Releasing a painful frozen shoulder reveals a deeply buried emotional secret to a skeptical client

Joanne is a young woman of striking good looks. In her mid 30’s, she is a dance teacher who takes pride in her lean athleticism and fitness. She has been referred to me by several therapists who have been unable to release a frozen shoulder that has become a hindrance in her practice as teacher. She is frustrated because she is in tune with her body and so far, has not found any lasting solution to a very painful physical challenge. She has tried every physical therapy she can think of and I sense her skepticism around seeing a shaman for something that she considers to be purely physical. I know I am her last resort.

“This one should be interesting.” I brief my apprentice as Joanne parks her car.

“You mean she will block the process through negative thought forms?”

“No, not necessarily. She can if she wants to of course, but seeing me is an investment. I think she will allow the process to unfold.”

“What then?”

“I am not sure how she will cope, when she discovers where it all started. Have you scanned her?”



“Africa? It’s not what she is expecting, thats for sure.”

Joanne describes her healing journey and frustration before we start. We do not need to talk much as the process will reveal all that she needs to know.

Even though Joanne has a busy mind, once she is lying in the crystal mandala it does its work and she moves into an expanded state of consciousness easily. When we command her body to take us to the moment the pain in her shoulder started, it obliges immediately. Joanne is transported into another time and place. For her it is an intense and palpable experience that touches all her senses.

The smells! Woodsmoke, cooking, the vegetation, so different!. This is so real!

Thats because it is real. We are time travelling – observe. Do you recognise anyone? 

I wait for her to pick herself out in this past life. We are in a simple shelter, in a bush setting, amongst dark-skinned people. It takes few moments but then she notices herself. A happy young woman, heavily pregnant, going about her daily routine, surrounded by an extended family and tribe. Conditions are primitive to our eyes, but it is a stress free, abundant life. People have time to laugh, play and snooze as they wish. It seems to be a very contented little community.

Then it happens. The labour pains begin, they are powerful and because she has already borne several children, it looks like it might be a quick labour.

Joanna slips into the body of her past life self and experiences the acute agony of labour in her present physical body.

Oh my! What women have to go through! This is unbelievably painful. I am glad I haven’t done this in this life.

It will be over soon. My assistant telepaths, not so reassuringly.

We witness a difficult birth, the baby is in the wrong position and the local women work hard to try and get things right. We see they are fearful that things might not go smoothly. The labour extends and the baby is eventually born alive and healthy but after the birth her exhausted African self continues to bleed, uncontrollably. 

The local healers do their best to staunch the bleeding which lessens but does not stop. It becomes clear to everyone that she will die slowly and painfully and they are heartbroken.

Oh NO. I am going to die! I am so young… Joanna is sobbing. This is so sad. But what does it have to do with my shoulder?

Be patient. Allow this to play out.

Really, must I?

If you want to clear whatever it is you are holding in your shoulder, yes.

We witness her goodbyes to her clan and extended family. Then she says goodbye to her new baby, her children and husband, who loves her very much. He kisses her gently, looking deeply into her eyes, tears trickling down his shiny dark cheeks. They are alone. Then he steps behind her, takes her head in his hands and quickly and cleanly breaks her neck. 

Joanne’s African self sensed what was coming but still the emotional trauma of her death was so great that the experience is locked into her physical body as emotional trauma, manifesting in her present physical body now, ready to be released.

Joanne calls on her husband from that time and in no time space, thanks and forgives him. He is so delighted to see her again and be forgiven.

I help Joanne finally put this trauma to rest. “Please say out loud after me – I am at peace with this death, everything is perfect. I leave this trauma in the past where it belongs. I have learnt all I need to know about death in childbirth. I do not need to repeat it. I am at peace with this death, so be it.”

As Joanne repeats this affirmation her shoulder totally relaxes. 

I can feel it going back to normal. Incredible. Are we finished?

Not quite…

I take Joanne forward in time and we witness her baby grow into a healthy and strong man who honours the memory of his mother who died bringing him into this world. It is  beautiful completion to the session.

Joanne has some questions as the session ends. “So thats it, my shoulder is fixed?”

“Yes, your body no longer needs to hold onto the trauma, you have released it once and for all”.

“And my past life husband, will I meet him again?”

“Possibly…” I respond quickly, interrupting my apprentice who is about to speak.

“Why do you think this has come up now?”

“Because you are…” my apprentice just cannot help but share what she can see.

“…Ready to release it.” I interrupt my apprentice again, glaring at her.

After escorting Joanna to her car she returns looking rather sheepish.

“She’s obviously pregnant, why not tell her?”

“She did not ask. Take a breath and think before you speak.”

“It is due in just under seven months, its a boy and its her past life husband.”

“Yes that’s obvious. But sometimes it is best that people find these things out for themselves, in their own time.

All stories are © 2019 Raym Richards and are extracted from his book “Sprit World. A diary of an Urban Shaman” available through iBooks and Amazon or directly from Crystal Dreaming