Clearing a never ending chain of interlinked traumas spanning eons, Jenny discovers that she has had a hand in their creation

My client Jenny is exhausted, she is a mature and compassionate therapist who has hit a major block to her growth as a Master healer. Skilled in a variety of modalities and with a great reputation for getting to the root of things and helping others find their place of power and peace, her own healing journey is not so smooth. In fact it is in limbo.

She has been referred to me by a string of therapists who have all been unable to make any progress with her case. As she approaches my studio I sense feelings of despair and frustration, tinged with fear. My young apprentice speaks her mind without editing her thoughts.

“She looks wiped out. I thought she was one of the best healers around.”

“She is – for others, but right now she has her own challenges, that’s why she is here. Now greet her and think before you speak.”

Jenny sighs as she takes a seat. “I have been told you may be able to help me, I seem to be encountering a never ending stream of past life traumas. Once one is cleared it is immediately replaced by another, there is no logic to it. No-one should have this much stuff to clear.” She starts to cry and my apprentice passes her a tissue. 

I explain several reasons why this could be happening, lack of spiritual evolution and healing in previous lives, Karma and the many layered nature of trauma release. None of them ring true to me in her case, there is more going on here than meets the eye.

“Thats enough talking, let’s get straight into the session, the process should reveal everything.”

Lying in a mandala of crystals we enter no time-space and begin the process of locating and releasing trauma by scanning her energy body. While she is scanning and dictating a long list of things she perceives to my apprentice, I look deeper into the complex web of past life experiences that surrounds her. My apprentice is doing the same.

There really does seem to be no end to this. She telepaths.

It’s not quite infinite, but it’s more than we can deal with in one session. The thing is I am not sure that it is all hers…

My apprentice commences the clearing process while I observe. Jenny experiences each trauma, usually a death, firsthand as if she was there. It is a visceral and intense experience. Underlying the physicality of her recall is the core of the trauma, how she felt and most importantly how this imprinted feeling affects her now. The affect that each trauma has on her now is not apparent, at all. Which is very unusual.

Then I get it: I interrupt the process between releases.

Jenny please call three times on the beings who love you unconditionally, your soul family. Invite them to join you now.

As she does so my apprentice makes an observation. Surely the fear contained in the unresolved trauma surrounding her will prevent her from perceiving them? She would be right if this was a normal case, but it is not.

Jenny is overwhelmed by the feelings of deep, expanded unconditional love that fill the space.

I see them clearly, they are here. Ask them what is happening? Why are you carrying trauma that is not yours?

They embrace her. They are telling me they preferred that I did not undertake this mission but that I insisted.

I observe their interaction.

Beloved Jenny, before you came to Earth you begged us to allow you to carry and release our trauma as a soul group, you could see your own future as a Master healer on Earth. You wanted to help us avoid releasing it when we came here. We love you so much we agreed, but reluctantly. Please stop this now it is not good for you, you have done so much for us already.

Yes, yes, yes! I agree to release us all from our agreement. She sobs breathless.

So be it and so it is! We witness the matrix of fear based experiences around her dissolve instantly, leaving clarity.

That simple!? My apprentice telepaths as Jenny and her non-physical friends have a party.

What about ego? I thought we did not have ego when we are spirits?

I’ll explain later, right now let’s just let her enjoy the party.

There is little need to debrief after the session; Jenny understands what has happened and why, she feels fantastic. She knows now that she is trauma free, in fact she was clear of personal trauma some time ago. She leaves relieved and happy.

My apprentice is eager for answers. “It sounds arrogant and egotistical to offer to clear your whole extended soul family’s trauma before birth, in one incarnation. How can that happen?”

“It is possible, and you have witnessed isolated incidents of clearing another soul family member’s trauma. Remember, after the twin towers in the States? We cleared several traumatic deaths that were not the client’s, but members of their soul family.

Her offer to clear a whole group appears to be egocentric because you are looking at it from an earthly perspective. It was a profound act of unconditional love. One that was bound to fail.”

“So why did they allow it, knowing that it would fail?”

“Because she wanted it and because they love her unconditionally, silly.”


I leave my apprentice to ponder on the profound ramifications of unconditional love as I head to the kitchen.

All stories are © 2019 Raym Richards and are extracted from his book “Sprit World. A diary of an Urban Shaman” available through iBooks and Amazon or directly from Crystal Dreaming