Raym’s apprentice learns a lot about judgement as a client finds his life’s purpose while looking for something else.

“Do not judge this book by its cover,” I advise my rebellious, indigenous apprentice. I can see her eyes rolling as a sleek shiny new Tesla, hums to a stop next to our studio. I find myself experiencing a rare moment of envy.

Jonathan is an affluent advertising executive. After overwork and a messy divorce took him to an emotional rock bottom, he is here to find out why it all happened, so he can be at peace.

“Wealth does not always equal corruption and desecration of the land.” I am almost speaking to myself as I gaze at his very expensive “green” car.

“In my world it does,” she grumbles. Putting on her sweet and innocent, child-of-the-bush face, she greets my client.

Surprisingly, for such a left brained person, Jonathan enters an expanded state of consciousness easily. We clear past life trauma and attachments, each taking him into a deeper understanding of his choices and experiences in this life.

I sense my apprentice is becoming bored with what to her has become a routine session. We feel close to completely clearing  Jonathan when I hear my apprentice’s thin, wavering voice…

“The sun isn’t usually this bright at this time of day. It is getting really bright and hot in here… Sorry, I just feel so… happy! I can’t say that I have ever felt like this before.”

“Observe what is happening with Jonathan in no time-space and you will understand.”

Jonathan telepaths me. My whole body is tingling, I feel very clear, expanded.

How far does your consciousness reach?

He starts crying.

It stretches forever. I am connected to everything.

How does that feel?

Indescribably beautiful. His sobs fall into a strange unison with my apprentice.

Call on the beings who love you unconditionally. Invite them to join us now.

They are telling me I am now clear and that there is someone here to meet me…

I start to feel emotional myself as a radiant being steps forward: I think I recognise him.

I recall reading a poem just before I left, about my beloved Ganges, the Himalayas and…  The youthful looking, long haired, round faced Master sounds wistful.

I am honoured.  The usually cocky executive expresses himself with true humility.

Let us walk together… The Master places his hand on Jonathan’s shoulder as they stroll through a beautiful garden, chatting.

“Pay attention,” I whisper to my apprentice.

The Master explains to Jonathan that prior to birth they made an agreement that when Jonathan reached a point of clarity and oneness in this life that they could merge, becoming one, working together for the greater good of humanity, if he chose to do so.

“Soul braiding!” My apprentice is pleased to be witnessing what was, until today, a concept.

Jonathan, if you feel ready we have work to do. The Master embraces him.

It is clear that Jonathan has a choice; to embody the Master he is aligned with and walk together – or not. He may continue as a prosperous businessman or radically change his life and take a totally different path.

We return to our current time and place. A very different Jonathan opens his eyes.

“Wow. That was a lot to take in. Does this mean I am him?”

“You will have worked together in the past. Now if you wish, you may work together again, only this time you will embody his wisdom and love. It is entirely up to you. Take your time to integrate this experience. This could mean making some big changes in your life.”

My stunned apprentice shows him to his flashy car and waves goodbye.

“I know you have seen this before; what usually happens?” Her focus has returned to learning.

“For a few it is a major shift but for many it is all too much and very little changes. Some are able to embody the love and teachings of the Master concerned in their interactions with others in their daily lives. Without anybody knowing who is involved and what is happening, that is enough.”

“What are the chances of him truly embodying this being and sharing his teachings based on unconditional love again? He looks pretty materialistic to me.”

“Many things will conspire against him; his mind, ego, family obligations, community status and the fear of being judged can all undermine his potential. However, Jonathan stands an excellent chance of becoming a great teacher and ambassador for peace. He has a clear mind and and the right kind of worldly experience to make this work. He knows his experience here was authentic. Let’s keep an eye on him, I believe he may follow through.”

“Really? Wow, a guru is born…” She looks genuinely starry eyed. 

“So what about you?” She turns, looking into my eyes.

All stories are © 2019 Raym Richards and are extracted from his book “Sprit World. A diary of an Urban Shaman” available through iBooks and Amazon or directly from Crystal Dreaming