Across time and space, I invite you to step into your power, so you may fully experience the limitless, remarkable and extraordinarily powerful being of infinite consciousness that you are.

As a Divine portal opener,
Through Sacred Ceremony and Crystals,
I reveal to you the inter-connectedness of all things.
I offer you the opportunity to release all limitations.
Completing your own spiritual healing journey,
Through your unique personal experience of

Unity Consciousness
Unconditional Love

May you understand this profound truth, through reading these stories and through your own personal experience of Crystal Dreaming

Raym Richards


Raym, the Urban Shaman shares his personal diary to the world every two weeks on this site.

He is a gifted and knowledgeable Shaman with 25 years experience helping people realise their infinite potential. His Shamanic gifts and knowledge from ancient civilisations have been brought together Masterfully in his remarkable twenty-first century shamanic healing process – Crystal Dreaming™.

Since his unexpected first Initiation in 1994, Raym has dedicated his life to Shamanic knowledge and awareness. He has personally guided over 6,000 people across the globe into safely expanded states of consciousness, where they experience realities and timelines that are often beyond belief, but nonetheless have a very real impact on their present lives and relationships. 

In this drug-free, non-touch, process, expanded states of consciousness are triggered when clients lie in a unique mandala of crystals.

Now is the time for all beings on this planet to have a profound insight into the their Interconnectedness with all things. These true stories and ultimately your own experience will show you that YOU have enormous potential as an infinitely powerful, sovereign being of light, to positively affect everything around you. 

Nothing that Raym writes about is theoretical or fictional, these realities exist, they are constant and experienced by all clients regardless of belief or training. His stories are designed to enlighten and educate.

If you are ready to expand your own consciousness and awareness beyond the accepted norm, then please take a deep breath and read on…

All stories are © 2019 Raym Richards and are extracted from his book “Sprit World. A Diary of an Urban Shaman” available through iBooks and Amazon or directly from Crystal Dreaming