Raym’s youthful, enthusiastic client retrieves future technology

I am spinning, traveling at high speed through a wormhole traversing the Time-Space continuum with my client Brad. We travel through a matrix of light, colour and sound. I see lines, patterns and blurred Galaxies whizzing past me, I feel the music of the spheres in every cell of my being. It is an extraordinary adventure, but I am hoping this does not last too much longer as I am beginning to experience motion sickness. The young man next to me appears to be unusually free of fear. We have just embarked on our shamanic journey together and he is having a ball.


He telepaths as we spiral down a tube of light, leading god only knows where, because I do not have the faintest idea.

Man this is SOOO cool. His American accent twangs through my mind. Is this, like, normal? No wonder you’re so popular. I had no idea, man.

Me neither but I keep the thought to myself as I try to figure out what is happening to us and where we are going.

Brad was referred to me by some turned-on friends who sensed he had potential and would respond well to my Crystal Dreaming technique. He is an international student, here to study technology and to enjoy all that this beautiful country has to offer. He had recently started to attend meditation classes and it was there that others noticed his potential and referred him to me. Apart from looking like your all-American, clean cut kid, he does have a light in his eyes which shines a tad brighter than most college kids his age.

Oh dude, this is so much fun. Where are we going?

We are traveling through time and space to an unknown destination.

I respond honestly. I am surprised by how authoritative I sound. 

I sense our journey is nearing its end, we are slowing down and the zone outside the wormhole is becoming more stable, even recognisable. Solar systems, planets and stars, all become clearer as we slow to a stop and the hole spits us out into a void.

I have dealt with Demons, misguided ETs and angry entities of all shapes and sizes and so far this session has not gone to any kind of plan, so I am ready for anything. What happens next takes me completely by surprise…

With any client we begin a session by interacting with the spirit world and I act as a bridge for that, so in the truest sense of the word I am a Shaman. We also deal with good and bad spirits, although a more accurate description would be that we interact with love or fear-based non physical beings. There are many to deal with on this and other planes of existence and I have met them all.

However, in my practice there is more than simply dealing with good and evil. What I hope to do is to create the space for a profound expansion of consciousness from this limited reality into the infinite reality of the superconscious. Experiencing this first hand is life changing, it breaks the trance induced by our predominantly fear based reality. When you have experienced the energy that unifies everything, everywhere, you realise on the deepest level that everything else is a temporal illusion. The energy I refer to is unconditional love.

The most aggressive, confused, fear based beings can have no purchase or tenure on, in or around any other being that has woken up to the fact that they and their reality are love based. This realisation may be a challenge for many people living in the twenty-first century, experiencing life in a society that is participating in the powerful illusion of fear. An illusion which is deliberately pumped up, out and into our hearts and minds through the forms of media most are addicted to.

Understanding our limitless being remains a profound concept for many spiritual seekers, theologians and intellectuals. For some this is something to be considered, debated, dissected and theorised. I feel for those people who have yet to be touched by the intense joy of knowing that we are everything and everything is us. 

My aim in any session is to reunite my clients with this experience in a tangible, personal and physical way, so that there can be no doubt in their mind ever again that they are never alone, they are loved unconditionally and they are infinitely powerful beings of light, creators of the reality they choose.

However, there is usually a block to this powerful realisation. Some fear based thing, somewhere gets a hold on the client and does its best to prevent this opening to love. As we exit the wormhole I am expecting to find just such a thing and I am not sure what form it will take.

I am wrong. 

As we exit the wormhole we are greeted by cheers, laughter and applause, as if we have just completed a marathon. The sense of joy and unconditional love so is overwhelming, we both spontaneously burst into tears.

I have been in this space many times, frequently alone and often with clients but its power always takes me by surprise. Particularly in this case when there have been no obstacles to overcome, no entities to be released and no trauma to be forgiven. I can spend several sessions bringing a client to this point of clarity and self realisation. Accessing this level of bliss can only happen when my client is free of all fear based attachments and free of fear itself, the one thing that keeps us feeling separated from each other and from the Divine.

With so much trauma and pain to be dealt with, blessed and released before my clients reach their final goal of utter and complete bliss, I sometimes lose track of my primary motivation for doing this work. You may think you know what bliss is, the joy of newborn, a lover’s kiss, the recognition of workmates or if you are a star, the adulation of your fans. These are all wonderful fragments of the absolute bliss that is open to us all, now.

The level of ecstasy we can reach in an altered state of consciousness when we become one with All There Is, is beyond words. Paling into lesser significance are the three dimensional expressions of the joy we experience as humans. Incidents that become memories that remain as book marks in our life’s journey. When we access the all encompassing love that holds the fabric of our Universe together then everything in our reality changes, permanently.

Brad and I are in that place right now and Brad is sobbing with joy. I know my assistant Brianna will be looking in on us at this point, checking on me as she hears the sobs emanating from my tranced and supine body, back in my crystal shop on Earth. Brianna is large, loving and a top class martial artist, it is great to have her around when the going gets weird. I know she will be smiling down at us and will close the door quietly when she leaves.

OK, so we have arrived somewhere and it is safe, there is no doubt about the level of love that surrounds us; it cannot be faked.

Please show yourselves to us and tell us what you want. I am trying to pull myself together.

Namaste dear Raym, thank you so much for bringing him here, we have been waiting. 

The light-beings around us form into humanoid shapes out of consideration for our sensibilities. They can appear as anything they wish but they know it will put Brad at ease if they appear human.

My pleasure. I respond. What is your relationship with Brad?

We love him dearly and eternally, of course. We are what you might call his family, we are here to remind him why he came to Earth.

I realise my usual questions about whether these beings love Brad unconditionally are redundant. I don’t normally speak for my client this much but I sense Brad is still overwhelmed and so I take the lead on his behalf.

Please show or tell us why he incarnated, I think he may have forgotten.

Indeed he has!

The warmth of their laughter caresses us both and it feels like being massaged in a warm steam room, with choice essential oils, by the finest therapists on the planet.

Earth is a complex and intriguing paradigm for the love based non-physical beings who observe our journey here, from other planes of existence. The idea and experience of living in a fear based reality is alien to them. It seems to them that we, its inhabitants, are less than a hair’s breadth from experiencing infinite and total bliss. It is both fascinating and a little perplexing to them that we cannot see or feel our proximity to the truth of the Universal unconditional love that surrounds us. 

They observe, they do their best to help without interfering too much. Their ethos is that help may be given when it is asked for. And help was asked for, some time ago by the planet herself. Many beings, whose only experience was to hold the vibration of unconditional love, boldly stepped forward to offer themselves as volunteers to incarnate in Earth and share their love, at a time she needed love most.

This group of volunteers arrived in large numbers a few years back, bless them. However, shining your light here on Earth is not quite as easy as it seems from the outside. The vibration of fear here can be intense and it is amplified and manipulated by those who enjoy power over others, for their own temporal and shortsighted purposes.

Some of these naive volunteers find this fear based energy too much and become distressed. They escape into drugs and other ways of not being here and now, as a way of dealing with the pain that surrounds them. Others just escape, full stop. Many of these young people are suiciding now because the level of fear here is so overwhelming for them, that they just can’t stand it. When they leave their bodies they discover that there is no sense of failure in abandoning their plans. They tried hard and they are welcomed home to light with much joy. It was a big ask and a big learning curve, I thank you all for trying, your intentions were pure.

Occasionally I come across volunteers who have not succumbed to fear and who, whether they know it or not, are blessed. They are able to access bliss and unity consciousness with ease because they are totally free of fear. Brad falls into this category.

I step back and watch and listen as his team brief him. He is composed now and has a more serious demeanour.

They tell him that he has enrolled in most of the right courses for his mission but they ask him to change streams and options slightly so that he can re-learn what he already knows. His mission here is to quietly bring through new technology that will benefit all of humanity. They tell him he must be careful, the military industrial complex would love to get their hands on the technology he is being downloaded with now.

I watch as streams of hieroglyphic like symbols pour into his body from above. I have seen these light codes before, I have received them myself. They lay dormant on every cell of our being until circumstances initiate the release of the knowledge that they hold. They are triggered by states of bliss and they will not activate or open for fear based technologies.

I hope he takes their advice seriously; I can see that right now he is being given priceless information that could be abused in the wrong hands. He is given a starting project, diagrams, three dimensional developments for a zero point, free energy device he is to build in his spare time as a practice for his abilities.

What is interesting to me as a non-scientist is that I can see from their schematics and explanations that the free energy that the machine utilises is from a nearby dimension. It appears to be limitless and totally pollution free and the components for the device are easy to find. Its mass production and application would totally change the way we live. It would doubtless remove the cause of many conflicts.

Jeez, I could make a mint with that device. 

The thought escapes me before I have time to contain it.  His team turn towards me.

Sorry just a passing thought. I smile pathetically.

We know you are honourable Raym, but take care. They laugh.

They finish briefing him and thank me again for bringing him.

Not a problem.

I respond, as if I had navigated the journey consciously.

May we ask a favour?


We would like you to “keep an eye” on Brad please, teach him and guide him…

Of course, my pleasure.

They smile and the love goes up a notch.

We understand you may need a little assistance with some numbers you have been considering. We suggest you memorise this sequence. Use it wisely.

They give a sequence of seven numbers, which I commit to memory.

OK. Time to return Brad, I think we are all done here.

We say our goodbyes and they escort us back to this Solar system by a smoother and easier route than the one we took to get to them.

I take Brad through my usual post session processes and we return to our bodies.

“Far out! Totally mind-blowing. I can still see, hear and feel them. Will that go on for long?”

“As long as you wish, keep your vibration high. Ease off on the partying.”

I am not sure I like the fact that I already sound like his dad. We discuss the session and I reinforce the need for secrecy. I am not totally sure he gets it.

“Hey. I built a machine like the one they showed me at high school. I chased up some Tesla diagrams on the net.”

“Did it work?”

“I had to switch it off after six days it was annoying me.”

I realise Brad will have few challenges fulfilling his mission and I wish him well.

“Dude, what were the numbers they gave you all about?’

“Oh, nothing special, just some sequences I have been working on.”

I escort Brad downstairs and we say goodbye.

“Another bliss session?” Brianna smiles.

“Thanks for looking in on us,” I say pulling on my jacket.

“Where are you off to? You have another session in a few minutes.”

“Just popping over to the newsagents, won’t be long.”

Brianna looks at me, contemplating what she sees. 

“Got some numbers floating around here. Feeling lucky? It’s the jackpot this week, you know.” She smiles broadly, opening the door for me.

Sometimes I tire of working with psychics.

All stories are © 2019 Raym Richards and are extracted from his book “Sprit World. A diary of an Urban Shaman” available through iBooks and Amazon or directly from Crystal Dreaming