My interactions with the Spirit World as a contemporary shaman are captured in these true-life stories. These stories offer an accurate depiction of what can happen to every-day people during the safely expanded states of consciousness triggered by my Crystal Dreaming™ technique.

Crystal Dreaming™ creates a safe drug-free opening to the superconscious for anyone, enabling them to have a firsthand, often visceral, experience of other realities, times and places through their own fully conscious bi-location.

Take your time reading these stories. I encourage you to take a break between stories and feel into their content and how they have affected you. After reading them, revisit stories at random for a deeper understanding of their content. 

Please explore the “Reflections” page for contemplation of the knowledge you have absorbed through reading on this website. 

These stories give an insight into the Spirit World and our enormous potential as  infinitely powerful sovereign beings of light. The inter-connectedness of all things and the power of unconditional love and forgiveness in self-healing is revealed. 

I encourage you to read these stories out aloud, share them with your friends and pass on this website, it is free. 

It could offer invaluable help for a loved one.

Raym, October 2019.

All stories are © 2019 Raym Richards and are extracted from his book “Sprit World. A Diary of an Urban Shaman” available through iBooks and Amazon or directly from Crystal Dreaming