Diary of an Urban Shaman

Unbelievably True Stories

CIA interference

An activist uncovers the truth about CIA interference with her work and she does not like what she finds

I am in a vast, cool, limitless, dark space, which fades to black below me. I am weightless with my client Megan suspended next to me. I search for stars, trying to orientate myself, but there are none. I am disorientated and my client is confused – she has asked to be taken to the core of the interference with her work, but we appear to be nowhere. 

I sense something huge, slowly approaching us through the gloom. It is accompanied by a slow, deep, otherworldly moaning that we feel rather than hear. As I become aware of its vastness an enormous eye focusses on our small forms and my consciousness is probed. I find myself balancing on a knife-edge of panic. Trying to remain calm, I gaze back into the eye examining me and I collapse into a most unexpected emotion…

I feel Megan’s tension as she looks over her shoulder after parking her car outside my healing studio. Her fear has created an unconscious reflex reaction that she is no longer aware of. A wiry, middle-aged woman her walk is erect and purposeful: she approaches smiling. She greets me with a happy, brave face but within her I see the fading spark of a once passionate, young activist fading into despair.

Recently returned from her crusading work in the States, I can see she is close to burnt out. A rest would be good for her, but she is driven. Not a woman to mince words, she  sits and cuts to the chase.

“There is ongoing government interference with my work and I want to get to the bottom of it. I have been told you can help.”

“How are you being interfered with?”

“You are familiar with my work?” I nod, having seen her both on the news and in several documentaries about climate change and environmental degradation.

“Over the past year so many things have gone wrong, it is beyond a joke.” She tears up, her stoic visage crumbling momentarily. “I have been betrayed, malicious and unfounded stories leaked to the media and expedition finance has fallen through. I know I was being followed in the States and I have had inexplicable health challenges. It can only mean one thing – the CIA is out to stop me.”

I sense she is on the edge of paranoia but I choose not to judge, her journey will reveal the truth.

“Are you willing to enter this shamanic journey without expectation? Can you release all attachment to outcomes? Things may not be as they seem.”

She hesitates then nods. “That’s why I am here.”

It takes some time to clear her busy mind but after a few exercises she surrenders to the power of the crystals around her and lets go of thought. Moving into an expanded state of consciousness we find ourselves drifting in this empty, endless space, confronted by a being whose form is so large it disappears into the gloom behind it.…

Thank you. It telepaths to Megan whose face contorts through a gamut of emotions. I too am deeply moved by this being’s profound love, vast intelligence, and endless patience with humanity.

You have spoken for us in many forums and your voice has been heard, you HAVE made a difference. The form before us becomes clearer and I realise we are communicating with the rarest, largest and gentlest of mammals – a great blue whale.

I speak for all of us. Your service is complete, you may rest now.

No! There is more to do! I have just begun, who else will speak for you and our environment? Megan seems almost frantic.

There are others. We love you, it is time to rest.

What about the interference? Who has been trying to stop me?

The great being pauses. Mmm… I would like to introduce you to someone…

In an instant a glowing figure descents from above us. It is a radiant younger version of Megan, who exudes wisdom. Megan stares at herself blinking in disbelief.

You must let go of anger.

Who are you?

You know that I am your Higher Self. You sense that but find it hard to believe. I am you.

Megan turns to me. Is this some kind of CIA hologram? Are you on their pay role? I know they want me to stop.

No, they do not have access to me or my space. Please listen to her…

The anger you are generating is giving the destroyers of your environment energy. You are feeding them and other beings like them by engaging in conflict with them. You are being manipulated. Megan’s Higher Self gently reveals the truth.

But they have being trying to stop me! I am sick!

Your health challenges are your own responsibility, you are burning yourself out. Your despair has attracted some low level interference. But mostly that was me, trying to attract your attention. 

Ha! Pretty unsubtle.

Well, it worked, you came to see Raym and through him, me.

Megan pauses. It is a lot to take in for a person who has been engaged in worldly conservation campaigns and more recently direct conflict, since she was a teenager. Megan’s life has been dedicated to a worthy cause, but her increasing anger and despair are creating their own challenges.

Your work has been valuable – priceless, but it is time to disengage. Wearing yourself out serves no useful purpose. Feeding the destroyers with your anger is counter-productive and the energy that generates can be used against you and the beings you love. You must trust me. Everything is perfect.

I can feel Megan’s frustration about to boil over, I guess she has heard the “Everything is perfect” phrase before and I know it’s hard to swallow. Then something wonderful happens…

Whilst we have been communicating we have been silently surrounded by other beautiful sea creatures, every one of whom has been touched by Megan’s dedication.

Feel them. Her higher self commands. Allow yourself to feel their gratitude. Rest now, your work is complete.

Megan sobs as she is caressed by waves of unconditional love and for the first time in a very long time I feel her being totally relax. It is a profound and beautiful experience.

However, feeling into Megan’s core I sense that her passion will get the better of her and after this session she will continue her work, regardless of its consequences.

All stories are © 2019 Raym Richards and are extracted from his book “Sprit World. A diary of an Urban Shaman” available through iBooks and Amazon or directly from Crystal Dreaming

And the blind shall see

Raym’s client believes a past life curse has led to a lifetime of limitation. The cause is revealed but it is not what he expects

My client Bob is very quiet, he is in a state of awe and wonder. 

How is this possible? This is so clear, SO clear. I see everything!  Bob telepaths, a tear slowly seeping from each eye, his chin creased, dimpled and quivering from holding the well of deep sobs begging to be released.

We stand together in a lush river plain, rich with fruit and vegetables, not the desert that it is now. A broad silty river flows past us, languid but with purpose, it carries nutrition and life giving water to the surrounding fields and valleys below. It is humid and hot, if we had bodies we would be sweating profusely, but we do not. We are time travelling, seeking to uncover the source of what my client believes to be a curse placed on him in this time, that has affected his life profoundly.

He hopes to release it and I feel optimistic as we have arrived at this point in time and space with no interference to our journey, a good sign so far. Nothing and nobody is trying to stop us uncovering the truth.

Please explore and let me know if you recognise anyone who feels like you. He or she will look different, but you will know when you see yourself.

We wander through the marketplace of the town that sits on the riverbank, invisible to the locals. Bob is fascinated by everything he sees, staring at fabrics, food and people, stopping to admire the intricate work of a jeweller. 

This is Lapis isn’t it? He admires both the setting and the stones, such a lovely blue.

We sense a disturbance approaching. Before anything has even set foot in the market an invisible vanguard of fear pushes ahead of it, announcing its imminent arrival. Fear mixed with awe. The locals do their best to carry on as normal but their gaze is downcast and their conversations muted. They truly fear for their lives and the anonymity of normality offers them some protection, they do not want to be noticed.

Then we see it, moving slowly through and above the crowds, lurching, higher than the rough awnings that flap in the soft breeze created by the nearby body of water. Its lumbering gait is semi-human and its colour the most startling and precious of all, the most regal Lapis Lazuli. 

We observe as it approaches and realise this is no strange creature but a figure carried like a holy relic, a statue sitting on platform, bedecked and bejewelled by precious stones, gold and silver, carried shoulder high, by well dressed slaves. 

Bob is transfixed, staring at the lofty, regal figure. This is not a statue, this is a living being and it’s me! Why do they fear me so much? 

You may step into his body and experience being him again. How does he feel?

He feels semi-human, extraordinarily powerful, godlike and extremely paranoid.

He thinks everyone is out to get him. His advisers and court, fearful they may themselves be accused are happy to spread blame well away from anything they touch. He is terribly alone, born into a life of limitless wealth and luxury without any choice in the matter. He is deeply depressed, he can trust no-one.

His parents were poisoned and he fears the same fate himself.  And yet the common people are in awe of him and because of their conditioning they love him, but he cannot see that.

How does this affect your life now? Why was he cursed?

Oh no…

I too sense impending dread, but encourage my client to re-experience it in the hope that we may be able to seek forgiveness, negotiate with the cursers and change his present situation.

He brought this on himself.

Command your body to take you to the moment this started.

We travel forward in time to a balmy, clear, moonless, starlit night. He and his servants are upstream and he is almost hysterical. He has them pour a greenish-white powder into the river. They obey reluctantly having some inkling of what they might be doing, but too afraid to disobey.

As they make their way back to the city they are met by the palace guards who promptly kill everyone accompanying the king, obeying orders put in place by the king himself earlier.

Over the next few days and weeks we see a horrible purging of the riverside population. A fever and blindness followed by an excruciatingly painful death is experienced by about one third of the population.

This neurotic fool has killed his own people convinced that the poison would seek out only those who conspired against him. I am responsible for this. Bob is disgusted.

So who cursed you?

Nobody! No-one knew it was me. I was very clever, I went around blessing and healing people from my platform and they loved me all the more for it!

I see clearly now where this leads, unfortunately I will not be able to reverse Bob’s present challenge, this is not what I was hoping for.

Command your body to take you forward in time to your death, how do you feel?

I live a long time! But I am wracked with guilt, guilt that pushes me into doing good things for my people, but it is not enough. I die a miserable, lonely death without an heir.

And when you leave your body?

I attend the karmic court and I am forgiven by those whose lives I took. To balance my own karma I insist on living a whole life with my disability. There could have been an easier route to redemption, but I was so full of remorse. It was my choice to experience this limitation.

“And are you at peace with the decision you made then?” I ask as Bob returns to his body.

“I am, it makes so much sense.”

“I am sorry I could not do more.”

“You did a great job, thank you. I understand so much now.” He sits up and rubs his eyes, and although agile and aware, he is dazed I help him stand when he is ready and walk him slowly outside, where his partner is waiting for him. He is still shaken by the visual clarity of his lucid experience but now calm, he completely understands the reason for his condition and is a peace with it.

He steps outside and feels the breeze caress his soft skin, his opaque and sunken eyes look up to the sky he will never see. He has been blind since birth.

All stories are © 2019 Raym Richards and are extracted from his book “Sprit World. A diary of an Urban Shaman” available through iBooks and Amazon or directly from Crystal Dreaming

A wolf in wolf’s clothing

A many layered relationship prevents Elizabeth from attracting a partner

Elizabeth is a mature, poised, witty and attractive woman who has had great difficulty attracting and keeping a male partner who truly values all she has to offer. She has come to me to find out the deeper reason behind her present situation.

My apprentice sits close to us, her curly black hair framing a mischievous grin, that makes her barefaced cheek tolerable. She will track and observe the session both in and out of an expanded state of consciousness.

The mandala of crystals around us does its work and we are soon in no time-space. We scan Elizabeth’s etheric body and it immediately becomes apparent to me where the challenge lies. I wait for her to become aware of its location.

After releasing traumatic past life deaths and the minor attachments that go with them, she becomes aware of a major blockage in her heart. It has been there for a very long time.

Oh, that is not nice. Even when telepathing her enunciation is perfect. There is something hidden in my heart!

I observe as it presents itself as every fear based trigger that could induce fear in her. A personalised invitation to collapse into panic and helplessness, thus slipping further under its control. It appears a mixture of hybrid scary things in an attempt to frighten her, with little effect. Finally it reveals itself as a tall sinister man in a dark cape.

“A shape-shifter!” my apprentice’s excitement is uncontainable.

I see these images when I am trying to sleep, they keep me awake. Horrible. Elizabeth telepaths.

Don’t be afraid.

I am OK, I remember your advice to stay calm – but this is not pleasant.

Tell him you love him and you can help him.


Try it.

She does so and this calms things down a bit.

He can only be here with your consent. Ask him to show you the moment you gave him permission to be here…

At this point things get really interesting. We travel into a distant past. She sees herself as a wealthy, refined and well educated woman with time on her hands. Her husband is a man of striking good looks and charm, and they are deeply in love. Bored, they decide together to embark on a deep study of the occult. They become aware of the power of magic and their ability to harness it.

It looks like I may have abused my power. Elizabeth is mortified and stunned at both the clarity of the recall and the implications of her actions.

We witness playfulness turning into the serious manipulation of innocents as they both flex their magical muscles. Then Elizabeth comes to her senses and decides she will work only for the greater good. Her partner chooses the opposite path and their relationship quickly disintegrates.

Separation is painful, neither understanding the choice of the other. Elizabeth dies an honoured member of her community, to reincarnate many times, with a clear focus on service to humanity.

Her partner, feeling betrayed and abandoned, dies alone and angry, locked into despair. Fearing punishment for his actions, he remains Earthbound, refusing to return home to light. 

Elizabeth realises that he can be with her now as she has never dissolved the agreements she freely entered into with him, when they were alive. He has her ongoing permission to stay with her, indefinitely. In every subsequent incarnation, he has found her and attached himself to her, his jealousy and possessiveness creating a barrier to deep intimacy with every possible partner in all of her lives since then.

Rising above her initial revulsion, Elizabeth feels compassion for this sad man who she once loved so deeply. Releasing him from all contracts and agreements, it takes a great deal of persuasion for him to truly understand that he can find peace, without fear of retribution.

Elizabeth is very emotional as we call on the beings who love him unconditionally, they include his mother and ancestors. Just as he is finally ready to leave, Elizabeth notices something else holding him back.

Oh my, she telepaths, are you seeing what I am? He has something attached to him!

“An entity feeding of another entity. Wow!” my apprentice mutters to herself.

“He is ready to leave and when he does Elisabeth’s life will change forever. It is time for you to put what I have been teaching you into practice. You can deal with this situation and finish the session.” I hand over to my apprentice.

“Elizabeth, my apprentice will help you with this, it won’t take long. You are about to become totally free…

“I will be making a cup of tea, let me know when you have finished.” 

I open my eyes and sit up observing my normally relaxed apprentice with a look of total concentration on her young face.

All stories are © 2019 Raym Richards and are extracted from his book “Sprit World. A diary of an Urban Shaman” available through iBooks and Amazon or directly from Crystal Dreaming