Feelings of not fitting in lead Raym’s client into a long and unexpected journey, with life threatening consequences

I sense my client Eve is traveling deep into alien territory, another galaxy far, far away. I decide not to travel with her as my presence will be detected.

We maintain a telepathic connection; my apprentice is observing, intrigued.

“Why aren’t you going with her?” she enquires.

“You perceive that she is becoming one with an alien spaceship in real time? This is not a past life recall, she is traveling through space now, to another place, in another dimension. It is happening now and my presence could be detected at her destination. Indeed our telepathic connection could be picked up, this could be dangerous for her.”

“But if they are not in our reality…”

“Yes but they are connected to it through her. A large part of her consciousness is incarnated in this here and now. But the rest of her is elsewhere, be patient and observe.”

She grimaces; her almost perfect teeth appear very white next to her dusky skin. Her innate mistrust of white-fellas is temporarily suspended when she works as my apprentice.

We are both now tracking Eve’s journey through remote viewing. To the uninitiated what we see would be beyond belief.  Eve’s form is more humanoid than human, still feminine but lean, fluid, resolute and strong.

Do you see what is happening to me? I am not human and parts of me have merged with this spaceship thing. That’s bad enough, but where we are going feels worse. I hate this, I feel like I have done it before, many times.

You came to me to find out why you you have always felt so separate from other people. Well here we are…  Go with it.

We sense her reluctance, but she knows I am right and allows her journey to continue. She travels through space at an incomprehensible speed arriving at an alien destination. It could be a planet or a vast spaceship, it is not clear. But it is huge and its organic nature embraces her tiny incoming spaceship like a mother would a small child.

I really do not like doing this, I know now I have been doing this regularly for some time and each time it gets harder.

My apprentice cannot contain her awe, her eyes closed and flickering in a light trance. “Way cool,” she whispers, “Un-be-liev-able!”

We both feel our client’s nausea build as she leaves her ship. Passing through a cleansing chamber she walks down a long, living, organic corridor which opens to a large chamber. She is greeted as a team member and treated with respect.

He is waiting. They telepath her.

She enters a smaller space where a male figure of some authority greets her.

Your report?

Eve transmits her research sharing all she knows about areas of conflict, fear and despair on planet Earth, information her colleagues will use in some awful way.

I am so over this bullshit. Eve telepaths me

You have a choice…Tell your superior you have had enough, that you resign your commission. Do not be afraid, be bold. Say that you are a sovereign being of light with free will.

She does so and his response is predictably apoplectic.

“Man, is he pissed off!” My apprentice verbalises her thoughts.

Tell him as a sovereign being of light you now choose to place your entire focus on being human, you no longer serve him or the species you were once a part of.

Do not be afraid. he can’t and he won’t kill you. Most of your consciousness is here with us. Be strong and clear let him feel that you have made your choice. Be courteous, then return to your ship and travel back to us.

She does so and as we feel her re-enter her body I bring myself out of trance early and advise my apprentice to grab a bowl as our client is about to throw up.

She swiftly obliges – in the nick of time, as our client becomes fully present, vomiting into the receptacle provided.

“Holy shit, was that for real?” Her eyes are watering.

“What do you think?

“So thats why I felt like I never ever fitted in, anywhere?”

“You tell me.”

“Is that it? I don’t have to go back to that awful place, ever again?”

“You are a sovereign being of light and you have made your decision.”

“So I can be 100% human now?”

“Welcome to the species,” I smile.

We hug as she sobs with joy and relief. 

My apprentice rolls her eyes. “Party on!” she mumbles to herself.

Postscript. Nine weeks have passed and it is one of those crisp, clear blue-sky days. I have seen Eve in passing a few times and she seems to have adjusted to her new reality just fine. I have left my apprentice to run a small, morning meditation group that Eve attends while I enjoy the perfection of the morning with an organic, fair trade latte. 

Contemplating the health benefits of my double shot and the simple pleasures of life, my moment of total earthly bliss is interrupted by a rhythmic vibration in my pocket. I know by its pattern that it is a call from my apprentice. I answer, knowing there must be a good reason for her to call.

“They tried to take her back!” My usually uber-cool apprentice sounds breathless, panicked.

“Who, what…?”

“That ET client Eve, she just nearly died, right in the middle of the group meditation…”

“Take a breath. Tell me exactly what happened.”

“Happened? It is still happening! She went very deep, then after some twitching, she just stopped breathing. Her whole body shut down. Like totally… lips went blue – gone. 

But I got her back, I did like you told me, I went into a trance and called her back. I remembered my nursing training too, that helped. Those creepy critters were taking her away and they were not happy with me interrupting them and reminding them that she has free will.”

“How is she now?”

“Totally confused. She’s all over the place, like a newborn foal, uncoordinated, she doesn’t know who I am or where she is. I think she is having trouble being in a human body, its like she doesn’t know how to work it. The rest of the group is freaking. Should I call an ambulance?”

I close my eyes and scan the situation, my apprentice has done all the right things and the situation is under control. I underestimated the tenacity of the beings we were dealing with, it all felt a bit too easy at the time, but sometimes it is. There is no point in giving myself a hard time I need to get down there now and ensure Eve returns to her body completely.

“We do not need them, I doubt they would understand what has happened and it could get complicated. Reassure her, get her into a private session room and dismiss the group. I will be right there…”

I leave my untouched gluten free brownie and head off wondering if this is the last we will hear from her ex-species.

All stories are © 2019 Raym Richards and are extracted from his book “Sprit World. A diary of an Urban Shaman” available through iBooks and Amazon or directly from Crystal Dreaming