Raym finds himself in a clients future and he is not as he is now

I have returned from the States and things are much simpler, I have sold my shop and my two lovely assistants have moved on. I now work from a studio in the bush with one enthusiastic young apprentice. Clients come to me from far and wide.

Today, I am travelling through time and space with my client Jess, who is observing her near future self and is intrigued. We are here because she has requested guidance about career choices she is making now.

I look so much more confident, she telepaths, fuller figure too. I think I like what my future-self is up to. It looks like I am organising some special event, a retreat in a beautiful bush setting, lovely.

We follow her future-self around, she and the other future people are oblivious to our inter-dimensional presence.

This is so weird. No one can see us, not even me, but I know I am here, right?

You will remember this moment. Fortunately we cannot affect the outcome from here, only observe.

“Welcome to the club,” my new, young apprentice chips in. Her brief is to take notes, learn and not get involved. She does all three, occasionally.

There is excitement and anticipation in the air, the feeling is celebratory but it is tinged with apprehension. We witness workshops that are based on grounding unconditional love. It is beautiful and moving to see people sharing with such open hearts.

Things are building towards a ceremony of some sort; my guess is that the usual Earth honouring will take place around an equinox or solstice. But I am wrong.

By late afternoon people are gathering outdoors leaving a large open space in the centre of their sacred circle. They hold hands, they sit, they chant and they wait.

The air begins to throb with a deep resonant vibration, it is otherworldly, unpleasant and disturbing. The light in the centre of the circle becomes distorted as if a source of great heat was bending the view from the other side. Things become noticeably darker and vaguer. Some people slip into fear, forgetting their focus from the entire weekend;  holding their ears, they back away and the circle disintegrates.

Whatever is arriving feels much bigger and more powerful than anticipated and its presence is pushing people outwards into nearby shrubs and trees.

Look, you are here too!

She points at an older, larger me who is walking around trying to calm people down, without a great deal of success. As the vibration gets more intense, people scatter, acting from some base survival instinct.

Jess and I seem calm and we move further away to observe.

The air settles and light returns to normal. but things are different, the light over a large part of the central space is distorted and there is an almost imperceptible low, throbbing hum in the air. The kind of subtle background noise you only really notice when it stops.

From our present time vantage point we perceive beings exiting the cloaked craft that has materialised in a dimension close to ours, our future-selves sense their presence.

“They can tune into us, they know we are opting out of a fear based reality. We called them here, let’s walk back to my cabin holding hands, it has a clear line of site to the landing zone.” I reach for Jess’ hand.

She trusts my intuition she walks away with me. We stand in the doorway facing each other but also turned slightly towards the landing zone. “Now express your deep unconditional love for me, open your heart to me. Eye to eye, heart to heart.” 

I feel the energy leaving her heart.

“Good connection, now lets send this outwards, they are watching us, let them feel it. Send it towards them as well.”

I am not sure what to expect, then something really strange happens.

“Where did he come from? What a cute little dog!” Jess’ future-self looks down to her feet.

We see a small sausage type dog with a stumpy tail, he rubs against our legs like a cat

“Lets go inside with him.” Jess has no hesitation.

“He’s a playful little thing.” Tickling his tummy as he rolls around on the floor we both notice that he is like no dog we have ever seen before: perfectly formed but his fur is not quite right, fur-like but not fur.

He looks up at us and wags his stumpy tail, then races over to centre of the room, sits and waits for us to follow.

We sit on the floor and stroke him, he settles and stares straight into Jess’ eyes. They roll back into her head as she enters a light trance.

“Oh my God, so much information…” She gasps, catching her breath.

I think what we are witnessing is the beginning of the first sharing of ET technology directly with us, rather than our governments. It is something that we have been praying for. I telepath Jess.

But why the silly dog?

It is a non-threatening interaction. He is cute and loveable. We extended love and they responded. We are dealing with the good guys here. We have seen enough, lets return to our present time.

Jess opens her eyes. “Well, it’s clear to me now where my focus should be. The corporate ladder has just lost all of its appeal, I will be moving sideways. Looks like you and I will be working together. Thanks so much, all my questions have been answered.”  She is escorted out by my apprentice who returns fizzing with questions.

“You are obviously going to be involved in that retreat, but you don’t do retreats…”


“There are multiple possible futures, right? And we just saw one of them? Maybe the most probable?”


“So that means that this could happen? With you being involved in our first planned, public ET interaction?”


“I know there are many probable-possibles, what does it all mean? What can we be sure of?”

“Based on what I saw today, I am absolutely sure… that I need to modify my diet.”

All stories are © 2019 Raym Richards and are extracted from his book “Sprit World. A diary of an Urban Shaman” available through iBooks and Amazon or directly from Crystal Dreaming