Crystal Dreaming is a twenty first century shamanic process that creates an opening to the superconscious for anyone, enabling them to have a firsthand, often visceral, experience of other realities, times and places through their own fully conscious bi-location.

Lying in a crafted mandala of rare and powerful crystals Crystal Dreaming is a drug-free process without hypnosis or suggestion that allows anyone to interact with the Spirit World and beyond in a safe place. 

There are endless applications for Crystal Dreaming to work through a client to heal their own spirit or reach and heal loved ones past and present, pets and places. It can also be used to explore any time and space and gain first-hand knowledge of other realms, clearing any blocks to self realisation.

Crystal Dreaming ultimately facilitates connection with spiritual guides, the source of all light and love and the superconscious, providing an experience of unified consciousness that cannot be experienced with such ease, in any other way. 

Raym is one of the most extraordinarily gifted and knowledgeable Shaman in the world today, helping people realise their infinite potential.

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