Diary of an Urban Shaman

Unbelievably True Stories

Author: Raym


Raym deals with an aggressive Earthbound spirit that takes over his client’s body.

I am in no time-space with my client and I am trying hard not to confront an already angry and abusive Earthbound spirit that has attached itself to her. Cursing me in Afrikaans he reaches through my protective energy shield and starts to throttle me. This should not be possible, but it seems to be happening and it really hurts.

I can feel his hands clamped around my throat. This is turning into the most visceral other worldly experience I have ever had. Choking, I telepath…

I am not a threat to you. What are you so angry about?

I am blasted by another outpouring of abuse. I need to stay cool, but I am beginning to feel light headed. I feel tapping on my shoulder, I look to my left but there is no one next to me. Now I am really confused, the other Earthbound spirits are still attached to my client, what is happening to me?

Then I get it, my assistant is trying to bring me back into the physical, so I quickly return to full consciousness. When I open my eyes I realise that my client, a tiny woman, has lifted up my muscular body and has me pinned against the wall. Her face is right next to mine, her eyes are wide open but her eyeballs are rolled back so I am staring straight into the whites of her eyes as she rants on at me in a deep male voice. 

Her mouth is flecked with foam and my assistant who is trying to prize her fingers off my throat has gone a lovely shade of white, a colour that matches perfectly her blouse and bleached and braided dreadlocks. 

If her grip is not released very soon I will pass out. As my vision becomes grey around the edges, I wonder how I got myself into this mess.

I live in the old part of the city, I like its character and the people there. As I cycle across town to “Inner Journeys” my crystal shop, I become an observer. I sense the vacant ones, people wearing grey suits with matching grey auras. I stop at traffic lights, they hurry past and I look into their eyes. They are like windows into abandoned warehouses, empty, dark and slowly crumbling inside. They look utterly lost and hopeless. It seems to me that there is no-one home – or worse, there is someone else there.

My crystal shop and session room sit in the borderline part of the city because the rent is reasonable. It’s the kind of place that starts out being inhabited by artists, musicians and students and ends up being taken over by architects, real estate agents and lawyers who then complain about the character of the place that they bought into. This part of town is the nexus for transformation, so for now, for me, it is a good place to be. 

There is community here, people look out for each other and there is an easy going atmosphere that comes from having not much money, not too many worries and plenty of time.

So it was that I started receiving calls from other alternative shops in the area, they all talked about the same person. A slightly built woman who needed my help. I knew it was only a matter of time until she showed up.

Sometimes in my business you need assistance. I have two apprentices, both mature and very groovy women. They are similar yet very different. Both have bleached blonde, braided dreads and dress like they are about to rock on to an all night rave after work. Secretly I call them Topsy and Mopsy.

Brianna, is your Earth Mother type, large and well built, she exudes nurturing feminine power. She is lesbian and proud of it and has trained in martial arts, as well as esoteric disciplines. Bryony is smaller and has a lighter build, she could be Brianna’s sister from another life. Her birdlike features give a hint of the sharp mind hiding under her dreads, like Brianna she has studied extensively with other teachers. She is an excellent Tarot reader and a natural trance channel.

Both women look many years younger than their age because they are so happy. They are enjoying their lives, so looking after their bodies comes naturally. These powerful women are my guardians, my front door filter, they run my crystal shop and keep the tyre kickers away from my session room. No time-wasters make it into my sacred space for a journey. Just the genuine spiritual seekers and those in need of help.

Today I am thankful that Brianna is my assistant. Sometimes things can get physical with this kind of case, and I prefer to have another woman in the room if my client is female.

I can feel my client coming towards the shop before she arrives. The energy around her is big and very prickly, although the woman who walks through the door appears to be the opposite. This tiny, thin woman tells me her story.

She has had a violent temper for as long as she can remember and lately it is getting worse. It seems the happier she becomes in her relationship the bigger this rage inside her gets, disrupting her life on a daily basis. She had been placed on an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) for biting off a chunk of her husband’s ear during a bout of uncontrollable rage. It is clear to me that I am probably dealing with a case of possession. As she is coherent and calm I decide to move straight into our session, her name is Mia.

My aim is to find out when she gave permission for the spirit to attach itself to her and work from there. Laying in a powerful mandala of crystals we both travel into the space between worlds, I telepath Mia the following affirmation: 

Body I command you, show me the moment this started.

Immediately we are standing in a country area by the side of a dusty dry road surrounded by lush, green vegetation. We notice a little girl in front of us playing on her bicycle, she seems happy and carefree. She is not concentrating, daydreaming as she navigates rocks and pebbles on the roadside. Mia confirms it is herself as a child and I suggest that she step into the child’s body. 

The child is near a corner, I feel the rumble of an approaching truck, but she does not notice it at all. The truck driver is speeding and as he swings out on the corner he almost loses control as his load shifts. His heavy vehicle is old and unroadworthy. I catch a glimpse of the panicked driver, dropping greasy food on his lap as he clutches his steering wheel with both hands. There is no way he will even notice the child.

He collects her with his front fender and knocks her under the nearside front wheel, fortunately it is only her legs that go under and because as he is turning only one wheel runs over her. The bike is destroyed and the frail little girl is left wailing at the side of the road as the truck driver continues on his journey in a cloud of dust and small stones, totally unaware of what has just happened.

How are you feeling? I telepath the girl.

I am in agony. Somebody stop this pain. Please someone. ANYONE!

We are at the point of attachment. The point when she gave permission for ANY being who wants to step in and help to do so.

She did not say or think; 

will the beings who love me unconditionally please help me.  

I do not know many people who would have the presence of mind to do that, let alone a little girl with two broken legs, lying on the side of a deserted road in the bush.

Unknowingly she has issued an open ended invitation and in effect a contract for any beings, particularly confused dead people (Earthbound spirits) to come to her aid, and they do. But there is always a catch, they are looking for a place to stay, permanently.

I witness several energies come flying through the ethers and attach themselves to her, offering succour. They cringe to one side clinging on to her solar plexus for dear life as a large dark form approaches and attaches itself firmly to the back of her neck. I don’t know how, but it eases her pain, maybe it takes on some itself. Her pain lessens and her wailing changes to deep sobs as she waits for someone to find her.

I take her into no time-space and suggest she transmits the following thought-form:

I challenge any being that is under the illusion that it has power over me. Show yourself to me now, or forever hold your peace.

Of the dark forms surrounding Mia the largest comes forward. I have an overriding sensation of intense and explosive anger.

I am not yet able to make out its form but rather than arguing with Mia it is headed straight for me. As it materialises in front of me I perceive that it is male, human, muscular and dark skinned.

He talks to me in a language I do not understand.

Neuk af wit seun!  It sounds like Afrikaans.

Talk to me in English mate, I don’t understand you.

What the fuck do you want white boy? Why don’t you fuck off back to where you came from and mind your own bloody business? Even his thought forms have a strong accent.

He towers over me and he is a big bloke, he is strong and has a lot of will power. Suddenly he reaches through my protective auric field and starts to throttle me. I feel the tapping on my shoulder and remember that I asked my assistant to tap me if she feels I should return to my body for any reason.

I return to full consciousness as quickly as I can and realise that things are going pear shaped fast, this session turning into an all in wrestling match and I am about to pass out. I must stay calm and act…

Think, breathe. Think.

This petite woman with her white bulging eyes now has the strength of an ox. I manage to get my fingers under hers and create some breathing space as my assistant grapples with her. We must not hurt her. I am now speaking out loud talking directly to the African presently in possession of her body.

“What happened to you, I want to know.”

“What do you care? You interfering bastard.” A deep and thickly accented voice booms out of Mia’s tiny chest.

“Maybe I can help.”

“Bullshit. You fuckers left me for dead, in this dark shitty place. The mine caves in and you just fuck off! You bastards just left me. And I died. FUCKERS!” he shouts

I am already preparing excuses about a play rehearsal for my neighbours.

It sounds very weak but I say, “I am sorry to hear that.”

“Fuck off!” His grip tightens again but now fully conscious, I respond quickly.

“What year is it?


“In the mine, what year is it.”

“1951, who gives a shit?”

I do, and I am doing some rapid mental calculation. If he was mature man in 1951 there is a good chance his wife is also now dead, if he had one. I sense a way of getting through to him, helping him. He is definitely not going to go for any flaky New Age fluff, that’s for sure.

“Do you miss your wife?”

He is poised on a knife edge between intense rage and deep grief. Fortunately for me, as my assistant is beginning to flag, he leans towards the latter. His pause tells me he loved this woman.

In this space between anger and grief I seize the moment.

“Across time and space, I call on this man’s wife, I call on this man’s wife, I call on this man’s wife, please join us now.”

I do not need a translator to understand what is happening as he releases his grip and breaks down, sobbing.

“OK you can go with her, you can go home and find peace, go home to light now. Go in peace” 

One word of Afrikaans leaves Mia’s lips as he leaves her body and it completely relaxes.


I help the other attached spirits find peace and after cleansing and protection exercises Mia returns to her body and reclaims it. She tells me she grew up in South Africa, so it all makes sense. This dead African miner had become a confused and distressed Earthbound spirit. Refusing the opportunity to go home to light when his ancestors came for him he was stuck and looking for a safe and pleasant place to hang out when she called for help.

He had been with her since her childhood accident, affecting her moods and thoughts. He had become possessive, resenting her love for her husband. Now that he has left everything will change for my client.

We say goodbye and my shaken assistant ushers her out. I give thanks to my non-physical team, and think how silly I will look wearing a neckerchief in summer. For a few days my throat will be very red, I hope it won’t bruise.

All stories are © 2019 Raym Richards and are extracted from his book “Sprit World. A Diary of an Urban Shaman” available through iBooks and Amazon or directly from Crystal Dreaming


Raym confronts a Demon that has been making his client’s life hell.

I am in a dark and hot place and it does not feel pleasant, I know my body will have a thin film of perspiration all over it, particularly around the neck. The thing is, I have left my body a long way away, in a place we usually believe is our primary reality. Today things are different.

It takes me a few moments to acclimatise. It is stinking hot. I could be close to a bushfire or a furnace, the ground around me is rough and dry, a dusty, rocky, level surface. Next to me I can see my client. If I am feeling warm and apprehensive, she must be feeling hot and terrified.

In front of us is a huge dark form, hard to make out at first, but definitely not friendly, definitely not human and definitely not alone. Things are not looking good and we are just at the start of our journey together.

Hoping that she won’t collapse into utter, unmanageable fear and total vulnerability, I wait patiently for her to notice that I am standing right next to her. I hope she won’t start screaming, we have had enough complaints from the neighbours back on Earth, and my shop lease is up for renewal.

I am mindful that I should not control this situation too much. Although to some extent I am capable of manipulating the reality around us to suit my purposes. It is important that my client overcome the challenges before her of her own free will and without too much interference from me. 

If I intercede too much I will get involved in her Karma. Not a good idea, as I have enough on my own plate right now, thank you very much.

I know my client is beginning to access levels of fear which are way beyond her experience or expectations. I am alert and ready for action, I have trained myself to deal with fear as a companion, one that makes me alert but does not control me.

My client notices me. 

Fuck, I am shit scared she telepaths staring wide eyed at the apparitions surrounding her which she has suddenly seen clearly for the first time.

That’s three negative power words in one very powerful sentence. Couldn’t we just play safe, remove the negatives and stick with ‘I AM’?

Too late.

Feeding off her fear, the being in front of her has grown in stature and is materialising into a fully formed, red eyed, horned and salivating Demon of the aggressive variety of the first order. It reaches forward and grabs her solar plexus and starts squeezing and twisting it with its dark claws. 

It is laughing at her.

This is all moving far too quickly for my liking, I need to create time to think. 

I know back on Earth, right now my client is squirming and writhing in pain on the futon next to mine, I trust my assistant is doing as she promised and looking in on the session. For once I hope my little shop is not too busy.

Tell it how beautiful it is. I suggest

“What? You are jo…” her sentence is cut short as the being in front of her uses its other hand to claw deeply into her side. She starts moaning, I hope it’s not too loud.

I need to take control, Say after me, Beray sheet eyer esher eyer. Beray sheet eyer esher eyer. 

She gasps the affirmation out loud and for one short moment the being in front of her hesitates, totally dumfounded.

In this moment I have a chance to collect my thoughts. 

My client had been referred to me by a student, offering discounted practice sessions to gain experience, she was attracting people in need who were short of cash. The woman next to me had come to her in great physical pain. Pain which several doctors were unable to diagnose or treat with any success.

She was an initiate of an international religious group who did good work feeding the needy and offering them support. She had reached the rank of temple priestess and was respected in her community. She was authorised to create and lead ceremony and had become a high priestess. She was devout, chanting and praying from the early hours each morning, immersing herself totally in her practice.

Yet despite her good work and practices she was coming under massive psychic attack.

In her session with my student it became obvious that she was being attacked by powerful non-physical beings who meant to do her great harm. She was referred to me. 

When she arrived for her session she was in so much pain she could barely walk, supported either side by two novice priestesses, her hands were cramping up like claws and her back and legs convulsing with muscle spasms.

She had come for a shamanic journey with me in which she might see exactly what was happening to her.

I had already prepared a clear and sacred space for the journey. I had travelled this route a thousand times before. As we lay down next to each other I looked over at her for the tell tale signs of deep trance. She closed her eyes and they rolled back, leaving only the whites of her eyes visible through her rapidly fluttering lids.

Deliberately opening a portal through which we could step into no-time-space and hence into all-time-space, I closed my eyes. We both slipped into an altered state of consciousness easily, allowing the mandala of crystals that surrounded us to do its work. 

I joined her immediately, but the speed and ferocity of the attack took me unawares. We did not arrive where I expected and I was in danger of becoming fearful myself. I needed to buy time.

Ask it what it wants.

To destroy me.


Because I am weak, because it can, because it gives it pleasure…

When did you give it permission to be here?


There is always permission, when?

I see myself carrying out ritual and ceremony, I am in training. My teacher is not being totally honest with me. I am making promises in a language I do not understand, this is the moment I gave permission.

OK, tell it not to be afraid of you.

“Don’t be afrai…” 

The great beast’s laughter is deafening, it claws and wrenches at my client, and its smaller friends in the shadows move forward to join in. My client is in torment, and I know by now that the neighbours will be making a note to call my landlord. Again.

I reluctantly step forward, closer to my client. The violet white light that surrounds me buzzes and hums with a focussed life force; for now I am containing the energy into a bubble that surrounds my body for about a metre. It pushes the smaller demons back into the shadows, but not the big one. It still has tight hold of my client and will not be distracted by me, or my light.

Say again out loud, ‘Don’t be afraid I promise not to hurt you.’

I know my client is in agony and I will her to ride it out.

‘This pain is an illusion, it has no power over me.’  Say it.

She repeats the affirmation out loud and it is like a red rag to a bull. We both sense this beings thought-forms:  

How dare you challenge me!

This being has probably not been challenged for eons, it is used to getting its own way. I am deliberately trying to cause it confusion. It is enraged but beneath that there is the tiniest twinge of doubt. This is our leverage, our way in.

It directs its attention towards me. 

I am ready, but I do not intend to harm you.

And I am ready. I have quietly called in my power, I am centred and ready for anything. The time I bought a few moments ago has served me well. I am ready to experience whatever this thing has to offer, without rising to its bait of becoming angry, or worse and far more dangerous for me, becoming fearful.

It senses my readiness and backs off, focussing again on my client.

In this moment my client draws strength from me and my actions, she recalls my advice before our journey started, that this could be her true initiation into the priesthood. She had been initiated through ceremony, now she was to experience her true initiation as a high priestess. It is time to confront her deepest fear. This is her baptism of fire.

You no longer have my permission to be here, our agreement is dissolved, the contract between us is complete, you may go in peace.

As she repeats this affirmation she starts to believe it. I also sense my assistant back on Earth, looking down on us and smiling, she knows the power of this statement if it is made out loud and from the heart.

Now the great beast is shrinking, still malevolent, it starts to doubt its tenure. But it still has hold of my client and is still causing her pain.

In you I see great light. In you I see great beauty. Don’t be afraid of me I promise not to hurt you. I am not angry with you.

Although still squirming under its steel like claws, she senses she is beginning to win.

You are beautiful. Don’t you remember how beautiful you are?

Confusion. The Demon is genuinely perplexed, my client is gaining strength.

Look inside, tell me what you see…

Even though I have seen it many times what follows is still beautiful and moving. As my client repeats the affirmation I know she is up for a life changing experience.

And so the great beast looks within.

In the pain, sadness and anger that is within it, it senses a spark of light at its core. As it focusses on it, the light expands and becomes a supernova that totally envelops it and the surrounding space. We and it are breathless at its own realisation of what it truly is. It is a beautiful being of light. It is an Angel, lost and now found.

Go home to light now, take the others with you, go home and find peace, you are forgiven. Go in peace.

It is so joyful it swoops over us and the smaller beings, its gratitude is palpable. As it leaves my client’s body completely relaxes and she is pain free. I know by now that she is completely drained, and decide not to take her further into the circumstances surrounding the Demon’s contract with her.

I take her through exercises to cleanse, refresh and strengthen her energy bodies and we return to the futons we are lying on, upstairs in my shop.

She is utterly exhausted and tearfully grateful for the session. The acolytes she came with are also tearful and happy at her recovered condition. Not much explanation is needed, I accept payment and she leaves.

I decide not to share all I saw in the journey: The priest who tricked her, his misogyny, and the arrangements he had made for non physical beings to feed off the energy in the temple for their own ends and their fear of her growing personal power. That I will leave for another session, when she realises it is appropriate. 

I lie back on my futon and give thanks to the crystals that surround me and the loving non-physical beings who work with me. I feel at peace. I have done my best for my client, she is now and will remain pain free. I feel tired but content, everything in my world is perfect.

My assistant knocks and pops her head around the door of my session room.

“Its Mrs Jenkins from the tea rooms next door, she wants to have a chat about the screaming she thought she heard coming from your room.”

All stories are © 2019 Raym Richards and are extracted from his book “Sprit World. A Diary of an Urban Shaman” available through iBooks and Amazon or directly from Crystal Dreaming

Virgin Sacrifice

A client discovers her low self esteem began in a distant past

The thing about time travel is the intensity of new smells – sometimes their strangeness can be overwhelming; earth mixed with animal dung from now extinct species, rich cooking aromas filled with forgotten herbs and spices, woodsmoke from trees that no longer exist and the ever present tang of sweat from a native people whose diet is vastly different from our own. 

All of this immediately creates a very tangible atmosphere, a far cry from the session room in the busy city, where my body now lies. 

A friend of mine, a doctor, once told me that he believes smells completely bypass the conscious mind, often triggering an emotional response to a long stored and deeply hidden memory. I wonder if my client is beginning to remember what happened to her and why she has been drawn here.

I am walking with her in an ancient Central American culture thousands of years in the past, possibly Aztec, Toltec or Mayan. It is a hot, steamy environment but as we have arrived just before dawn, there is a slight, cool breeze as the mist hugging the young jungle trees around us begins to evaporate.

I am enjoying being in another time and place, smelling things I have never smelt before, walking through an ancient, vibrant culture. The detail in everything I see is astounding and fascinating. It is a sensational experience and I realise just how much I love my work as an urban shaman.

As time travellers I have advised my client we cannot be seen by all but the most accomplished of shamans. Even then they would have to be in a deep trance state and focussed on finding us. So I feel relaxed as we walk through the happy crowd of small, dark haired, olive skinned locals. 

It is a morning of great celebration, we sense something very special is about to happen. Some people have obviously been up all night, others look fresh and excited. Children play freely around us, just as they would at any party anywhere, simply happy that a party is happening.

I have a pretty good idea what is about to happen but I must be patient and allow my client her own realisation, without any interference from me.

I am waiting for her to recognise who she is. I have already picked her through the unique signature of her energy body. It varies from lifetime to lifetime but it always has an identifiable consistency. I found her easily.

She is in the group in front of us and she is the centre of attention. So many smiles and so much love is directed towards her it is palpable. She is beautiful: a young woman, almost naked, she is adorned with feathers, body paint and gold jewellery. Her eyelids and lips have also been coloured, it is her special day. 

The magnificent structure she is being led to is a great stepped pyramid. Iridescent birds swoop low over the crowd and monkeys chatter and call in the surrounding forest, even they seem excited.

She still has not recognised herself as her body is quite different from the plump middle aged one she has left in my session room, over my small crystal shop, back in the twenty-first century.

I have given her enough time. I know, like me, she is fascinated by the very tactile experience we are having, walking and breathing amongst these diminutive, happy people. It is time for me to step in.

Which one are you? I telepath her.

Am I here?

Sometimes my patience grows thin, I feel like saying, “Of course you are here, why else would we have arrived here, when you asked to be shown the root cause of your life long issues?” But over the years I have learned to be tactful.

Have a look around you. See if you can sense which one is you…

Wow is that me? She is gorgeous.

Totally. I think, but I keep that thought to myself.

OK if you want to you can step into her body now. Tell me what she is feeling.

A few moments pass then she responds, perplexed….

Well, you would think she would be happy it’s obviously her birthday or something, and everyone is so happy for her, but she feels anxious and sad.

How does her body feel? Another long pause.

It is completely numb, I can’t feel a thing. She is chewing something that deadens all physical sensations.

OK, just as I suspected. My client is in for a rather unpleasant surprise. I have been in similar situations many times before so I am prepared for what is coming. It may not be pleasant for my client, but if she follows my advice she will be able to break a pattern that has been dogging her for almost forty years.

Every other therapist she had seen (and there have been many) was looking for the cause of her low self esteem in her childhood or early life, I knew it went much further back than that. Today she has an opportunity to change everything, but she will need to be very brave.

We are climbing the steps of the great pyramid and above us at the top stands the high priest and his assistants, they look totally awesome. They stand straight and proud, and they look towards my client with much love and gratitude. 

She is being helped by other semi-naked young women as she stands next to a large slab of stone and they gently lay her down. The whole temple faces due east; silence envelopes us as the priest raises his arms to salute the rising sun; even the monkeys are quiet.

The sky is red now and turning yellow, dawn is close. I do not need to know the ancient language he speaks as he invokes the gods and goddesses of his culture and picks up a large curved blade.

As she lays on the slab and awaits her fate I am relieved that she will feel no physical pain. I ask my client how she feels.

Get me out of here! She screams in my mind. An understandable reaction given the circumstances.

How does the girl feel?

Fucking terrified, what do you think?

It’s important you feel exactly what she is feeling now. Tell me what is happening for her, why is she here?

She is a virgin, she has trained for this since birth, it is a great honour to be selected for this role, but she is terrified and knows she shouldn’t be. She is supposed to be feeling strong and full of joy so that she can complete her life’s work and her job here.

And what is that?

Her job is to leave her body and stay here as guardian spirit. She is to become an umbrella protecting her people and their crops for the next year, until another virgin is sacrificed and the cycle is repeated. 

Oh shit. He going to put the knife in my chest, thank God I can’t feel it.

The sun breaks the horizon in a blaze of gold illuminating the very top of the great stone structure first. As it moves downward towards the slab, the priest, with great deliberation and ceremony, opens her chest with his razor sharp knife.

The people gasp as he pulls out her still beating heart and offers it to the rising sun. They are not shocked by his act, they have seen it many times. It has happened every year since they played as children at the foot of the towering pyramid.

What they are shocked about is the way her body resists his actions and the scream of absolute terror that leaves her lips and echoes around the valley, as her still beating heart is held before her. 

This is not as it should be. There is consternation amongst the crowd. Every shred of joy has evaporated like the early morning mist. It has been replaced by apprehension, fear and confusion.

How could she let us down like this?  Their group thought-forms are unanimous. 

People start crying, fearing the bad crops and famine that will inevitably follow this major catastrophe. Picking up the immediate change in energy the children follow suit and soon the scene looks like a serious disaster has just happened, which it has.

This ancient culture runs on ceremony. Their priests and priestesses have a very good and workable understanding of the afterlife and how to navigate it. The lack of a conscious, overseeing, trained spirit will be dire. For the first time in his life the high priest is dumbfounded.

My client is now experiencing everything her past life self is going through on a very emotional level and I know she will be sobbing loudly and uncontrollably, in my session room above my crystal shop back in the twenty-first century. I prefer to keep the sobbing to the minimum.

What are you feeling now? Through her sobs she telepaths. 

Fear… despair… great sadness… unworthiness. I have failed my family,    my community and my teachers, and they know it. I feel totally shit-house. I am an utter failure.

Do you recognise this feeling?

Ooh yeah. I sure do.

Are you ready to be free of it?


OK, step out of her body and stand next to me.

As she steps out and stands next to me the chaotic scene around us fades into washed out colours, sounds and smells and for the moment it continues.

Call on your family, teachers and community from that time, ask them to stand before us now.

As she does so, we move into no time-space. We could be in a large hall or open field, there are many people here.

Repeat after me… Across time and space, of my own free will, in full consciousness, as the Universe is my witness, I humbly beg your forgiveness, Please forgive me for letting you down.

The response is immediate and conclusive, waves of love and forgiveness wash over us both. Even I start to feel a bit teary.

My client breaks down again.

Thank them and tell them they can go in peace.

She does and they fade away. My client turns to me and sobbing, thanks me with all her heart.

Not quite done, now its time to forgive yourself. Are you ready to do that?

She agrees and I give her the appropriate affirmations. In forgiving herself she finally releases herself from the trauma in this past life and its affect on her present life. This is the breakthrough I was hoping for when she booked her session and briefed me over the phone a few days earlier.

After taking her through cleansing and purification exercises we return to our bodies in the twenty-first century. She is exhausted and still sobbing, I pass her a tissue as she sits up and I move her away from the mandala of crystals that surround us. I give her a grounding stone to hold, it will help her consciousness return completely to this time-space.

If I leave her sitting in the mandala it will take longer to get her back into her body. It takes her a while to calm down. I have a tendency to appear curt with clients, it’s not that I don’t care about them, it’s just that I don’t think it serves anyone to get stuck in the emotions that their session has brought up.

If things are released they are released, time to move on. My debrief is short and sweet. 

“You understand what happened there and how this will affect your life now?”

“I do… How did you do that. How did you take me there.”

“Actually, you took us there I just created a space where it could happen safely.”

“That was utterly amazing. I am totally lost for words. How can I ever repay you.”

At this point another person might ask for a substantial amount of money and I must admit sometimes I am tempted, but I am mindful of my Karma.

“Just pay the standard fee to my assistant downstairs.”

“I want to do more, really.”

“Buy yourself a few crystals downstairs if you like, or better still, give some money to your favourite charity or do some community service.”

She undertakes to do all three and leaves. I thank the team of loving spirits who work with me and clear the space in readiness for my next client. 

A minister of religion has approached me to help him unravel a repeat pattern in his life. By the sound of things I suspect we will be headed for a showdown in Ancient Egypt. They were a very smart crew in that time-space without a doubt, Master magicians each and every one, or so it seems to me whenever I visit. I sense it will be a complex case, but hopefully not too noisy.

I wonder what his congregation would think is they knew he was seeing someone like me. None of my business I suppose, just a passing thought. I am already looking forward to my swim at the end of the day.

All stories are © 2019 Raym Richards and are extracted from his book “Sprit World. A Diary of an Urban Shaman” available through iBooks and Amazon or directly from Crystal Dreaming

Sex and Death

Raym’s famous client uncovers a past life trauma and a friendly spirit that has an agenda

I arrive at my inner city shop on my pushbike, totally windswept and disheveled. It seems like any other day as I prepare for work in my practice as a twenty-first century urban shaman. The shop is bright and fresh. I visit my upstairs session room which is clear, the crystals in my mandala clean and sparkling and unusually, when I return, both my assistants are present. They look particularly resplendent in their matching bleached blonde dreads and as always they look ready to party. The perennial thought drifts through my subconscious as I greet them – how do they always manage to look so cool?

I sense an unusual air of excitement in their demeanour this morning, something is out of the ordinary, they do not normally show up as a matching pair and rarely wearing so much extra glitter. I am bemused and intrigued. I am not sure what could be causing this double flurry of excitement, it certainly is not my flushed and scruffy appearance.

“Why don’t you make more of an effort to look like a shaman?”

Bryony, the sharper of the two asks as Briana smiles behind her. She should know by now that I like to be inconspicuous, one of the reasons I left my dreads on the barbershop floor a few years ago. I sense some irony in her question as she already knows the answer.

“Shamans come in all shapes and sizes and I don’t like clichés,” I respond starting towards the stairs to my session room and inner temple.

“Aw c’mon, you could a least wear a fancy hat!” 

“With a feather!” Briana laughs.

“Yeah, sure. Who is my first client?” 

“Her name is Mo, no one special.” 

They giggle like two school girls and I know something is up, but can’t be bothered to give it any energy.

“Well, send her straight up, I’ll be waiting for her.”

Mo is ushered into my room with both my assistants elbowing each other to open the door for her. She is an athletic looking middle aged woman, fit and lean, she must have been an absolute stunner a few years ago. I sit down with her for a brief chat before our session as my two assistants fall over each other leaving my small sacred space.

Mo’s story is an unusual one, in recent years she has become interested in the occult arts, particularly astrology. Her studies led her into a deeper understanding of Chiron the wounded healer, a being she felt a great affinity with. She tells me that whilst meditating on Chiron he appeared before her in the room and proceeded to seduce her, making passionate love to her, bringing her to several intense full body orgasms.

This happened twice over a period weeks and she enjoyed it enormously. Her challenge is that since that time, several months ago she has been feeling drained and tired. She confides that she also has a compulsion to masturbate. Something she mimics onstage, but rarely found the need to do for real.

“What are you, an exotic dancer?” I ask.

“More cabaret,” she smiles “song and dance.”

“OK we will look into it, but with any first Crystal Dreaming session we need to let the process take its course, there may be other things we need to deal with first.’’

“That’s fine by me, lets do it!”

We lie in the crystal mandala together and I make the appropriate affirmations. We close our eyes, the crystals do their work and immediately we find ourselves in another time and place.

This is cool.

Mo telepaths as we stand together in a busy market square, there is an air of excitement, prior to some special event.

We are time traveling, they cannot see us. Let’s wait and see what happens, we are here for a reason. For now just soak up the vibe.

 I telepath Mo.

I am! 

Her eyes are popping as she looks around, absorbing the sights, sounds and strange smells that surround us. We breathe in a mixture of animal and human excrement, stale sweat and unwashed clothes mixed and other, now mostly defunct, aromas.

We are somewhere in Europe, in a cobbled town square hundreds of years in the past. A woman is being dragged across the square in front of a jeering crowd, by men wearing steel hats. Mo realises it is herself in a past incarnation.

This is all new for Mo, but for me it is almost a cliche. I have witnessed similar scenes, with many other clients. Human beings can be very cruel to one another and many healers rediscovering their path now, remember experiences like this.

The woman being dragged across the town square is in bad shape, she is bruised, battered and bleeding. She has obviously been tortured, probably raped. There are bloody gaps in her mouth where teeth used to be, she is missing fingernails and she has been branded. Her clothes are in tatters and she looks totally exhausted, but there is defiance in her eyes.

The soldiers are pulling her towards a high stake with chains surrounded by faggots of wood, with more bundles off to one side. 

“Confess!” the crowd yells at her. 

“Witch… Enchanter… Heretic!” they are whipping themselves into a frenzy.

A podgy, pious and grubby looking priest bends over her, his loose flaccid skin hanging off his anaemic face.

“Accept the Christ and the Catholic Church as your one true saviour or face the fire of eternal damnation.” His foul breath suffocates her as she stares back up at him.

“Never!” She spits blood as they drag her and chain her high on the post, which will be her last resting place.

The crowd cheers as they set light to the bundles of wood around her feet and her death is agonising. I know Mo will be feeling the hot smoke scorching her airways and lungs as her skin blisters and she tries in vain to stifle her final screams. She coughs and chokes, it is not a good death.

I am ready for her as she leaves her body.

I hate the Catholic Church! I hate it! I did no wrong, I was a healer, herbalist, and midwife. I helped others. The priests were scared of my light. That was it, scared of my light…

OK its over now, its over.

It takes me some time to help her realise that if she wants to be pain and trauma free then forgiving the Catholic Church is her only option. We also dissolve any affirmations she made at the moment of her death regarding never using her power as a healer, ever again. 

I always wondered why I never trusted Catholics, and I come from a Catholic family!

She is regaining her composure.

I take her into no time space and ask her to be still, I sense there is more. I lead her in the following affirmation: 

I challenge any being that is under the illusion that it has power over me, show yourself to me now or forever hold your peace!

I feel a surreptitious and furtive male presence in the shadows around us.

Don’t be afraid, we promise not to hurt you.

He steps forward into the light that Mo and I are generating.

I see a young man in his prime, he is dressed in the kind of work gear worn by tradesmen on building sites, although his shorts are very short, by modern standards. He looks very sheepish, I wonder how he appears to Mo.

OK mate, what are you doing here?

Just hangin…  He telepaths looking even more uncomfortable.

What year is it? I ask, knowing he will be stuck in the year he died.

1973, he responds.

You realise you’re dead?

Yeah I guess so, some idiot sparky left the power on and I copped it, big time.

Who are you and where are you from?

My name’s Ron. I’m a plumber from Bondi.

And what are you doing here Ron?

No harm mate, just hangin’.

Confused dead people are always looking for a comfortable place to hang out. They need permission, a contract or agreement given by the host, for this the most common form of spirit attachment, to take place. 

I want to help Mo understand what has happened but I suspect the knowledge will not be very palatable for her.

Who is this dude? And how did he get here? Mo is not impressed.

You are about to find out. Repeat after me: 

Body I command you show me the moment I gave permission for this man to be here. Show me now!

As I suspected we find ourselves back at Mo’s well appointed pad, some time in the recent past. It is late at night and she has been studying. Astrological charts and books surround her on her soft leather settee. She is obviously tired and lies back closing her eyes. A naturally relaxed and sensual woman, she runs her tongue across her open lips as she thinks to herself…

Chiron, what kind of man were you?

Our friend the plumber drifts into the room through the open window and stands before her, he appears naked.

You called me and I am here, he telepaths. Do you want me?

In her half waking trance state she sees him clearly, not only is he in great shape, he is a big man in every sense of the word. His long sun-bleached hair falls in loose curls onto his broad muscular suntanned shoulders. To me he looks every inch the Bondi surfer.

I thought you were a centaur? she telepaths vaguely.

I am Chiron. The centaur thing is just a myth. You can see why. He responds looking down, with a cheeky grin. 

I certainly can… Mo’s eyes widen.

Not sure whether she is dreaming or waking, she allows him to kiss and caress her, before long she too is aroused. They make intense and passionate love. Mo’s orgasms build one on top of another into a noisy and explosive crescendo. 

Mind if I stick around? he telepaths as she drifts into a deep and timeless sleep. She responds, vaguely, barely aware of her thoughts. 

Sure, why not, that was great.

So the contract is issued and their relationship begins. 

I can see by scanning the time-space around us that he visited her a few more times than she mentioned. What Mo doesn’t yet understand is that through this Earthbound spirit’s attachment to her, he can experience everything that she does, hence his creation of her impulse to masturbate, by influencing her emotions. He is fascinated by the female experience of something he had only experienced as a male. However, his parasitic nature is also draining her of energy, hence her tiredness.

Mo is realising this almost as quickly as I am, although for her it is a complete and utter surprise. She is very annoyed.

You arsehole! Lying bastard. The abuse that follows pours out in a mixture of Italian and French, but we get the drift.

Our plumber looks crestfallen. He is genuinely embarrassed and remorseful.

OK Mo calm down, you’re not helping matters. This guy is an idiot but he did not mean to hurt anyone.


We need to release him, so he can go home to unity consciousness. You can dissolve the contract by forgiving him and giving him permission to leave.

She takes some persuading but sees the sense in it. I ensure that he returns home to light and we wrap up the session by checking and cleansing her energy bodies, verifying she is clear and free from all attachments.

We return to the physical, she is refreshed and relaxed.

“Was all that for real?” she asks.

“Did it feel real?”


“How do you feel now?”

“Really good, thanks.”

“See how you go, I expect you will be having lots more energy after this session and the compulsion you mentioned earlier will disappear.”

“No kidding,” she responds with just a hint of sarcasm.

“Let me know, if this is not the case.”

“Sure.” She thanks me and I show her the door asking her to pay my assistants, downstairs.

I cleanse the crystals she has touched, open a window and break the pattern of my crystal Mandala before following her downstairs.

Both assistants are waving and staring goggle eyed at a long white limo as it pulls away, presumably with Mo in it.

“Did you find the plumber?” They both giggle conspiratorially as they turn towards me.

“You know its bad practice to probe too deeply into a client before a session,” I reprimand. 

“It was so..oo obvious. You got him?”

“Of course.”

“Hey, there must be a bob or two in song and dance,” I muse looking after the disappearing limo.

“You really have no idea who that was, do you?” They are both now looking at each other in disbelief.

“A singer?” I respond lamely.

“Don’t tell us…” they laugh, “in your world there are only two kinds of music, Country and Western. Right?”

“Wrong! There is only one kind of music. Classic Rock!” I grin giving my best Jimi Hendrix air guitar demonstration.

My two assistants think I have just cracked the funniest joke in the known Universe, when in fact, I am being quite serious. The hysterical laughter, tears and runny mascara that ensue are somewhat of a mystery to me.

All stories are © 2019 Raym Richards and are extracted from his book “Sprit World. A Diary of an Urban Shaman” available through iBooks and Amazon or directly from Crystal Dreaming

Spirit Guide

Raym’s client’s “Spirit Guide” is not what he appears to be

My assistants finish briefing me about my next client as she arrives. Nina is a well-known environmental activist who has been very public about the inspiration she receives from her spirit guide. He is a Native American who has motivated her to become a spokeswoman for the planet and the environment. She has come to see me because she feels, at the age of 65, that it is time to deal with her lifelong fear of water. She is unable to shower or have a bath let alone go anywhere near the sea. 

Nina enters my crystal shop and my assistants make a fuss of her, their usual ebullience is tempered by respect and even deference, something I have never seen in either of them before. I can see that while Nina carries herself well but she also looks tired to the point of exhaustion, something I do not expect to see in someone who is working for Spirit from higher guidance.

Spiritual growth often leads to a sense of peace and detachment, insomuch as many of the challenges we perceive in this three-dimensional reality are revealed as fear based illusions. This does not mean that we do not engage in this reality and support the causes that we believe in. What it does mean is that the dramas attached to such activities no longer affect us. This woman looks quite affected by her work and I feel for her.

Prior to our shamanic journey together, Nina explains that she has tried many ways of overcoming her lifelong phobia but none has succeeded. Describing her spirit guide Bald Eagle, she recalls connecting with him in a workshop over twenty-five years ago. He has been guiding her ever since. He is passionate about the environment and is a great motivator for her. I expect that we will encounter him on our journey so it’s useful for me to know a little about him. Already I feel uneasy.

Surrounded by crystals we embark on our journey. Unusually, she guides me and I allow it, intrigued by what might happen. We find ourselves in the bush at dusk, the smell of fresh woodsmoke drifts past us as we walk towards a small campfire next to a teepee. A man is sitting by the fire waiting for us: Bald Eagle is a fine looking man at the peak of his prowess, mature and strong. He is surprised to see me.

Who is this? He telepaths. Is he dreaming? Does he know where he is?

He is not dreaming she responds he is in a trance with me and we are both fully aware. He says he can help with my fear of water.

I have told you that it is not safe for you to look into this. It is best that you just learn to live with it.

I know, but I’m sick and tired of it and I’m prepared to face any challenge to be free of it.

You should not bring this man here, this is our sacred space.

I thought you would be pleased to meet him, he is a shaman.

He does not dress like one. Where are his badges of office? His totems? His tools? What ceremony has he done to bring you here?

It doesn’t work that way these days, it’s much simpler in the 21st-century.


He does not seem impressed by this idea, but tolerates my presence. We sit next to him in the soft warming glow of the campfire.

How is our work with our Earth Mother going? It is important that you persist, tell me what has been happening.

They discuss her work and through his questions I become aware that he is leading her to do what he thinks is best. This is not the role of a spirit guide. Spirit guides are evolved beings that have returned to the Source. They are no longer attached to outcomes on Earth and surrender completely to the perfection of everyone’s choices here. 

They are able to do this because after death the fear-based illusion of separation we experience in a body dissolves. We become one with everything and everything is perfect.  Bald Eagle however seems to be very attached to outcomes.

I find myself in a dilemma, I cannot proceed any further with this healing if this man is not her spirit guide. I need to ask a few questions, I wait for a suitable pause in the conversation.

Do you mind if I ask a few questions?

I sense he knows what’s coming and is not happy, but does not want to lose face in front of his friend.

Tell me how you died.

His face creases with a pained expression. A battle, a painful, unnecessary, untimely death. I was in my power. I was not ready to leave, I had just dedicated my life to honouring the Earth Mother.

And where did you go after you left your body?

I stayed here of course! My work is not finished, there is so much to do. I can see that your people do not love the Earth Mother, they treat her with great disrespect. It will bring calamity, you must respect her as I do. She is losing her patience.

So, you did not return to your ancestors?

No,I did not, I’m not ready yet, they can wait.

Tell me, do you love this woman unconditionally?

I am her guide and teacher.

Do you love her unconditionally?

Together we honour the Earth Mother and bring peace.

Do you love her unconditionally?

What business is it of yours who I love?

He stands and faces me, a weapon in his hand.

If you do not love her unconditionally it is not appropriate that you act as her guide.

Just a minute. Nina intercedes What’s going on here? This is my spirit guide he has been helping me for many years.

I’m afraid he is not your guide. He an Earthbound spirit who attached himself to you twenty five years ago, because you were looking for someone like him. You do have a great deal in common, but he has his own agenda. 

I can see that Bald Eagle is getting agitated but he also looks quite sheepish.

Is this true? Are you my true spirit guide?


It is appropriate that you two part company. His presence is interfering with access to your true guides. I cannot help you release your fear of water as long as he is here. 

She becomes both angry and sad, I can see tears welling in her eyes. 

Is all this true? 

Together we are helping to restore balance. Our work honours the Earth Mother, we are helping her. You asked for a guide. I came.

But your love for me is not unconditional.

No, I never said it was.

I intercede. You know you cannot stay here without her permission. It is time for you to leave.

They talk and embrace. I call three times on his ancestors. They arrive immediately and are overjoyed he has chosen to leave with them, they thank me and depart.

Nina’s face is a picture of confusion and despair. What the fuck I have been doing with my life?

Good work. But perhaps your focus will change a little after this session.

Damn right it will.

I give Nina time to compose herself and then lead her in the affirmation that will reveal why she is terrified of water.

Body I command you show me the moment with this fear started. Take me there and show me now.

We are walking next to a young girl dressed in the clothing of the early 20th century, her arms are covered and she wearing a long full dress. She looks hot even though it is quite a cool spring morning. We are in the thick of the hustle and bustle of a busy dockside and she is with her parents about to embark a huge ship. Everyone is excited.

We are both totally immersed in the alien atmosphere of another time and place. Cigar smoke, perfume, petrol fumes, sweat, horse manure and the all pervading smell of soot, emanating from the massive coal fired furnaces under the four red and black funnels of the great ship beside us. I hear Southern English accents amongst the watching crowd.

I try not to lead her. Can you see the name of the ship?

She can’t but I can, and the pit of my stomach churns as gaze up at the rear of the ship. From where we are I see part of the port of manufacture Liverp… And above that the first four letters of the great ships name.

I realise that to be totally free of her phobia she will have to experience then surrender to the perfection of her own death. Death by drowning, in the arms of her parents, trapped in their cabin below decks, on the sinking Titanic.

All stories are © 2019 Raym Richards and are extracted from his book “Sprit World. A Diary of an Urban Shaman” available through iBooks and Amazon or directly from Crystal Dreaming

Alien Abduction

Raym’s client discovers a phantom pregnancy was not what it seemed.

What did he mean sky-devils? 

My client Nadia telepaths as we take our leave of a helpful old Alchemist from a past life. We are on a shamanic journey and are in no time-space.

Rather than explain, I suggest she tells her body to show her when the crystal we have just discovered inside her body, was placed there.

Body I command you, show me the moment this crystal was placed here. Now! 

Immediately we are in that moment and just as quickly my client starts screaming. 

I do not have to ask do you recognise anyone because she sees herself as she is in this present life, but she looks a little younger. She has immediately stepped straight into her own body. She is in a cold sterile place on a shiny operating table. She is being pinned down by restraints on her wrists and ankles and small grey humanoid creatures with large dark eyes are probing, testing and opening her body, without any regard for her feelings. 

I see them removing, then inserting something into the centre of her torso, she is barely aware of what is happening as she is in so much physical and emotional pain. I know she will want to know more later and I am already reluctant to take her there. However my priority now is to remove the crystal from her body so that she can be free of its influence and can, hopefully, stop screaming…

Nadia has been referred to me for a shamanic journey by another therapist who has been unable to get to the bottom of her behaviour during meditation classes. Keen to grow spiritually, she has been attending classes but has found whenever everyone else in the class enters a deep meditative state, her body involuntarily twists and contorts, her back arches and she is unable to relax. It has got to the point when she is too embarrassed to go to class but does not want to give up, so she has sought help from a healer.

After a brief interview we lie down inside the mandala of crystals which help us easily enter an expanded state of consciousness. Once she is in an altered state of consciousness I suggest she scan her own body as if she has CAT-scan or X-ray eyes. She is surprised by just how much she can perceive if she allows it. 

Nadia is able to see straight through her body and perceive the energies surrounding it, our aim is to pick up anything that should not be there. We are looking for anything that looks unusual or uncomfortable, energies that are a natural part of her well-being will not show up during this process.

There is a long list of interesting phenomenon to be uncovered, a list that only my students and apprentices are aware of. In this process it is important that the client sees what they need to see, not what we see. The energy that is most damaging to the client’s well-being usually presents itself first. 

Nadia is a bit of a New Age fairy and she is delighted when amongst other things, in the heart chakra in the centre of the chest she discovers the most exquisite sparkling jewel-like crystal. 

In her world, all crystals are positive, cool and groovy. In mine unfortunately, they may not be, depending on who put them there and why. We must find these things out.

Nadia is so enamoured with its sparkling beauty that she has no idea that it may not be there for her divine highest good. I ask would she like to find out more about the crystal and she agrees. Knowing that our body holds the record of all our experiences, everywhere, I telepath her the following affirmation:

Body I command you, show me the moment this crystal was placed here. Show me now!

We are standing in a dusty, dimly lit room in an old-style castle which appears to be relatively new. I can sense that Nadia is perplexed thinking perhaps we are on a movie set, I encourage her to explore her surroundings as I step back into the shadows. We walk from room to room through what looks like a primitive science lab with parchment scrolls, strange looking pans, bottles full of plants and other strange substances suspended in murky liquids.

A young boy is busy tidying up the place, putting these relics into some kind of order, we can sense his excitement. An elderly gentleman enters the room. A little stooped and tired looking, he looks like an archetypal magician. His rich purple blue robes are impressive though a little threadbare and long white beard is magnificent if a tad unkempt. 

He is a man just past his prime, still in his power but aware that his time on this planet is getting short. His stern looking face and gruff demeanour hide a tenderness for the boy that is apparent in his eyes when the boy’s back is turned.

Do you recognise anyone? 

I telepath, trying not to lead Nadia into a realisation that is terribly obvious to me.

What do you mean? How would I know anyone here?

Feel their energy, does anyone’s energy feel familiar?

It’s the boy! It’s me, I am the boy! 

Her surprise and excitement are touching.

Let’s see what happens next.

The old man leads the boy through a series of tests. The lad is a bright spark and answers all the riddles put to him easily. He is enjoying both the test and the fact that his answers are pleasing his teacher. The quiz goes on and gets steadily more difficult and complex as the teacher rigs up elaborate contraptions, watching the boy mix potions and create magic, using herbs, crystals and invocations.

Nadia is awestruck at her own past life knowledge and enthusiasm. We are about to arrive at the key moment in her recall.

The old man is explaining to the open hearted and naive boy that his apprenticeship is almost complete, and he will soon be ready to go out into the world and share his abilities with others, under the distant supervision of his teacher. He explains, that not everyone will appreciate his work and that some people may attempt to harm him, through jealousy or fear. He offers to give him protection and produces a magnificent crystal which, to the boy, appears very real. 

We can see that it isn’t. It is a projection, a thought-form conjured up by the old wizard to impress the boy. Whilst it may not be a “real’ three dimensional crystal, all of its powers and programming are.

The boy’s eyes widen as he accepts the gift and the old Adept gently pushes it straight into the centre of his chest. There is much more we could explore, the boy’s life journey, the esteem he gains in his community as a great herbalist and healer, and the deep mutual respect he and his teacher have for each other as the boy grows into a man and the old man ages and passes on. However, we have seen enough.

I take my client into no time-space and suggest she call on the old Alchemist and ask him to join us.

Across time and space I call on my old teacher, I call on my old teacher, I call on my old teacher, please join us now.

The old man appears and as he approaches, Nadia starts to cry. Feeling the depth of their connection as they embrace, I give them space.

Ask if the crystal still serves you now.

No, he meant to remove it but could never bring himself to do so, he would love to take it back now, he knows it should no longer be here.

Give him permission to take it. Ask how its removal will affect you.

I will not have his protection but I am strong. Things are different now and it is time for me to be free of his influence.

The crystal is removed. I ensure Nadia fills the space where the crystal was, with unconditional love.

Thank him and tell him he can go in peace, your relationship is complete.

The old Mage telepaths me.

Thank you my friend, I have been wanting to do this for some time. You have done us both a great service, I can be at peace now. I sense you are aware of the other crystal, it seems to me you have enough power to deal with the sky-devils who put it there. Good luck.

He embraces Nadia and leaves, dissolving into light. I am pleased things have gone so smoothly. I know part of this journey is about my client accessing her innate healing abilities. No lifetime is wasted and she can reactivate these skills when she is ready, they will manifest as intuitive knowing.

I know that the next crystal, which I have already seen, may not have such a happy ending.

What did he mean, sky-devils? Nadia asks.

I suggest she scan her body again and this time she perceives the second crystal in her womb. She makes the appropriate affirmation and then the screaming starts…

Right now I must remove the crystal. It is not a positive influence, it was not placed there with her conscious permission or with unconditional love…

I suggest she step out of her body and into no time-space. Out of her body her experience will be less intense and she should be able to stabilise her emotions.

Are you ready to call on the beings who placed this crystal here?

She looks nervous.

The best way to deal with this is to reclaim your power and have them remove it.

She does not look confident. She knows I am talking sense but is still fearful, eventually she agrees.

Across time and space I call on the beings who placed this crystal here, I call on the beings who placed this crystal here, I call on the beings who placed this crystal here. Please stand before me now.

Three small blue-grey beings appear in front of us, their energy is cold. They are like the green ETs with large, dark almond shaped eyes that you see on popular T shirts, except these are grey. They are about 1.5 metres tall and have shiny skin, I have dealt with them and their kind, many times.

They have no emotions and care nothing for a person’s feelings, on any level. We start the process of removal, which could take time.

I telepath Nadia the following affirmation:

You do not have my permission to leave this crystal here, you must remove it now.

The ETs stonewall her. They are not aggressive or threatening, just cold and neutral. They do not respond.

By the Law of Grace and Decree of Victory I command you to remove this crystal. NOW!

Still no response. It was worth a try, it works sometimes.

I call on your superiors, please be here now.

Now we are in business, their controllers arrive. Tall Nordic types, quite different from the little ones, they have the air of studious scientists, their energy is less cold, but not what you might call heartwarming.

You do not have my permission to leave this device inside my body. This is a free will zone and you know it. It is not possible to leave this crystal here without my conscious consent. Please remove it now.

There is a huddle and a discussion, I can tell they are not used to a mere human being aware of their rights. I also know that they must respect them.

They turn towards us, there is no apology or further discussion, they simply remove the crystal and start to leave.

I advise the following affirmation before they leave.

You may not return without my conscious written permission. So be it.

We ensure the area where the crystal was embedded is cleansed and repaired. Nadia concludes that the device was there to stop her meditating, remembering her abduction and the tests they carried out on her body. I do not disabuse her of that thought as it is partially true.

When we return to the physical, she tells me that coincidentally, several years ago she became unexpectedly pregnant. After a full medical examination she was told she could look forward to a healthy baby within the usual term. Several months passed and she woke up one morning and the baby in her womb was gone. There was no trace of it. She consulted her doctor only to be told that it was a phantom pregnancy.

I decide to end our discussion here and reassure her that now that the etheric crystal has been removed, she will be able to meditate. I call on my assistant Bryony to take Nadia downstairs for a cup of tea and some TLC. Bryony can tell, by the absence of my usual abrupt manner, that she needs extra support.

I hope that Nadia will not pursue the matter further. I could easily take her to an earlier recall, where she would see that the pregnancy was not phantom and was not created in the usual way, by human to human interaction. 

It makes my skin crawl to think of what may have happened to the hybrid embryo, whether it is alive now and if it is, what kind of life it leads, in a totally loveless environment. I understand that in cosmic terms everything is perfect, however sometimes it’s hard to surrender to the perfection of this sector of the Universe, but I try.

All stories are © 2019 Raym Richards and are extracted from his book “Sprit World. A Diary of an Urban Shaman” available through iBooks and Amazon or directly from Crystal Dreaming


Raym has a hair raising trip to a haunted country property  

I am being driven down a country road at high speed when without any warning my driver drops into a deep trance state. With his eyes rolled back and eyelids flickering rapidly I know there is no way he can be seeing the road ahead and further, the hairpin bend that we are about to negotiate. 

“I can sense some dead people up ahead, they are stuck. There’s been a car accident here, a few years ago. We should help them,” he says calmly.

Great I telepath, Could we not just pull over and deal with this?

There is no response, I am too close to this third dimensional reality to get through to my friend through telepathy.

“Wayne. Snap out of it mate, you’re still driving!” There is no response. I am starting to feel a bit anxious. 

I have just a few moments to make a life or death decision, we could be about to find ourselves in the same situation as the people my friend has just sensed. I look at him again and can see only the whites of his eyes, staring blankly at the grey ribbon of road ahead.

I have to act and act now. I reach across to the steering wheel with one hand while the other hovers over the handbrake as I pray I am making the right decision…

I am with my sidekick Wayne, a gifted young trance channel whom I work with occasionally, when the need arises. We are known locally as the Dynamic Duo because of our willingness to tackle any weird spiritual occurrence. Far from being paranormal investigators we are paranormal interlopers. There is nothing to be proven or measured in any remotely scientific way when we work together. We just get out there and do our best to fix whatever it is that is terrifying people.

We have driven across town from my crystal shop and are traveling to a country property where some strange things have been happening. The new owners rang my shop asking for help and we are en route to meet them.

Wayne rocked up at my shop a few years ago; I knew he was coming, as several people had called to tell me a young surfer dude was looking for me. They said he had seen me in a vision and was trying to find me after seeing my photo on brochures and fliers around town.

Wayne was not your standard New Age crystal type, no hippie clothes, no wafting fluffy ideas and none of the conspiratorial arrogance that sometimes comes with blokes who have a little esoteric knowledge. Instead, a young surfer arrived telling me that he’d been dreaming about me and that he and I would be working together. 

This kind of proposition happens a fair bit in my line of work, novices get the idea that I will somehow allow them to hang out with me and through osmosis they will pick up skills and knowledge that have taken decades (if not lifetimes) to reacquire. This is possible of course, for a few selected apprentices who have been through rigorous training and initiation with me. But someone straight off the street? Never.

Well, almost never. I agreed to facilitate a Crystal Dreaming session for young Wayne and in his first full shamanic journey with me he displayed great clarity and fearlessness, along with a ‘knowing’ that comes from extensive past life experience in this field. We talked at length after his session, unusual for me as I like to move clients through and let them figure things out for themselves. I am not keen on co-dependency, which is why I allow people to see me just a few times, and then only after they have experienced a session with one of my apprentices.

I could see the surprise on Briana’s face when he left. My assistant, the large blonde, dreadlocked Earth mother, has seen plenty of people pass through my session room, very few get to talk to me at length.

“OK” she says arching her dark eyebrows, “what’s so special about that kid? He’s barely out of being a grommet.”

“Well, for a start he’s not as young as he looks, and the boy’s got promise. He was clear as a bell, no past life trauma, no attachments and he is totally fearless. I took him there, and he was cool.”

She can see I am impressed. “So he wants to work with you?”

“Could be fun,” I respond.

She turns, shaking her head and muttering to herself, as she goes off to make us both a cup of tea. She obviously thinks I have lost my marbles. I haven’t. Young Wayne has been studying with a variety of teachers since he was in his early teens. He started after some serious poltergeist activity terrified him and his mother. A sure sign, from my perspective, that he had great potential. That kind of thing never happens randomly and always around a gifted one.

He is now in his early twenties and he has had some good teachers. The first of whom came and cleared his house, recognised his potential and took him under his wing.

After a few more sessions together I become confident that he can deal with the most challenging of situations. From time to time I accept jobs outside of my session rooms so occasionally, without training him formally, I invite him along.

The only challenge in working with this young man is that he has it in his head that ours is a god-given gift and we should not charge for our work, only accept donations. Now this is fine if you are a young surfer living in a panel van but not so fine if you have spent many years building up a reputation and a business built on your special skills and profound understanding of a dying art. We reach a compromise, I will deal with the money side of things and he will accept a donation from me, which of course will be half of any fee I negotiate.

Our relationship ends up being that of the classic priest and priestess. He easily and sometimes spontaneously enters a deeply altered state of consciousness. He moves into such a deep state that logical thought is a challenge for him there. In this situation it is best to have the second partner not in an altered state, so that there is one clear and logical thinker in the team. I work with him and through him with tackling whatever it is that is scaring the bejesus out of my clients. I have checked and rechecked his clarity and I am happy to accept whatever he perceives as gospel.

The challenge is that today for various reasons I am not driving and he is. A big mistake when he is primed to deal with the situation at the end of the drive, not one half way through it, as he is doing now…

I am about to take hold of the steering wheel when a deep male voice booms out of Wayne’s upper body. It is not his.

“Don’t worry about the driving leave that to us.” A perfectly enunciated English gentleman is speaking through Wayne as he keeps the car on course with only the whites of his eyes visible.

“Are you sure?” I mumble, by now my hands are trembling as we are almost on the bend and have not decelerated.

“Trust, my friend. Trust,” the gent responds.

You must be joking. I think.

“We are not joking, relax. Everything is fine. Wayne is busy right now.” The gent is reading my mind.

OK mate, go for it. I telepath. What have I got to loose? Only my life.

What I experience next is barely believable, we take the bend at speed and it is as if we have an all-wheel drive. The rickety, ageing panel van sticks to the road like glue. We get around the bend perfectly and are on the straight and narrow on the other side in the blink of an eye.

A few seconds later there is a gasp from Wayne as he opens his eyes, the car swerves violently.

“Jeez. Am I still driving?” he asks.

“Yeah, mate, sort of,” I laugh releasing the tension that has built up in my chest. He pulls over and we both crack up. 

It turns out he was able to help the dead family by the roadside, but they needed some persuasion. They thought it was New Year’s Eve in 1966 and were really mixed up, after their sudden death. After a little persuasion they responded to Wayne’s offer of help and were now safely returned to Unity consciousness.

We have yet to reach our destination, what awaits us there may be more unnerving. The family who rang for help had been having what they described as poltergeist activity around their property and it was freaking them out. They were new owners fresh from the city but they knew it was more than just wind, branches scraping on windows, creaking trees and doors slamming that was keeping them awake at night.

The youngest girl in the family was very sensitive and claimed she had seen a black man with a spear staring through her window into her room. She was frightened of him, although he had not threatened her.

For spirits to interact with the living it takes a great deal of effort and it is more often an intensely angry or misguided dead person out to deliberately frighten the living. They can’t pick things up and move them around but they can work with other nature spirits and less evolved beings to create that illusion.

The description I had indicated a spirit or group of spirits with a great deal of willpower and focussed energy. As the black man did not attack the girl or deliberately try to frighten her, I suspected he wanted to communicate urgently, not necessarily harm her or her family. However, sometimes all sorts of other critters show up and invite themselves to the party.

We arrive at the property; it is an old place that the city money has bought into because of its stunning location, right next to a meandering, smooth-flowing river. The house needs work and I can see by the heavy earthmoving equipment that the owners plan to reconstruct the crumbling driveway to create an easier route to the house.

The family are grateful to see us. Sometimes in situations like this I am not really sure what to charge. We are not just helping the family, we are helping other sentient beings too. To a point Wayne is correct, this work is a kind of calling. I ask what I feel is appropriate given the time (and near-death experience) involved in getting here. They agree without hesitation.

Wayne and I walk the property and we both pick up unstable energies in the same area. There is a fantastic old tree between the house and road, it would normally offer shade and tranquility. Today it offers only shade.

“This is it,” Wayne says quietly and I agree. 

We find a comfortable spot and sit under this magnificent tree. Wayne quickly and easily moves into trance and starts talking.

“I’ve got a group of local indigenous people here and they are upset. They want to talk to the new custodians of this place.” 

“Tell them I can speak for them and will pass their message on.”

“OK, they agree. They are happy to be talking with us.”

“These are the spiritual guardians of this place, the ancestors who have chosen to stay here to look after the land; they are not Earthbound. They say the new driveway will damage the roots of this tree, which is sacred to them, they want it rerouted. It is not respectful.”

“That shouldn’t be too hard, anything else?”

Wayne gets emotional. “They are showing me what they did here, how much it means to them and how happy they were here. They are a good crew, they mean no harm. They want the family to enjoy the tree and look after it. They would like local indigenous people to be able to come here too.”

That part could be a challenge with city folk, I think, but undertake to pass their requests on.

“Are they happy to be at peace with the family if they carry out these requests?”

“No problem. They thank us for talking with them and honour our path as shaman: so few they say; so few.”

We take our leave of the indigenous spirits and ensure that the area is clear, then brief the family. They are surprisingly cool with everything and promise to contact the local tribal elders. They offer us refreshments and payment. Studying the young girl’s aura I take the liberty of making a suggestion to her parents.

“By the way, might I suggest you keep an eye on your youngest and nurture her abilities. Please don’t stifle or deny them. She has great potential.” 

They are surprised and look at the child, who is slightly embarrassed. I feel they might take that on board too.

After enjoying tea and cakes on their verandah overlooking the river, we take our leave of the family and head off back to the city. I am driving.

All stories are © 2019 Raym Richards and are extracted from his book “Sprit World. A Diary of an Urban Shaman” available through iBooks and Amazon or directly from Crystal Dreaming

Disco Inferno

Dave uncovers a shocking trauma from a paralel reality

This other worldly space we are in is so real we could almost be there; our consciousness is, but our bodies are not. I am with my client Dave and we are in a disco. It is a hot, steamy, tropical setting and everyone is partying hard. It is one of those places that cater for your overseas Aussie tourist who just likes to drink, pick up a partner and dance the night away. 

It has a vaguely seedy feel, but everyone seems to be happily inebriated so it doesn’t really matter to them. Apart from sweat, cheap perfume and beer, I can smell the all pervading underlying odour of two stroke, kero and clove cigarettes. I notice the locals observing the scene, some involved with the party, some tolerant, others less so.

We are in the middle of our shamanic journey together. We have travelled across time and space to this location spontaneously. The thing is, we don’t seem to have travelled very far at all.

Dave, does this place feel familiar? I telepath. 

He is relaxed, I have already told him that as time travellers we will be invisible to the locals.

No mate. I can guess where we are, but I’ve never been here. He is soaking up the atmosphere like he is on a fairground ride.

Oh I inadvertently respond, Right. Are you drawn to anyone in particular? I am fishing.

I feel a pending dread deep in my gut. Part of me senses what may be about to happen but it does not make sense. I am perplexed because what I fear should just not be possible.

That girl over there, she could be my sister, if I had one.

OK. Go ever and step into her body and tell me how it feels. 

He steps into the body of a young, attractive but rather shy girl, out for the night with her friends.

Weird man! Like soft and sensitive, she’s got no muscles. What’s going on inside of her? So emotional. She feels vulnerable, She’s thinking about how she looks and what people think of her. I want to look after her. Is she, like, my sister or something?

Sort of. I respond; I am still figuring this one out.

Normally when we travel through time and space there is a good and obvious reason. We do not just arrive on the other side of the world to participate in a drunken party. Usually we find ourselves in a past life, or even on another planet, but this is a new one. We are obviously on Earth in the recent past, within Dave’s lifetime but he has never been here and he is not a girl. Something is wrong.

While my client gets up close and personal with his new found girly-ness. I survey the nightclub. Really we could be in any one of hundreds of cheap bars or nightclubs anywhere in the East, I start to relax a little. We could even be in a parallel reality. It is confusing for clients but occasionally this trans-reality trip can happen. But no, Dave would still be here, much as he is now, he would not be experiencing life as a young woman.

What concerns me is that without fail with this type of regression (or whatever we are experiencing) it is trauma that shows up first. Usually I have a handle on it, today I don’t – another reason why I am feeling apprehensive. 

The drunken Aussie boofhead next to me lifts his overflowing beer from the bar and his mates laugh raucously as he raises it to his lips. The cardboard coaster has stuck to the bottom of the glass and he looks an idiot as he slurps the clear, icy liquid. Playing to the gallery he allows the frothy lager to spill all over his shirt as he knocks it back with gusto. He is choking with laughter and having a fine old time, as the coaster catches the light, I catch my breath. The name of the club is familiar. It is time for us to get out. Now.

Dave its time to step out of her body now. You have experienced enough. We need to move on. 

Aw mate! I was just gettin…

His sentence is cut short as the room fills with swirling fireball; beautiful in its own perverse way, it takes on a life of its own and becomes, for a moment, the fiery aspect of Shiva. It is a terrible scene to be in, and I am just a silent witness, Dave is experiencing it as if he was there in person.

He is about to be consumed by the wall of fire racing across the room. He starts sobbing as he realises what is happening to him/her. He experiences fear, anger, extreme physical pain but above all else acute emotional anguish as he comprehends exactly what he is experiencing. 

Why me? How could anyone do this to me? I have never hurt anyone, what did I do to deserve this? I am not ready to die here, so far from home!

My worst fears for him are realised. We are in the Sari club in Bali, on October 12, 2002 and I have to get him out before he is scarred for life. This life…

Dave is a new student, a big bull of a guy with a square jaw, big chest and a soft heart. He is a good old fashioned Aussie bloke. He has his mates, he likes a beer, he loves his motorbike and a good laugh. He wasn’t taking life too seriously until he was diagnosed with cancer a few years back. Then everything changed.

Having seen his mum go down a rocky, painful and unsuccessful road with chemotherapy, he wasn’t too keen on the conventional treatments, so he sought alternatives and found me.

I am always very clear with people who are desperate or have a life threatening health condition. All I can promise is that I will do my best. My aim is to help them get to the root cause of the life threatening condition and understand why it is happening and the choices that led to it.

I would be a fool and a charlatan to promise anything more; I am not in the business of giving people false hope. What I never tell them is that when we do find the original trauma, which is often emotional and not in this lifetime, then we may be able to change things; although sometimes the reasons for a life threatening illness may be deep seated and unchangeable, relating to karma or pre-birth agreements.

Dave had been through this process and he was getting better. Many other people could be doing the same thing but they do not realise that it is possible. The challenge with our present culture is that our medical system just does not recognise this avenue as even a remote possibility. 

A person may present to their doctor with repeated physical trauma in the same part of their body, a classic case, from my perspective, of a deeper challenge calling out to be released. It is not too hard to release it with appropriate guidance. Once the original trauma is released the body no longer holds it and therefore it has no need to repeat itself. As a consequence the illness or life threatening disease to which it was connected, also permanently disappears.

In another culture and another time, the shaman would be the first port of call for a sick person. A shamanic journey would be one of the tools used to diagnose, locate and release the cause of the health challenge.

Dave’s illness related to a past life incident where a close friend’s betrayal led directly to Dave’s torture and death. It is not possible to change his experience, but it is possible to change how he feels about it. In one session we were able to remove this past emotional pain and naturally the present illness went with it. 

Now in his follow up session, which I thought would be a breeze, we spontaneously find ourselves in Bali experiencing an illogical and painful death in a terrorist attack, not quite the calm session I was expecting. There is obviously another trauma to be dealt with before he can relax and I need to get Dave out of the girl’s body before he experiences much more of her pain…

Dave step out of her body now, you don’t need to experience any more of this pain. 

No response from Dave who is totally there, in agony, in Bali.

Dave now, mate. Step out of her body. Now!

He hears me, realises he can, then steps out of her body and stands next to the dying girl looking down at her. She cannot see him.

Oh mate that was intense. What’s going on. Why am I here? He is dazed.

I wish I knew. Keeping that thought to myself I take Dave into no time-space and call on the spirit of the girl from Bali.

She arrives looking fresh and well and I get straight to the point.

Why did you call Dave to the Sari club to experience your death in Bali? What is your relationship?

We are members of the same soul family. Dave and I have agreed on the highest level that he can release the trauma on my behalf during this session. If he agrees to do so now.

So are we, like brother and sister? Dave cuts in.

We are much more than that. On the deepest level Dave, you and I are one. We are part of the same consciousness, having simultaneous incarnations.

Of course. Why didn’t I get that? I think to myself. I teach it often enough. I have just never seen a trauma release played out so immediately before.

What, you mean there are more of me running around?

Yes, we are presently also a little boy in Africa and an old woman in Greece. She responds.

Are you cool with releasing the trauma for her and for yourself?


I take them both through the release process and we part company; the young woman and Dave embrace and she thanks him. She explains that in any future incarnation they will not need to deal with her experience in Bali and the physical illnesses that would come with it.

When Dave returns to his body he sobbing, Bryony comforts him and we debrief. In due course he is escorted out and Bryony returns.

“That was pretty special,” Bryony observes, with just a hint of irony.

“That was a classic case of multiple, simultaneous incarnation and trauma release, which I was planning to discuss with you after this session.” 

I catch Bryony’s sharp, dark, hawk-like eyes and they sparkle as she smiles at me, knowing that was not my plan at all.

All stories are © 2019 Raym Richards and are extracted from his book “Sprit World. A diary of an Urban Shaman” available through iBooks and Amazon or directly from Crystal Dreaming