Diary of an Urban Shaman

Unbelievably True Stories

Black dog

Andrea’s inability to conceive leads her down a dark tunnel to a distant past life where the cause of her present medical condition is revealed

I am behind my client Andrea as she flees down an sloping subterranean stone tunnel illuminated only by the flickering torch held overhead by her servant, penetrating the thick blackness ahead of us. Andrea is fearful and apprehensive but I know she trusts the person leading us. Without this feeble flame the absolute darkness around would swallow us and we would be utterly lost.

I do my best to help her understand what is happening without leading her.

What are you wearing? I telepath as we hurry along. She looks down at her body for the first time.

A sheer white dress, it’s a shame to get it so dirty. Oh, my body is younger than now, this is another time, a long time ago. Why am I so frightened?

Let this play out andsee what happens…

There is an almost imperceptible shift in the thick darkness ahead as the dense coal blackness gives way to a soft bluish grey. An opening at last – moonlight. 

The older woman leading the way turns and the torchlight illuminates a fleeting smile, which is not as reassuring as it might be. It barely masks the terror concealed beneath it. Still some distance to travel, we hurry on. As soon as it is bright enough to see the floor and walls the torch is extinguished. Our guide steps out into clear night air and immediately holds her hands wide and low, a universal symbol for STOP!

Too late. Andrea is now so close in her enthusiasm to breathe fresh air that she knocks her servant forward and they both stumble into the dappled moonlight. Exposed and vulnerable they face the indescribable half human apparition that awaits them.

Andrea summons all her strength and steps forward in front of her servant. “You have no business here, you serve ME. Begone!”  

The chilling, snarling laugh emitted from the beast is stomach churning. It easily reaches over Andrea and snuffs out the life of her faithful servant. The snap of her neck is is quite audible in the quiet night.

“You have betrayed us and you will be punished.”  It barks.

I don’t understand what is happening, what am I fleeing from? Why am I being punished? Do I have to go though this – again? Andrea looks back at me.

To fully comprehend and release the reasons for your visit you do need to experience it again, yes. But first ask your body to show you what led to this.

Andrea is visiting me to get to the bottom of the endometriosis and ovarian cysts that are making her life a misery. Apart from the constant pain she experiences, she feels that it is now or never in terms of conceiving a child. This shamanic journey has taken her into the core of her being and revealed the moment of trauma in the distant past that triggered her physical condition now. In order to release it she needs to understand it so we have travelled through time and space to experience the lifetime where it all began.

Andrea’s body, shows her where it all started, taking her to the start of her past life experience. She is travelling in a magnificent horse drawn chariot next to a handsome man. They are dressed in simple but very fine clothes, wearing heavy gold jewellery and makeup. They are hailed by an adoring crowd as they pass through an ancient city.

This man next to me he is… like a Pharaoh.

He IS a Pharaoh. I contain my own thoughts.

How do you feel about him?

I hate him. This is an arranged marriage and I am married to him solely to produce children. I feel like a cow. There is no love here, from the outside we look fine but behind closed doors he has no respect for me whatsoever. I am his chattel, a child producing female from another high status family.

What is your life like?

Comfortable, but very boring. I love my children, but they have their nannies. My life is meaningless and I want to escape.

Are you ready to see what happens to you at the end of the tunnel?

If we must…

She commands her body to return us the moonlit night and her confrontation with the angry beast with the lifeless form of her servant, a pool of darkness behind her. Her past life self tries to brazen it out, attempting to exert her now abdicated regal authority over the creature before her.

I have never seen anything like this. What is this big black muscular man with the head of a black dog?Focus on what is happening. 

I do not want to distract her with explanations but I know dealing with the Ancient Egyptian god Anubis will not be easy.

“By running away from your duty you have abandoned both your Pharaoh and any vestige of power you thought you had. I do not serve YOU. It is the other way around.  And now it is time for you to pay the price for your betrayal.”

“I do not fear death.” Andrea feels the inner strength of her past life self, knowing that her time has come.

“Death is the least of your concerns…” the black man-dog snarls.

He rises to his full height and extending his powerful arms towards her he points at her midriff pouring multi coloured, writhing energy into her womb.

“Henceforth, you are cursed, never to bear children and to experience womb pain in every incarnation from this point forward. Knowing this to the core of your being, now you may die!”

All stories are © 2019 Raym Richards and are extracted from his book “Sprit World. A diary of an Urban Shaman” available through iBooks and Amazon or directly from Crystal Dreaming

Running with the wolves

Jenny is looking to release a deep and mysterious sadness and for direction with her community service in retirement. Her journey reveals an unexpected connection with her wild side

Jenny is a composed, mature woman who emanates grace and charm. I can see that her well spoken and clearly enunciated vowels and consonants are off-putting to my street-smart apprentice. People who speak that way in her world are usually authority figures, magistrates or head teachers, not clients seeking a shamanic journey to the core of their being. 

The crystal mandala has a profound and immediate effect on Jenny. As soon as she lies down in it and closes her eyes she senses radiant beings approaching her. My apprentice and I have to move quickly to keep up with her. She telepaths us…

The love emanating from these beings is so intense. It’s overwhelming. They are showing me another being, like them. I don’t understand…  It is magnificent.

She pauses, breathless, overcome by the power of her totally unexpected realisation. I think I existed with them, ages ago. This is how I was…

This is how you were then. In fact this is how you are now and always will be.

It can’t be. I am so human so – fallible. This being is not like me at all, it is so perfect.

This is you and always was and will be you. Call on your your Higher Self now and merge with her.

She does so with some trepidation. Oh my god. I am everything. This is so beautiful.

I allow her time to integrate the enormity of her realisation, then I make a suggestion. Ask the beings close to you why they have come to meet you today.

As they dialogue I realise that something is not quite right. They are talking about her completing some work that they started together eons ago. They love her yes, but they have an agenda and they are full of sadness and remorse that their work is incomplete. They are evolved but their love is not quite as unconditional as it could be.

“Not the sweetness and light that they appear to be.” My apprentice whispers having picked up on their energy. “They are still attached to outcomes, they have refused to transit to higher consciousness. They are stuck”.

Mindful that Jenny believes she is speaking with beings without any agenda, who have her best interests at heart I decide to intercede. I address the radiant ones directly.

Do you realise that you are dead?

We never lived in bodies like you.

Yes, but you did exist in a lower vibration once and you are still attached to it. You are disappointed that that things did not go the way you planned here on Earth.

They talk amongst themselves.

You are perceptive – our work is not complete. We will work with Jenny, she is among you and she was one of us. She has great work to do, thank you for connecting us. We have been trying to get through to her for some time.

She does indeed have work to do, work of her own. Not yours. It is time that you returned to the source and stopped trying to interfere with her free will.  She has been brave enough to incarnate here, you can do the same. We need all the help that we can get.

Their consternation is palpable. How dare I address them in such a manner. I clarify things for them.

I know that on the highest level we are equals. Your contribution to this planet’s existence was profound, however you may have to drop your vibration further to truly be of service. As it is, you are interfering and have no real power, until you incarnate as physical beings on this plane here and now. It is time to stop being disappointed and participate. Get down here and lend a hand!

Confronted and abashed they feel the truth of my words, much as they do not like it. After further discussion and parting words with Jenny they accept my offer of assistance, returning home to light.

Jenny is perplexed. Was this grand, incomplete work, the cause of her sadness or was she feeling their emotions? Rather than move into a lengthy explanation I decide to help her clear the trauma I have noticed in her heart. I am hoping that this will give her the clarity she is seeking.

Command your heart to show us what it is holding there.

Her recall starts as a joy filled experience of being part of a group mind, living as a wild animal in the distant past. She feels the freedom and joy of being part of a pack, beholden to no other beings, particularly men.

Such freedom, such love! I love my pack, we care for each other, we are totally free. We run, hunt and play together, I am so happy.

“But…” My apprentice whispers, knowing that it is trauma we are releasing.

How does this life end?

Jenny starts to cry, Oh so sad, I have an infection and a fever from a wound I got protecting cubs from a bear. I am going to die. I will miss my pack.

I suggest she calls on them across time and space and thank them, telling them she hopes to be with them again soon either in spirit or as human beings. Their reunion is touching as they express their profound gratitude for her sacrifice. The deep sadness she has been holding in every cell of her being dissipates and her whole body relaxes. She opens her eyes and smiles.

“I don’t feel sad any more! I can see a way of connecting with that love again and being of service to my community. I will help out with my local animal shelter. That will bring me and the animals lots of joy. It’s a small thing but at my age its much simpler than trying to save the world.”

“Every loving interaction, no matter how small, affects those around us. All actions based on unconditional love shape our reality, their positive effect is incalculable and their value is priceless. Your choice of community service is ideal.”

All stories are © 2019 Raym Richards and are extracted from his book “Sprit World. A diary of an Urban Shaman” available through iBooks and Amazon or directly from Crystal Dreaming

A wolf in wolf’s clothing

A many layered relationship prevents Elizabeth from attracting a partner

Elizabeth is a mature, poised, witty and attractive woman who has had great difficulty attracting and keeping a male partner who truly values all she has to offer. She has come to me to find out the deeper reason behind her present situation.

My apprentice sits close to us, her curly black hair framing a mischievous grin, that makes her barefaced cheek tolerable. She will track and observe the session both in and out of an expanded state of consciousness.

The mandala of crystals around us does its work and we are soon in no time-space. We scan Elizabeth’s etheric body and it immediately becomes apparent to me where the challenge lies. I wait for her to become aware of its location.

After releasing traumatic past life deaths and the minor attachments that go with them, she becomes aware of a major blockage in her heart. It has been there for a very long time.

Oh, that is not nice. Even when telepathing her enunciation is perfect. There is something hidden in my heart!

I observe as it presents itself as every fear based trigger that could induce fear in her. A personalised invitation to collapse into panic and helplessness, thus slipping further under its control. It appears a mixture of hybrid scary things in an attempt to frighten her, with little effect. Finally it reveals itself as a tall sinister man in a dark cape.

“A shape-shifter!” my apprentice’s excitement is uncontainable.

I see these images when I am trying to sleep, they keep me awake. Horrible. Elizabeth telepaths.

Don’t be afraid.

I am OK, I remember your advice to stay calm – but this is not pleasant.

Tell him you love him and you can help him.


Try it.

She does so and this calms things down a bit.

He can only be here with your consent. Ask him to show you the moment you gave him permission to be here…

At this point things get really interesting. We travel into a distant past. She sees herself as a wealthy, refined and well educated woman with time on her hands. Her husband is a man of striking good looks and charm, and they are deeply in love. Bored, they decide together to embark on a deep study of the occult. They become aware of the power of magic and their ability to harness it.

It looks like I may have abused my power. Elizabeth is mortified and stunned at both the clarity of the recall and the implications of her actions.

We witness playfulness turning into the serious manipulation of innocents as they both flex their magical muscles. Then Elizabeth comes to her senses and decides she will work only for the greater good. Her partner chooses the opposite path and their relationship quickly disintegrates.

Separation is painful, neither understanding the choice of the other. Elizabeth dies an honoured member of her community, to reincarnate many times, with a clear focus on service to humanity.

Her partner, feeling betrayed and abandoned, dies alone and angry, locked into despair. Fearing punishment for his actions, he remains Earthbound, refusing to return home to light. 

Elizabeth realises that he can be with her now as she has never dissolved the agreements she freely entered into with him, when they were alive. He has her ongoing permission to stay with her, indefinitely. In every subsequent incarnation, he has found her and attached himself to her, his jealousy and possessiveness creating a barrier to deep intimacy with every possible partner in all of her lives since then.

Rising above her initial revulsion, Elizabeth feels compassion for this sad man who she once loved so deeply. Releasing him from all contracts and agreements, it takes a great deal of persuasion for him to truly understand that he can find peace, without fear of retribution.

Elizabeth is very emotional as we call on the beings who love him unconditionally, they include his mother and ancestors. Just as he is finally ready to leave, Elizabeth notices something else holding him back.

Oh my, she telepaths, are you seeing what I am? He has something attached to him!

“An entity feeding of another entity. Wow!” my apprentice mutters to herself.

“He is ready to leave and when he does Elisabeth’s life will change forever. It is time for you to put what I have been teaching you into practice. You can deal with this situation and finish the session.” I hand over to my apprentice.

“Elizabeth, my apprentice will help you with this, it won’t take long. You are about to become totally free…

“I will be making a cup of tea, let me know when you have finished.” 

I open my eyes and sit up observing my normally relaxed apprentice with a look of total concentration on her young face.

All stories are © 2019 Raym Richards and are extracted from his book “Sprit World. A diary of an Urban Shaman” available through iBooks and Amazon or directly from Crystal Dreaming