A shocking and passionate choice from her past creates turmoil for a client

My usually calm young apprentice, Jo, is agitated. I have never seen her this animated before a session. We are gazing into the parking area next to my healing studio as my client, Georgia, steps out of her polished, black Range Rover. Even the tyres are shiny.

“She looks much smaller in the flesh… Beautiful dress, she is SO pretty.”

Jo rushes to the door and greets the well known TV personality who is also welcomed into several million living rooms each week. I smile to myself as Jo unconsciously almost curtsies as Georgia enters, bowing her head as the media royalty crosses our threshold.

“Apologies for overdressing, I’ve just come from another function. I hope that’s OK?” Georgia breezes in.

I reassure her that we will be lying down and as long as she is comfortable that is fine; she slips off her shoes as we chat. Our interview reveals that she is ready to deal with her well concealed anger and resentment, which is affecting her wellbeing and work relationships. 

She tells me she has experienced no major trauma in her life and I catch Jo’s eye. She has made a smooth transition from a starstruck fan into focussed healer. We both sense that Georgia is concealing something. As Georgia lies in the mandala of crystals next to me, I confirm that she understands the power of the journey on which she is about to embark.

“We will be uncovering and resolving the source of the feelings we have discussed, this process reveals everything. All you have to do us surrender and allow me to guide you. Are you OK with that?”

“I am.” She nods, after a slight hesitation. Georgia’s journey will be far deeper than she anticipates.

Both Jo and I know that whatever she is hiding will surface once the crystals laid around her head work their magic. I watch her eyelids flutter rapidly as the enters a light trance. 

“Please say after me: Body I command you – take me to the source of my anger.”

Her body obliges, immediately transporting our consciousness to another time and place. We find ourselves in a beautiful bucolic setting, we could be in any time when fields are cultivated. It is a clear sunny day with a powder-blue sky and a light, warm breeze – a great day to be alive. Georgia is standing next to me in the body of a young girl. 

She is so happy, so innocent. So free. Georgia telepaths.

Why so happy?

She feels very loved. Life is wonderful!

A man calls her and she runs to him across the lush, green paddock, propelling herself headlong into his open arms. I feel an intense bond between them as they embrace. He loves her deeply and unconditionally and there is great joy between them. It is moving to witness such profound love.

I don’t want to be here anymore. Georgia telepaths, distressed.

Why not? This recollection of deep love is beautiful, we have not located the time and place, the nature of this relationship and what happens next. Please allow it to unfold.

She is reluctant to observe what comes next, but nonetheless allows the process to continue.

Ask your body to show you where this relationship leads.

I feel her resistance to the experience grow as we observe the relationship develop. The child that she is approaches puberty and their embraces become more intense, they hold each other closer and kiss each other longer than before. They are almost furtive when they do so. Still, I can feel the man has pure intentions in his love for this child.

Then things change.

Another beautiful, playful day filled with love and embraces, they lie together looking up at clouds in the sky, laughing at the shapes they make. His hands behind his head, her head on his chest, hand on his stomach. She moves her hand slowly down and touches his penis through his trousers. He is startled.

“No, my love you cannot touch me there, it is not allowed.” She persists and rapidly, naturally, without any overriding thought his body responds. 

“We cannot do this. I love you but I am your father, it is not allowed.” He hugs her close and she cries deep, mournful sobs.

“I want it to be like it was before.”

“Before? We have never done this before.” Her father is perplexed.

“I love you SO much.” The child cries, hugging him. He comforts her, reflecting on her words.

Over a period of years we see her persist with her advances, until, against his better judgement her father allows their relationship to become sexual. Their passionate, illicit affair continues for years until her mother, his wife, discovers them ‘in flagrante delicto.’ The family falls apart and becomes fragmented, her father is disgraced and the teenage girl is shamed beyond redemption. She leaves and they never speak to each other again.

Ask your body to show you when this happened.

There is no need to ask, I know… It was this lifetime, now. I seduced my own father. Georgia’s sobs are deep and full of remorse.

I hear a sharp intake of breath from Jo, I can guess what she is thinking.

Call on the beings who love you unconditionally and ask them show you why this happened.

The atmosphere in the room brightens as several beings of light join us.

Dear child, please do not be so hard on yourself. You set yourself a big challenge to reincarnate with this man so soon after your death. He was killed suddenly, when you were very passionately in love, your relationship felt incomplete and you yearned to be in a loving relationship with him again. Incarnating together in this life as father and daughter, you were not able to move from Eros into Agape love for him and that is understandable. It is time to beg forgiveness of those you hurt and most of all forgive yourself and move on. Remember that he had free will too. There is much joy in store for you if you allow it.

I take Georgia through the forgiveness process, calling on the higher consciousness of all those involved. We complete the session by affirming that she has learnt all she needs to know about self-loathing and needs never to repeat the experiences that led to it, ever again.

A much brighter Georgia sits up and opens her eyes.

“I truly understand what happened and why and I am at peace with it. Thank you.”

“Your life enters a new phase today, take your time. Jo will take you for a walk before you drive.”

As the bright, black car leaves, Jo returns, looking a little bit sheepish. 

“Thank you for not speaking during the session, I know you wanted to. The big lesson for you today is to let go of all judgement. We are here to facilitate peace and freedom, for all beings – without judging them.”

All stories are © 2019 Raym Richards and are extracted from his book “Sprit World. A diary of an Urban Shaman” available through iBooks and Amazon or directly from Crystal Dreaming