Unbelievably True Stories

Author: Raym

Birth of a Guru

Raym’s apprentice learns a lot about judgement as a client finds his life’s purpose while looking for something else.

“Do not judge this book by its cover,” I advise my rebellious, indigenous apprentice. I can see her eyes rolling as a sleek shiny new Tesla, hums to a stop next to our studio. I find myself experiencing a rare moment of envy.

Jonathan is an affluent advertising executive. After overwork and a messy divorce took him to an emotional rock bottom, he is here to find out why it all happened, so he can be at peace.

“Wealth does not always equal corruption and desecration of the land.” I am almost speaking to myself as I gaze at his very expensive “green” car.

“In my world it does,” she grumbles. Putting on her sweet and innocent, child-of-the-bush face, she greets my client.

Surprisingly, for such a left brained person, Jonathan enters an expanded state of consciousness easily. We clear past life trauma and attachments, each taking him into a deeper understanding of his choices and experiences in this life.

I sense my apprentice is becoming bored with what to her has become a routine session. We feel close to completely clearing  Jonathan when I hear my apprentice’s thin, wavering voice…

“The sun isn’t usually this bright at this time of day. It is getting really bright and hot in here… Sorry, I just feel so… happy! I can’t say that I have ever felt like this before.”

“Observe what is happening with Jonathan in no time-space and you will understand.”

Jonathan telepaths me. My whole body is tingling, I feel very clear, expanded.

How far does your consciousness reach?

He starts crying.

It stretches forever. I am connected to everything.

How does that feel?

Indescribably beautiful. His sobs fall into a strange unison with my apprentice.

Call on the beings who love you unconditionally. Invite them to join us now.

They are telling me I am now clear and that there is someone here to meet me…

I start to feel emotional myself as a radiant being steps forward: I think I recognise him.

I recall reading a poem just before I left, about my beloved Ganges, the Himalayas and…  The youthful looking, long haired, round faced Master sounds wistful.

I am honoured.  The usually cocky executive expresses himself with true humility.

Let us walk together… The Master places his hand on Jonathan’s shoulder as they stroll through a beautiful garden, chatting.

“Pay attention,” I whisper to my apprentice.

The Master explains to Jonathan that prior to birth they made an agreement that when Jonathan reached a point of clarity and oneness in this life that they could merge, becoming one, working together for the greater good of humanity, if he chose to do so.

“Soul braiding!” My apprentice is pleased to be witnessing what was, until today, a concept.

Jonathan, if you feel ready we have work to do. The Master embraces him.

It is clear that Jonathan has a choice; to embody the Master he is aligned with and walk together – or not. He may continue as a prosperous businessman or radically change his life and take a totally different path.

We return to our current time and place. A very different Jonathan opens his eyes.

“Wow. That was a lot to take in. Does this mean I am him?”

“You will have worked together in the past. Now if you wish, you may work together again, only this time you will embody his wisdom and love. It is entirely up to you. Take your time to integrate this experience. This could mean making some big changes in your life.”

My stunned apprentice shows him to his flashy car and waves goodbye.

“I know you have seen this before; what usually happens?” Her focus has returned to learning.

“For a few it is a major shift but for many it is all too much and very little changes. Some are able to embody the love and teachings of the Master concerned in their interactions with others in their daily lives. Without anybody knowing who is involved and what is happening, that is enough.”

“What are the chances of him truly embodying this being and sharing his teachings based on unconditional love again? He looks pretty materialistic to me.”

“Many things will conspire against him; his mind, ego, family obligations, community status and the fear of being judged can all undermine his potential. However, Jonathan stands an excellent chance of becoming a great teacher and ambassador for peace. He has a clear mind and and the right kind of worldly experience to make this work. He knows his experience here was authentic. Let’s keep an eye on him, I believe he may follow through.”

“Really? Wow, a guru is born…” She looks genuinely starry eyed. 

“So what about you?” She turns, looking into my eyes.

All stories are © 2019 Raym Richards and are extracted from his book “Sprit World. A diary of an Urban Shaman” available through iBooks and Amazon or directly from Crystal Dreaming

Slave to love

Raym’s attractive client seems to be living the high life with plenty of lovers, but there is something missing…

Martin is a handsome young man who is confused about his relationships. Looking every inch the metrosexual he exudes a gentle charm blended with an intense physicality: he works out and he likes to show it. Describing himself as pansexual, he confides that although he enjoys the company of all sexes and “loves to love” he can never really give himself completely in a sexual relationship. He tells me he feels something is holding him back and he wants to get to the bottom of it.

“I am looking for a totally fulfilling sexual relationship but I just can’t seem to find it. I go through the physical routines to please my partners but something is missing. I love them all, I love their intelligence, their bodies, their wit and their energy but…”

Seeking answers, our shamanic journey commences. Laying in my crystal mandala Martin is surprised by how quickly we are taken to another time and place. I stand beside him in a farm field: the humid, afternoon air and the woodsmoke from cooking fires pinching our nostrils as we sense the purposeful activity around us. It is harvest time and what appear to be white snow-covered fields around us are alive with activity. 

That’s me! Martin telepaths, gazing at the muscular, good-looking man easily lifting heavy sacks of cotton onto a cart.

My word, I was strong and good-looking… His past life self exudes his same winning smile as now – this time directed at the master’s wife as she passes in a horse-drawn carriage. She smiles briefly before averting her eyes.

“Oh boy Elijah, if youse knows what’s good for yer, yer’ll stop that right now.” The man working next to Martin’s past-life self shakes his head, sweat dripping off his nose, his tight, curly black hair appearing patchy white with cotton fluff.

“I think she loves me!” Martin lets out a belly laugh which attracts the attention of the overseer, who, too far way to use it, waves his whip at them both, threatening action.

“Head down yer fool!” His companion is afraid and makes a show of working faster, smiling to himself. “She sure is a pretty one…”

“Sure is.” Elijah sighs.

Over period of months we see Elijah grow closer to the master’s wife. She is flattered by his attention and any chance she has, when her husband is away on business, she finds things to do close to Elijah. She instructs her staff to remain silent and they do so, knowing they would be punished by both her and her husband if they spoke up.

The feelings between them are mutual and genuine, they are both attractive enough to pick any lover they choose, but there is a timeless, irresistible something about forbidden love that affects them both, intensifying their stolen, passionate moments together.

Elijah is a big man and he is skilled in lovemaking, he takes her to peaks of pleasure she could never have imagined possible. In turn her sweet smelling, soft, white skin, long red hair and willowy body drive him to distraction. They make for a passionate couple and as time passes they cannot get enough of each other. Everyone on the plantation knows what is going on, except the master, who, busy making money and buying more slaves, is blissfully ignorant. His wife is smart enough to fulfil his needs in the bedroom with alacrity, so the cuckold really does suspect nothing is amiss.

The other slaves disapprove and those close to Elijah let him know, but he just laughs it off with his big broad, winning smile. He feels invincible.

I really do love her, she is so special. So… exotic.  Martin ponders his past-life’s self’s infatuation, as another winter approaches and the master’s wife falls pregnant. They have been trying for a baby for several years, so her husband is overjoyed with the possibility of a dynasty opening before him.

His wife however is afraid: there is a good chance that the baby is Elijah’s and if it is, it will be obvious and there will be no denying it. Although nagged by fear himself, Elijah moves into denial, convincing himself that because they are in love it will work out. They will escape together or, disgraced she will be sent away with the child.

It is a gothic night full of sultry spring thunderstorms, when the baby is born. It does not live long, murdered by the midwife under instructions from the master: the midwife is in turn murdered by the overseer for a botched birth. She will never share her secret.

His wife, desperate to survive, explains in terror and tears that she was raped by Elijah nine months prior but was too ashamed to speak up.

Enraged, the Master sends men to capture and punish Elijah. Although powerful he is overwhelmed: they drag him to a tree and tie him up, spreadeagled, beating him almost to death. The master looks on, not soiling his hands, enjoying his righteous revenge. But Elijah is strong, he clutches on to the thread of life within him as the beating brutes tire themselves out, pointlessly pulverising him trying to break his body and his will.

“Hand me that knife, I’ll fix him.” The master steps forward repulsed by the gory mess that is his wife’s ‘rapist’. “Grab his cock.”

An overseer does as instructed. The master reaches down and with one swift merciless move unmans Elijah, who stares defiantly at the master.

“She loved me…” Elijah whispers at the master who becomes apoplectic cutting off Elijah’s testicles as well, throwing them to the pigs.

“Leave him to die!” rage spent, the master turns his back and walks off.

But Elijah does not die; once he is left alone his people come and staunch his wounds and he does not bleed to death. Mutilated, he lives and the master, when he hears of it, decides that he will allow it. Elijah will become a living example for the others and he will torture him by working him to death. 

Elijah survives for three more years, living with the coldness of his ex-lover, the never ending taunts and brutality from the overseers and the indignity of squatting to piss. A broken man physically and emotionally, he dies vowing he will never, ever, truly love again.

Martin is in tears. I understand now what prevents me from loving, what a foolish, brave man I was.

It is time to undo the promise that you made you to yourself on your deathbed, but first you must forgive.

It takes time, but Martin forgives both his lover and her husband, then I lead him into the affirmation that will change not just this life but his soul’s journey…

“I now dissolve all promises I have made with myself not to truly fall in love. I will not be punished for loving someone with all my heart. I have learnt all I need to know about betrayal, brutalisation and being punished for loving. I do not need to repeat it. I leave these traumas in the past where they belong. I choose love, I choose freedom and I open my heart to true and passionate love. Nothing can prevent me doing this, now. So be it.”

Martin senses a profound change in all of his bodies rippling across time ands space, particularly in his heart and base chakras. 

He sighs, My heart is open and I am free.

All stories are © 2019 Raym Richards and are extracted from his book “Sprit World. A diary of an Urban Shaman” available through iBooks and Amazon or directly from Crystal Dreaming

Dead twin

Ron presents with all the indications of a predictable pre-birth trauma, but his shamanic journey reveals a hidden terror

Ron allows the mandala surrounding his head to open his consciousness to a deeper understanding of why he has felt so alone for his entire life. He has told me that he lost his twin in the womb and that he has seen scans of them holding hands. What we discover reveals a totally unexpected terror.

My hands are heavy. Ron telepaths, looking down at his body as we access no time/space in search of answers.

Command your body to take you to the moment this feeling started.

We are immediately taken to a beach where he is playing as a child. He seems wholly preoccupied with all the sensations of being at the seaside: The bright hot sun; the sweet scent of sun cream cutting through the distant smell of seaweed, his father’s smooth, shiny bathers; his mother’s partially hidden smile, lurking beneath a broad brimmed hat and big black sunglasses; the sea-salty taste in the air; the repetitive, sleepy breathing sound of waves crashing on shoreline pebbles and the rolling exhalation of them being combed seaward.

Then, as he looks down at his perfect little hands making marks in the sand, the terror and the feelings of emptiness start. His younger self’s vision is sharp and clear, he gazes at what he has done, the significant, unconscious marks he has made in the sand. And his hands. Then turning his palms upwards he focuses on the terrible thing that they prove to him.

Why do I feel so afraid?

We witness his parents’ concern as the child starts screaming staring wide eyed at his perfect little hands.

Give yourself permission to remember. It’s OK to go there again – just for a few moments…

His parents pick him up, wrap him in a towel and comfort him, perplexed, looking  at the strange podlike shapes he has drawn in the sand and at his hands, having no idea what has created his tangible terror.

My hands… Ron gasping at the implications of his terrifying childhood realisation and its subsequent effect on his life, starts sobbing…

Ron presents as a relaxed and thoughtful man who appears a little withdrawn as he explains his feelings of isolation, which he tells me led to thoughts of suicide earlier in life. He has had a stable and loving upbringing, with no major trauma apart from his birth. He mentions that his twin died in-utero and that he also had a childhood friend, invisible to others, that he could see clearly and that he talked to constantly, right up until kindergarten. A classic symptom of an earthbound spirit attached to a child.

Ron has spent his entire life feeling out of place, disjointed, uneasy and separate from the rest of humanity. At 32 he has finally decided to look into it with me. A friend has told him that his feelings may have something to do with the fact that he survived his twin.

I have dealt with this situation before, where the surviving twin discovers during a shamanic journey that their dead twin is still with them, earthbound and confused. Not understanding that they died in the womb and wanting to continue living with the surviving twin. The dead twin’s presence and neediness creates feelings of anxiety and disconnectedness in the living twin which can play out as a life that lacks connection with others.

I try not to influence the session by presuming that this will be the case, knowing that apart from anything I might say – my thoughts have the power influence outcomes too. I remain in neutral, ready to understand what might be causing these feelings, without preconceptions. 

Our interview is brief and we move straight into our shamanic journey – arriving on the beach, where Ron re-experiences the mysterious terror in his hands…

My hands… he stares transfixed and terrified.

I am baffled, trying to figure out what is different about them.

My fingerprints…

I gaze intently at Ron’s little hands, looking for any indication of anything that should not be there. Yet I know the child that Ron was sees more.

They are unique!

As they should be…

But that means that I am unique! I am different from everyone else. I don’t want to be different I want to belong! I want to be with my pod! How awful, this aloneness is terrible, I do not want this. I want to go home!

Where is home? Ask your body to take you there.

Ron calms down, his sobs change pitch, moving from terror to joy as he has another realisation. He is immediately among a group of large blue pod-like beings floating in what could be water or space.

We are one! 

I witness his consciousness merge with the beings that surround him as he returns to group consciousness and it is beautiful. I am mindful not to lose him, but before I can even communicate my thoughts the group responds.

Don’t be concerned, Ron is not becoming less or getting lost. He is becoming more. This is where he belongs, it is SO beautiful that he has returned to us.

Could one of your group step forward so I can communicate with you? I have some questions.

No, it is not possible, we are one. 

I feel a fool for not realising the obvious, but things are moving quickly.

You may address us as one.

I do so, enquiring initially about the well-being of Ron’s dead twin, who I am advised, transitioned home to light from the womb. Ron’s invisible childhood friend is described as a temporary guide provided by the beings he is with now and I accept that. So all is well.

I am shown that this is Ron’s first time incarnated as a human, which is why it has been so hard to be separated from his group consciousness. This realisation brings great peace to him now as he truly understands the deeper reason for his feelings of isolation.

It all makes so much sense… They express his feelings.

Why did Ron come to Earth?

To learn about separation! They laugh.

How will this session affect his life on Earth?

Peace! Ron now understands everything and after today may return to this group consciousness whenever he chooses. Being separate is hard!
They laugh.

I call Ron back into his body as we complete the session. As he opens his eyes I can see he is having difficulty being in his human body again. He smiles.

“The terror of being isolated and separate has left me. For the first time ever I feel connected to this planet and those who love me. I can enjoy being human. It’s OK to be here! Thank you.”

All stories are © 2019 Raym Richards and are extracted from his book “Sprit World. A diary of an Urban Shaman” available through iBooks and Amazon or directly from Crystal Dreaming