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What feelings arise for you when you read these stories?

What is an Earthbound Spirit?

How may an Earthbound spirit attach itself to a person?

How do people give permission for this to happen?

Why is possession such a serious concern?  How can it affect people?

What is the best way to deal with possession?

What do demons feed on?  What were demons before they became demons?

How does any person allow this to happen?

Why is it important to show compassion to confused beings?

How can past life trauma affect this life? How does it play out?

What is the key to releasing unpleasant past life experiences?

When you call out for help how specific should you be?

What key question you might you ask a spirit claiming to be your spirit guide?

Is it possible for spirit guides to love us but still have their own agenda?

How might you be abducted by aliens?

Is this more likely to be a physical or etheric abduction?

Is any crystal implant a good thing?

What is the best way to work with indigenous spirits?

How can they affect the occupants of the land they are custodians of?

Is it possible to experience and release trauma from another reality or from another person in this timeline? How and why?

How can unresolved past life trauma affect our emotions now?

Can the release of past life trauma affect our physical body now?

In what way can this happen?

What type of pain does past life trauma really relate to?

Is it possible to retrieve future technology and build it here and now?

How are curses placed and how can they be released?

When we enter the superconscious how might we appear?

Why are we vulnerable to spirit attachment when we experience great physical or emotional pain? ?

Can we experience the physicality of being a member of the opposite sex?

Or another species altogether?

Can we work with a highly evolved being that loves us unconditionally?

How may we cohabit the same body and still have free will?

Is it possible to negotiate our way out of a Karmic debt?

How do we do this?  How do past life agreements affect us now?

Is it possible for us to experience life as a totally different type of being?

Is time linear?  Can we travel through time?  If so what is the point?

May our ancestors make agreements on our behalf before we are born?

How does this work?

How do binding past life a agreements affect us now?

Are past lives relevant to our journey here now? If so how?

Can multiple past life traumas affect our bodies now? If so how?

Why do repeated traumas happen in the same part of the body over a series of incarnations?

How might the Dark Lord appear? What is the best way to deal with him?

Can anything have power over us?   If so how?

We all aim to exist in  state of unconditional love, can this create challenges?  If so how?

Is it possible for us to be from another part of the universe and still be incarnated here as humans?

If so – how might this complicate our life now?

Is it possible for entities to have other entities attached to them?

What can prevent us from reclaiming our past life skills and activating our life plan?

Can we make pre-birth agreements with the Masters to embody their wisdom?

How might that play out?

How can you reclaim your power?

In a present life recall can we see more than our memories? Why?

How can you align yourself with unconditional love? 

How might that affect your life?

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