, corrupt, sub-humans are bound by the laws of Karma whether they like it or not. They think they can avoid it by staying Earthbound, in service to their masters, after their death, but in due course they will experience everything they have perpetrated. There is no way they can avoid it.”

“They deserve everything they get!” I frown at Jo’s outburst, but inwardly, reluctantly, I agree.

All stories are © 2019 Raym Richards and are extracted from his book “Sprit World. A diary of an Urban Shaman” available through iBooks and Amazon or directly from Crystal Dreaming