Raym experiences a challenging time and realises that small decisions have big consequences. 

I am walking along a desolate and chaotic road; abandoned vehicles stray across pavements and verges, many are left in the middle of the thoroughfare, frozen in time. All are coated in a thin film of fine dust. The time feels close to now and I am exhausted. By my side is my assistant Brianna. She looks gaunt and tired, her clothes have seen better days, her usual vibrancy is dulled and she could do with a shower. 

We approach a city, which looks deserted. We are the only ones walking towards it, everyone else is moving away from it.

I try hard to get my bearings, my body feels tired and weak, every joint aches and my usual abundant reserves of energy are non-existent. My clothes are smelly and loose, hanging off an unfamiliar form. I am a shadow of the man I am now, I have next to no muscle tone, my stomach is rumbling – but I am happy.

I notice on my left side Brianna’s lovely nephew, eight years old in the present time, around twelve years old where I am now. He looks reasonably well fed and healthy and seems happy to be with us. Whatever has happened he has been protected from it. I still cannot grasp what has brought me here, where and when I am; I notice that traffic would have travelled on the right hand side of the road.  

The people leaving the city look in better shape than us. There is no panic: rather an aura of relief mixed with resignation travels with them. They look timeless; they carry a few possessions, some with wheelbarrows and bicycles. We even see a horse. 

Then I notice the silence, the background hum of the city is just not here. No machinery running at all, no power. What is most unusual is there are no cars or trucks, nothing moves in the air either.

As we near the centre of the city a squad of soldiers walks past us; whatever has happened, they are helping us. They wear camouflage gear and I notice their shoulder badges incorporate a black panther. I glance at their weapons and what I see surprises me.

They do not carry conventional rifles or advanced laser gear, instead each man carries a compact high-powered crossbow. Apart from the man in front all have their bows pointing towards ground, they looked relaxed and confident. As they pass we nod to them and smile. A few return our smiles and I feel comfortable; their energy is good and my heart opens to them.

We arrive at our destination, an old industrial area on the edge of the city. We stand in front of a crumbling mid 20th Century warehouse with tall windows comprised of many small dirty panes. Holding Brianna’s hand I place my arm around her nephew’s shoulder.

“This is where they kept us for doing no more than sharing knowledge and love. Remember this, remember that as long as you stay focussed on unconditional love nothing can harm you.”

Am I experiencing a possible future? Or parallel reality? I know my young apprentice is traveling with me but I cannot see her. Because I am aware that I am in my own shamanic journey I trigger my body to tell me more, she will witness the results although they will make more sense to me.

I telepath clearly:

Body I command you, show me what led to this. Take me there now.

I move through a tunnel composed of images from my recent past, present and possible future. I stop at the point where things start to move along the path towards this reality and consider how my present actions could affect this possible future.

I see how, in the next few short years, mass consciousness expands exponentially and becomes a global movement. Through processes like mine people become totally free and empowered, not controlled by anyone or anything, they live joy filled lives, free of all limitations. In Unity Consciousness everything around them becomes transparent; peers, corporations or governments can no longer deceive them. The level of social change this triggers is surprising, even to me.

That’s a good part of how things may unfold and my heart fills when I witness humanities potential realised.

But I also see how this creates challenges for those who wish to control and subjugate humanity. Some beings do not want us to be empowered. Attempts are made to discredit methods that expand consciousness, eventually some of us are taken into “protective custody,” our methods investigated and feeble efforts made to use them, not for the greater good.

How anyone could feel that a process based on unconditional love is a threat to the dominant paradigm is beyond me, or it was – until today

The weeks passed and outside of our “accommodation” we heard the civil unrest building. Human beings are generally placid easy-going creatures, but it reaches a point where people do stand up for themselves. It just seemed to take a long time, from my confined perspective on the grimy upper level of a disused warehouse.

The great irony of this future repression is that the underground movement that the state was so afraid of did not really exist until they tried to suppress it. 

In our internment we used our shamanic techniques to communicate with beings who love humanity unconditionally and we asked for their help.

Beloveds, you know we may not interfere in your affairs, be patient and focus on love. All will be well. Change is coming and it will bring more than you expect. 

Being patient in that space was a challenge.

Then it came, weeks later, when the pole shift happened it took out more than electronics. Whether some inter-dimensional friends were involved is not clear to me, but conventional weapons also ceased to operate and for a while there was confusion, then because of the level of mass Unity Consciousness, peace.

As I return to this time-space I see clearly my small part in this drama and how the choices I make now may ease the upcoming shift. 

My apprentice is speechless, her spiky hair, black make up and wide eyes create a comical picture as I stare vaguely through her. It is so nice to be back in my strong well nourished body. I realise how much I love everything about my small esoteric practice, tucked away, in a back lane. 

“Mind-blowing! What happened? Why no electrical or mechanical devices? What time-space were we in anyway?”

“It is my probable future and it is close. Ironic that our future takes a small step backwards as mankind takes a giant leap forward into expansion and freedom.”

“But wasn’t this was just a parallel reality? A possible future?”

I smile vaguely and sigh. “I love this little place.”

My assistant Brianna gently taps on the session room door and interrupts our conversation, her Earth-mother form and blonde dreads fill the doorway.

My apprentice can’t help herself. “Hey, we were just dreaming about you. You looked different, thinner” What she lacks in tact she makes up for with enthusiasm.

“I know you were…” Brianna looks at me. “That guy from the States is on the phone again; remember I mentioned he has called before? He wants to promote your work over there, he sounds keen.”

“Thanks, I’ll be right there.”

I know what I must do.

All stories are © 2019 Raym Richards and are extracted from his book “Sprit World. A diary of an Urban Shaman” available through iBooks and Amazon or directly from Crystal Dreaming