Raym’s client seeks help in dealing with psychic attack from a sexual predator

My client Josie is composed, if a little nervous; she has the kind of elegant good looks that are supported by a good bone structure. She is well dressed in a casual Boho kind of way and exudes an air of quiet stoicism. I sense she is not totally comfortable around men and it turns out she has good reason not to be. As she talks about her present situation I sense shame, guilt and resentment as undercurrents that pull her through the flow of her life, subtly affecting everything she encounters. She describes being psychicly stalked by a local “healer”.

“He is a powerful man, a shaman. He is considered an Elder among his people. He has strong magic.”

“Then he should know better.” I respond.

“You don’t understand. He comes to me at night and he gets inside me. It’s repulsive and exhausting fighting him off. I have tried everything to get rid of him. I have been to other shamans and healers but nothing works, it just turns into another battle. I am worn out and frightened – I did not ask for this.”

Maybe you did. I try not to reveal my feelings.

“Tell me how this all started.”

“He is  traveller I have met over the years at different festivals and events, I heard he was homeless and looking for place to park his van. I called on him energetically and spoke to him as clearly as I see you now. I said, ‘If you need to you can stay at my place.’ That’s when it all started.”

“So effectively you invited him in and gave him permission to be with you, right?”

“That’s a bit harsh… but yes, I suppose did. And he took it all the wrong way, he thought it was a sexual invitation…”

“Was it?”

“No way, I was just trying to help a brother in need, but now I can’t get rid if him. I’ve done, ceremonies, rituals, I have dissolved all agreements with him, I have done my best to erase him from my life. But still every night there he is, trying to have etheric sex with me. It’s hopeless.”

She takes a breath and composing herself, Josie wipes away the tears forming in the corners of her eyes.

“I have been told you’re the one who can undo this, that you are fearless. And that you are a strong magic man yourself.”

I can’t believe I am blushing.

“So how do we fight this?” I sense her vision of duelling shamans, which is not my preferred reality.

“We don’t fight it. We do not match this with aggression, it just does not work, if anything it makes things worse.”

“Yes, but he is using magic, I need stronger magic to fix this don’t I? It’s wearing me out.”

“You are here to find a solution, it may not be where you expect it to be. If you allow me, I can help you. But you must let go of all preconceptions.”

She shrugs as she lies in the crystal mandala. Eyes closed we scan her body for anything unusual or uncomfortable and I notice lumps on her hands. I point them out and I immediately encounter resistance.

Oh, that’s nothing, they have always been there. It’s physical, it’s arthritis and I get treatment for it. She telepaths.

Yes, but right now, in this expanded state of consciousness, we have asked your body to show us anything not totally aligned with unconditional love and this is what your body shows us.

What’s, this got to do with my stalker?

We won’t know unless you allow the process to proceed without resisting it.

I sense scepticism in her agreement to continue, as we move deeper into our journey and she commands her body to take us to the moment these lumps materialised.

Oh no, not this again… Josie becomes emotional.

I witness her punching walls as a young girl. 

I feel so disgusted with myself.

How old are you?

I am nine years old.

Give yourself permission to remember exactly what led to this.

We witness Josie as an innocent, little girl being sexually abused: first by her father, then her uncle and then her school teacher. I try not to get involved with clients’ trauma, but for a moment I feel sick to my core and ashamed to be a man. But my shame will not help her, I need to remain centred.

I thought I had dealt with this…

Not quite, or it would not be surfacing now.

How can this affect my predator?

We will see. I know its hard but in order to be free of this trauma and the way it affecting all of your bodies you must forgive the perpetrators.

Josie takes a some time and little persuasion, to understand the power of my suggestion, she completes her release by stating… In forgiving your selfishness and ignorance I release us all from this trauma. I choose never to repeat it and It no longer binds us, we are all now free of it.

How does that feel?

Much better, like a load has been lifted from me. The lumps on my hands are disappearing. 

Josie sees clearly that this trauma and self loathing led to her teenage promiscuity and later work as a prostitute. She truly releases all feelings of low self-worth and guilt connected with that time and feels better for it. To complete this part of the healing I suggest she bathe in a crystal clear waterfall and describe how she looks and feels. I witness her radiant higher self materialise in front of her.

I feel sensational! I feel totally clean and pure. Who is this? Wow!

They merge and Josie immediately feels her power.

I feel expansive, so big! Who is this Goddess? She is powerful, impenetrable!

This is your higher self and you have become one with her. Ask her how the merging will affect your life and your current challenge. 

I hear her Higher self clearly…

Your time of vulnerability is past. You have learnt all you need to know about being a victim. Now you are truly at peace with all your choices, there are no lower vibrational energies attached to you, so the man who has been bothering you will no longer be able to access your consciousness. Provided you accept the truth of who you are and remain whole unto yourself, he will have no leverage, no way in. You are safe now.

We complete the session with clear suggestions from her Higher Self on Josie’s lifestyle changes and a vision of how she may help others as a healer herself in future, if she chooses. She sits up opening her eyes.

“So this interference stops today?”

“He could read you and was using your own self loathing as a way into your consciousness. Now that you have let go of that, he cannot access any part your consciousness – or any of your bodies.”

“What else can I do about him?”

“Erase him and your experiences with him from your consciousness and do not interact with him in anyway. You are far more powerful than he is. In fact you always were, you were just not aware of that power, until today.”

All stories are © 2019 Raym Richards and are extracted from his book “Sprit World. A diary of an Urban Shaman” available through iBooks and Amazon or directly from Crystal Dreaming