Jenny is looking to release a deep and mysterious sadness and for direction with her community service in retirement. Her journey reveals an unexpected connection with her wild side

Jenny is a composed, mature woman who emanates grace and charm. I can see that her well spoken and clearly enunciated vowels and consonants are off-putting to my street-smart apprentice. People who speak that way in her world are usually authority figures, magistrates or head teachers, not clients seeking a shamanic journey to the core of their being. 

The crystal mandala has a profound and immediate effect on Jenny. As soon as she lies down in it and closes her eyes she senses radiant beings approaching her. My apprentice and I have to move quickly to keep up with her. She telepaths us…

The love emanating from these beings is so intense. It’s overwhelming. They are showing me another being, like them. I don’t understand…  It is magnificent.

She pauses, breathless, overcome by the power of her totally unexpected realisation. I think I existed with them, ages ago. This is how I was…

This is how you were then. In fact this is how you are now and always will be.

It can’t be. I am so human so – fallible. This being is not like me at all, it is so perfect.

This is you and always was and will be you. Call on your your Higher Self now and merge with her.

She does so with some trepidation. Oh my god. I am everything. This is so beautiful.

I allow her time to integrate the enormity of her realisation, then I make a suggestion. Ask the beings close to you why they have come to meet you today.

As they dialogue I realise that something is not quite right. They are talking about her completing some work that they started together eons ago. They love her yes, but they have an agenda and they are full of sadness and remorse that their work is incomplete. They are evolved but their love is not quite as unconditional as it could be.

“Not the sweetness and light that they appear to be.” My apprentice whispers having picked up on their energy. “They are still attached to outcomes, they have refused to transit to higher consciousness. They are stuck”.

Mindful that Jenny believes she is speaking with beings without any agenda, who have her best interests at heart I decide to intercede. I address the radiant ones directly.

Do you realise that you are dead?

We never lived in bodies like you.

Yes, but you did exist in a lower vibration once and you are still attached to it. You are disappointed that that things did not go the way you planned here on Earth.

They talk amongst themselves.

You are perceptive – our work is not complete. We will work with Jenny, she is among you and she was one of us. She has great work to do, thank you for connecting us. We have been trying to get through to her for some time.

She does indeed have work to do, work of her own. Not yours. It is time that you returned to the source and stopped trying to interfere with her free will.  She has been brave enough to incarnate here, you can do the same. We need all the help that we can get.

Their consternation is palpable. How dare I address them in such a manner. I clarify things for them.

I know that on the highest level we are equals. Your contribution to this planet’s existence was profound, however you may have to drop your vibration further to truly be of service. As it is, you are interfering and have no real power, until you incarnate as physical beings on this plane here and now. It is time to stop being disappointed and participate. Get down here and lend a hand!

Confronted and abashed they feel the truth of my words, much as they do not like it. After further discussion and parting words with Jenny they accept my offer of assistance, returning home to light.

Jenny is perplexed. Was this grand, incomplete work, the cause of her sadness or was she feeling their emotions? Rather than move into a lengthy explanation I decide to help her clear the trauma I have noticed in her heart. I am hoping that this will give her the clarity she is seeking.

Command your heart to show us what it is holding there.

Her recall starts as a joy filled experience of being part of a group mind, living as a wild animal in the distant past. She feels the freedom and joy of being part of a pack, beholden to no other beings, particularly men.

Such freedom, such love! I love my pack, we care for each other, we are totally free. We run, hunt and play together, I am so happy.

“But…” My apprentice whispers, knowing that it is trauma we are releasing.

How does this life end?

Jenny starts to cry, Oh so sad, I have an infection and a fever from a wound I got protecting cubs from a bear. I am going to die. I will miss my pack.

I suggest she calls on them across time and space and thank them, telling them she hopes to be with them again soon either in spirit or as human beings. Their reunion is touching as they express their profound gratitude for her sacrifice. The deep sadness she has been holding in every cell of her being dissipates and her whole body relaxes. She opens her eyes and smiles.

“I don’t feel sad any more! I can see a way of connecting with that love again and being of service to my community. I will help out with my local animal shelter. That will bring me and the animals lots of joy. It’s a small thing but at my age its much simpler than trying to save the world.”

“Every loving interaction, no matter how small, affects those around us. All actions based on unconditional love shape our reality, their positive effect is incalculable and their value is priceless. Your choice of community service is ideal.”

All stories are © 2019 Raym Richards and are extracted from his book “Sprit World. A diary of an Urban Shaman” available through iBooks and Amazon or directly from Crystal Dreaming