Unbelievably True Stories

Author: Raym

And the blind shall see

Raym’s client believes a past life curse has led to a lifetime of limitation. The cause is revealed but it is not what he expects

My client Bob is very quiet, he is in a state of awe and wonder. 

How is this possible? This is so clear, SO clear. I see everything!  Bob telepaths, a tear slowly seeping from each eye, his chin creased, dimpled and quivering from holding the well of deep sobs begging to be released.

We stand together in a lush river plain, rich with fruit and vegetables, not the desert that it is now. A broad silty river flows past us, languid but with purpose, it carries nutrition and life giving water to the surrounding fields and valleys below. It is humid and hot, if we had bodies we would be sweating profusely, but we do not. We are time travelling, seeking to uncover the source of what my client believes to be a curse placed on him in this time, that has affected his life profoundly.

He hopes to release it and I feel optimistic as we have arrived at this point in time and space with no interference to our journey, a good sign so far. Nothing and nobody is trying to stop us uncovering the truth.

Please explore and let me know if you recognise anyone who feels like you. He or she will look different, but you will know when you see yourself.

We wander through the marketplace of the town that sits on the riverbank, invisible to the locals. Bob is fascinated by everything he sees, staring at fabrics, food and people, stopping to admire the intricate work of a jeweller. 

This is Lapis isn’t it? He admires both the setting and the stones, such a lovely blue.

We sense a disturbance approaching. Before anything has even set foot in the market an invisible vanguard of fear pushes ahead of it, announcing its imminent arrival. Fear mixed with awe. The locals do their best to carry on as normal but their gaze is downcast and their conversations muted. They truly fear for their lives and the anonymity of normality offers them some protection, they do not want to be noticed.

Then we see it, moving slowly through and above the crowds, lurching, higher than the rough awnings that flap in the soft breeze created by the nearby body of water. Its lumbering gait is semi-human and its colour the most startling and precious of all, the most regal Lapis Lazuli. 

We observe as it approaches and realise this is no strange creature but a figure carried like a holy relic, a statue sitting on platform, bedecked and bejewelled by precious stones, gold and silver, carried shoulder high, by well dressed slaves. 

Bob is transfixed, staring at the lofty, regal figure. This is not a statue, this is a living being and it’s me! Why do they fear me so much? 

You may step into his body and experience being him again. How does he feel?

He feels semi-human, extraordinarily powerful, godlike and extremely paranoid.

He thinks everyone is out to get him. His advisers and court, fearful they may themselves be accused are happy to spread blame well away from anything they touch. He is terribly alone, born into a life of limitless wealth and luxury without any choice in the matter. He is deeply depressed, he can trust no-one.

His parents were poisoned and he fears the same fate himself.  And yet the common people are in awe of him and because of their conditioning they love him, but he cannot see that.

How does this affect your life now? Why was he cursed?

Oh no…

I too sense impending dread, but encourage my client to re-experience it in the hope that we may be able to seek forgiveness, negotiate with the cursers and change his present situation.

He brought this on himself.

Command your body to take you to the moment this started.

We travel forward in time to a balmy, clear, moonless, starlit night. He and his servants are upstream and he is almost hysterical. He has them pour a greenish-white powder into the river. They obey reluctantly having some inkling of what they might be doing, but too afraid to disobey.

As they make their way back to the city they are met by the palace guards who promptly kill everyone accompanying the king, obeying orders put in place by the king himself earlier.

Over the next few days and weeks we see a horrible purging of the riverside population. A fever and blindness followed by an excruciatingly painful death is experienced by about one third of the population.

This neurotic fool has killed his own people convinced that the poison would seek out only those who conspired against him. I am responsible for this. Bob is disgusted.

So who cursed you?

Nobody! No-one knew it was me. I was very clever, I went around blessing and healing people from my platform and they loved me all the more for it!

I see clearly now where this leads, unfortunately I will not be able to reverse Bob’s present challenge, this is not what I was hoping for.

Command your body to take you forward in time to your death, how do you feel?

I live a long time! But I am wracked with guilt, guilt that pushes me into doing good things for my people, but it is not enough. I die a miserable, lonely death without an heir.

And when you leave your body?

I attend the karmic court and I am forgiven by those whose lives I took. To balance my own karma I insist on living a whole life with my disability. There could have been an easier route to redemption, but I was so full of remorse. It was my choice to experience this limitation.

“And are you at peace with the decision you made then?” I ask as Bob returns to his body.

“I am, it makes so much sense.”

“I am sorry I could not do more.”

“You did a great job, thank you. I understand so much now.” He sits up and rubs his eyes, and although agile and aware, he is dazed I help him stand when he is ready and walk him slowly outside, where his partner is waiting for him. He is still shaken by the visual clarity of his lucid experience but now calm, he completely understands the reason for his condition and is a peace with it.

He steps outside and feels the breeze caress his soft skin, his opaque and sunken eyes look up to the sky he will never see. He has been blind since birth.

All stories are © 2019 Raym Richards and are extracted from his book “Sprit World. A diary of an Urban Shaman” available through iBooks and Amazon or directly from Crystal Dreaming

All that Glisters is not Gold

Raym’s client encounters an Angel, with a gift

It’s an Angel. An Angel!

My client Sheila is in a mossy place that shimmers with bright and playful rainbows, created by the sunlight refracting through the clear, sparkling waterfall beside us. We have arrived in a sacred, other-worldly place at the end of her shamanic journey.

She is teary and cannot believe her eyes, her journey has not been an easy one.

So beautiful… She telepaths.

Ask her does she love you?

She does. And she has a gift for me…

A translucent, mystical mandala, fluoresces before us, hovering in the hazy gloom of the moist and misty cave.

This will bring you peace. Touch it, gaze into it and whenever you need solace think of me. We will be forever connected. The Angelsmiles.

Sheila steps towards the beautiful hovering yantra.

Just a moment, before you go any further, please say out loud after me, “I have learnt all I need to know about suffering and pain, I choose now to be totally free of all trauma.”

You cannot be free of it. The Angel sounds stern.

Why not? Sheila is surprised

Because you are evil.

This sounds a little judgemental to me; Angels are beyond judgment. I stare hard at the being before us.

Touch the mandala and I will always be with you. The Angel gazes at Sheila. as she reaches out her hand. 

Ask this angel, does it love you unconditionally?

What? Of course it does.


She asks and we sense a microsecond of hesitation revealing a hint of anger on the radiant smiling visage before us, like a momentary flicker on a TV screen.

Say after me quickly, “I challenge your truth as a being of light. Show yourself in your true form!”

Sheila follows my instructions and things change rapidly. The cave is filled with the stench of sulphur and a loud, hideous, cackling laugh.

You will suffer for eternity, I promise you that. A voice emanates from the dark cloud that was the Angel.

Sheila is picked up and thrown across the cave by this dark force which has her by the throat and is strangling her. I know her physical body in our time/space will also be gasping for air and I must act quickly…

Sheila has come to see me because of her inexplicable weight loss. She weighs about half of her normal weight. She looks frail and overwhelmed as she recounts her life. She describes being placed in psychiatric care by her family for being anorexic, when she wasn’t. She tells me about a series of physically abusive lovers, a mother who repeatedly told her she was worthless and a violent father. 

I do not mention it, but she presents as a textbook case of major karma ready to be cleared, unpleasant, but a blessing in disguise. She lies in my crystal mandala and I prepare myself to plead her case to the karmic court, after witnessing some awful past life deed. I end up doing neither.

One after another we clear layers of multiple traumas held in different parts of her body: the pain in the side of her face reveals a motorbike accident later in life where her face hit the ground but actually relates to the emotions she felt being slapped as a child by her father. Trauma held in the throat first manifests as an abusive partner choking her but when it is cleared it exposes an earlier forced promise not to speak of childhood sexual abuse. Her body has been repeating traumas to draw her attention to the primary emotional wound, creating an opportunity to clear the held emotion at its source, once it is revealed.

And so it goes on, witnessing then clearing layers of extreme related traumas in this life and in others until finally I feel that she is clear and we arrive at the glistening waterfall. Wondering what could have caused so many layered, traumas without any apparent karmic connection, I am just about to relax into an angelic vibe and hopefully hear an explanation, when Sheila is attacked and strangled.

I address the being pinning Sheila to the wall. Do not fear us we will not harm you.

Stay out of this, you fool.

I gaze into the black form and understand more.

Do you realise you are dead?

It pauses. I am not dead. I travel through time to perpetuate this curse. You know nothing. It hisses.

Once you were a good and wise woman; accused of wrong doing you were starved, tortured and burned alive.

Her form stabilises into what she once was and her grip loosens on Sheila’s throat.

And I cursed the descendants of the bastard who imprisoned and raped me. This is one of them! I have cursed you all for eternity. Your ancestor destroyed my family and humiliated me in front of the townspeople! You will feel unimaginable pain, you will starve, you will be raped and abused and your skin will burn!

Sheila finds her own inner strength and stands up to the spirit of the woman throttling her. 

No need to talk in the future tense, I have experienced all of those things. My life has been torture: despised by my parents; betrayed; physically, sexually and emotionally abused. This has gone on for long enough!

An eternity is not long enough to redress the wrong your ancestor did to me and my children. Yes, I realise I am dead. I recall my tortured death now, with great clarity. And I still see your ancestor’s smiling face in YOU. You carry it still. Her grip tightens.

The negotiation for Sheila’s release is long and protracted but eventually I help her tormentor realise that enough is enough, that Sheila is not responsible and it is time for the curse to be lifted. The heartfelt apology from Sheila’s ancestor also helps and the woman finally lifts her curse and is taken away for counselling by those who love her unconditionally.

A magnificent ancient god steps forward and congratulates Sheila for her forbearance.

Ask him to complete the session by clearing all residue of trauma you are holding onto in all realities, across all time/space. He does so.

Addressing Sheila, the Ancient One transmits a resonant vibration. 

You are strong not to have collapsed under the strain of this life. It was not your fault, it was not Karma. It was a curse placed a long time ago with such venom and intensity it was well hidden and hard to discover, let alone break. Your entire lineage has suffered from it.

How will this session affect Shiela’s life? What should she do now? I ask on her behalf.

I feel his deep compassion as he addresses her. You should rest now. All your physical ailments will fade away and you will be able to put on weight and retain it. All the traumas you have experienced will now stay in the past where they belong, you do not need to repeat them or be affected by them ever again. There is a partner waiting for you and you may have children, if you wish. Until today this curse would have affected your children too. This is no longer the case, you are free.

Thank you. I speak for Sheila who is too emotional to communicate.

Sheila allows herself the deepest sigh as she opens her eyes to her new reality. 

“I feel at peace – for the first time in my life!”

All stories are © 2019 Raym Richards and are extracted from his book “Sprit World. A diary of an Urban Shaman” available through iBooks and Amazon or directly from Crystal Dreaming

Heaven and Earth

Anna’s desire to explore her own future death has profound consequences

“Raym, she has stopped breathing, we should do something!” I hear my apprentice’s rising tone, faintly, in the distance. She has been observing my session and has collapsed into fear and panic. 

In the tranquility of a healing centre, alarm is not a good thing, I feel it prickling my energy body as I take a deep breath, return to full consciousness and open my eyes. I gaze at my clients inert and supine form, spread on the floor next to me, surrounded by crystals. At her request we have taken a long and deep journey into her future death. As I return to my body and my out of focus vision adjusts, I perceive a pale, flaccid form next to me, that is my client Anna.

Did we travel too far?…

Anna is a mature, wealthy woman in the final chapter of her life, looking to understand more about her focus and community service as she ages. She is particularly interested in the implications that her lifelong yoga and meditation practice may have on her next life. In our pre-session interview she mentions that she had found a guru whose unconditional love touched her deeply, it is clear she still mourns his passing some ten years ago.

Anna wishes to visit her immediate past life death and her approaching death in this life in the hope of understanding her soul’s journey and choices. With some reservations and several repeated promises from Anna to return to her body at the end of our journey we travel together across time and space, as she lies in my crystal mandala and I command her body to take us to her most recent incarnation.

We arrive in an Asian country and she experiences a life as a male peasant working hard to feed his family. By Western standards the living conditions seem harsh and primitive. He spends long days under a fierce sun in a humid environment, planting, tending and harvesting his rice paddies in an interminable cycle of hard labour.  His body is lean and his muscles ache but he is happy. He is a devout Hindu and his faith and daily practice help him rise above the limitations of his birth.

We witness his love for his family as he tries hard to give them the opportunities for a good education that he did not have. They grow and leave home for jobs in the city, returning occasionally, driving cars and wearing Western clothing. He feels proud of their achievements. He grows old with his wife and his focus on daily devotion, offerings and community service increases as he ages. He dies, body worn out but at peace with everything, his practices helping him transit into greater consciousness as he leaves his body surrounded by his family.

Anna is emotional as she telepaths. Such a simple humble life, so beautiful… I guess I understand my choices to live a more comfortable life this time around. It was harsh. I see too how I fell easily into my yoga practice and spiritual path in this incarnation. It always seemed so natural to me. I sense his purity of heart and simple devotion made his death transition easier.

Anna also sees clearly that she has learnt all she needs to know about poverty and hard work and so incarnates into an affluent Western family.

 May we look at my future now?

You promise to return to your body afterwards?

I do.

Commanding her body to take us to the moment of her future death, I realise that the circumstances and date of her death are irrelevant as her consciousness spreads outwards from her dying body. It touches the people close to her, then the trees, the land, the sky, the continent, the seas, the planet, the sun and the stars. Her awareness expands exponentially, connecting via a matrix of light with the Milky Way, the Universe and Multiverses beyond that, into infinity and All There Is. She becomes one with everything and the beauty of the moment is beyond words.

After an age I gently remind her of her reason to visit this time, her question echoes outwards mingling with the music of the spheres. What happens next?

From the vastness around us a deep and resonant knowing responds.

In your now you say you are ready to be of service to humanity, your choices in the coming years are important. You have been touched by unconditional love in this life and you wish to share that. You may do so, you may express it in every interaction with every being you encounter from this moment onwards refining your essence with each interaction. 

Like my guru? I can do that?

If you wish. However it is enough to just be love and share love in your daily life. In doing so you will attune your own vibration to the limitless love that holds reality together. If you do so you will reach this point of limitless expansion and bliss that you are witnessing now.

Anna hesitates. How will I be able to compress this into a human form, when will I reincarnate?

If you reach this state of interconnectedness and love, you will have passed the need to return to the cycle of death and rebirth on this planet. 

If Anna does not reach this state? I enquire on her behalf.

Then she will reincarnate as a less aware being or thing, until she does.

Please show us her potential if she fulfills her desire to be of service based on love.

You may become anything that pleases you…

Moving into a profound understanding of the nature of reality, we are shown Anna’s consciousness becoming form again as a planet or a star and its magnificence is humbling. The communication between us becomes faint as Anna is drawn into the immersive experience of her probable future.

Oh so beautiful.

I know that her body will be looking devoid of life as her consciousness stretches into the distant reaches of the cosmos as I hear Jo’s distant panicked voice calling from another time and place pulling me from a deep and reverent state into the dense reality I call home. Jo has never seen a client in such a deep state before and does not completely understand what is happening, Anna’s very shallow breathing and state of utter surrender appears far more distressing than it actually is. 

Nonetheless I realise it is time to call Anna back to this time and place and I do so as gently as I can, knowing it will be hard for her to leave the exalted state of bliss she is experiencing. I calm Jo as she returns. It takes some time for her to become fully present in her body, her voice thin and her eyes still closed, I hand her a grounding stone and as colour returns to her cheeks, she whispers.

“That was the most profound experience of my life… Is that truly possible? That I may become that? Is it that simple?”

“It is.”

All stories are © 2019 Raym Richards and are extracted from his book “Sprit World. A diary of an Urban Shaman” available through iBooks and Amazon or directly from Crystal Dreaming

Forbidden Love

A shocking and passionate choice from her past creates turmoil for a client

My usually calm young apprentice, Jo, is agitated. I have never seen her this animated before a session. We are gazing into the parking area next to my healing studio as my client, Georgia, steps out of her polished, black Range Rover. Even the tyres are shiny.

“She looks much smaller in the flesh… Beautiful dress, she is SO pretty.”

Jo rushes to the door and greets the well known TV personality who is also welcomed into several million living rooms each week. I smile to myself as Jo unconsciously almost curtsies as Georgia enters, bowing her head as the media royalty crosses our threshold.

“Apologies for overdressing, I’ve just come from another function. I hope that’s OK?” Georgia breezes in.

I reassure her that we will be lying down and as long as she is comfortable that is fine; she slips off her shoes as we chat. Our interview reveals that she is ready to deal with her well concealed anger and resentment, which is affecting her wellbeing and work relationships. 

She tells me she has experienced no major trauma in her life and I catch Jo’s eye. She has made a smooth transition from a starstruck fan into focussed healer. We both sense that Georgia is concealing something. As Georgia lies in the mandala of crystals next to me, I confirm that she understands the power of the journey on which she is about to embark.

“We will be uncovering and resolving the source of the feelings we have discussed, this process reveals everything. All you have to do us surrender and allow me to guide you. Are you OK with that?”

“I am.” She nods, after a slight hesitation. Georgia’s journey will be far deeper than she anticipates.

Both Jo and I know that whatever she is hiding will surface once the crystals laid around her head work their magic. I watch her eyelids flutter rapidly as the enters a light trance. 

“Please say after me: Body I command you – take me to the source of my anger.”

Her body obliges, immediately transporting our consciousness to another time and place. We find ourselves in a beautiful bucolic setting, we could be in any time when fields are cultivated. It is a clear sunny day with a powder-blue sky and a light, warm breeze – a great day to be alive. Georgia is standing next to me in the body of a young girl. 

She is so happy, so innocent. So free. Georgia telepaths.

Why so happy?

She feels very loved. Life is wonderful!

A man calls her and she runs to him across the lush, green paddock, propelling herself headlong into his open arms. I feel an intense bond between them as they embrace. He loves her deeply and unconditionally and there is great joy between them. It is moving to witness such profound love.

I don’t want to be here anymore. Georgia telepaths, distressed.

Why not? This recollection of deep love is beautiful, we have not located the time and place, the nature of this relationship and what happens next. Please allow it to unfold.

She is reluctant to observe what comes next, but nonetheless allows the process to continue.

Ask your body to show you where this relationship leads.

I feel her resistance to the experience grow as we observe the relationship develop. The child that she is approaches puberty and their embraces become more intense, they hold each other closer and kiss each other longer than before. They are almost furtive when they do so. Still, I can feel the man has pure intentions in his love for this child.

Then things change.

Another beautiful, playful day filled with love and embraces, they lie together looking up at clouds in the sky, laughing at the shapes they make. His hands behind his head, her head on his chest, hand on his stomach. She moves her hand slowly down and touches his penis through his trousers. He is startled.

“No, my love you cannot touch me there, it is not allowed.” She persists and rapidly, naturally, without any overriding thought his body responds. 

“We cannot do this. I love you but I am your father, it is not allowed.” He hugs her close and she cries deep, mournful sobs.

“I want it to be like it was before.”

“Before? We have never done this before.” Her father is perplexed.

“I love you SO much.” The child cries, hugging him. He comforts her, reflecting on her words.

Over a period of years we see her persist with her advances, until, against his better judgement her father allows their relationship to become sexual. Their passionate, illicit affair continues for years until her mother, his wife, discovers them ‘in flagrante delicto.’ The family falls apart and becomes fragmented, her father is disgraced and the teenage girl is shamed beyond redemption. She leaves and they never speak to each other again.

Ask your body to show you when this happened.

There is no need to ask, I know… It was this lifetime, now. I seduced my own father. Georgia’s sobs are deep and full of remorse.

I hear a sharp intake of breath from Jo, I can guess what she is thinking.

Call on the beings who love you unconditionally and ask them show you why this happened.

The atmosphere in the room brightens as several beings of light join us.

Dear child, please do not be so hard on yourself. You set yourself a big challenge to reincarnate with this man so soon after your death. He was killed suddenly, when you were very passionately in love, your relationship felt incomplete and you yearned to be in a loving relationship with him again. Incarnating together in this life as father and daughter, you were not able to move from Eros into Agape love for him and that is understandable. It is time to beg forgiveness of those you hurt and most of all forgive yourself and move on. Remember that he had free will too. There is much joy in store for you if you allow it.

I take Georgia through the forgiveness process, calling on the higher consciousness of all those involved. We complete the session by affirming that she has learnt all she needs to know about self-loathing and needs never to repeat the experiences that led to it, ever again.

A much brighter Georgia sits up and opens her eyes.

“I truly understand what happened and why and I am at peace with it. Thank you.”

“Your life enters a new phase today, take your time. Jo will take you for a walk before you drive.”

As the bright, black car leaves, Jo returns, looking a little bit sheepish. 

“Thank you for not speaking during the session, I know you wanted to. The big lesson for you today is to let go of all judgement. We are here to facilitate peace and freedom, for all beings – without judging them.”

All stories are © 2019 Raym Richards and are extracted from his book “Sprit World. A diary of an Urban Shaman” available through iBooks and Amazon or directly from Crystal Dreaming

Death and Birth

Kirra explores how a death in her past affects her ability to conceive now

My client Kirra is screaming, her face contorted, her dark skinned right hand pushed hard into the futon beneath her, fingers spread wide. Something invisible is pinning her wrist down as her body writhes around it, she is in excruciating pain. 

Her screams are so loud they have brought me back to this time and space to glance for a moment at her contorted body in my healing studio. Fortunately I am in a rural area and those nearby know I am some kind of healer. Reassured she is not actually dying, I allow myself to return to the time she is experiencing with such a visceral recall.

Just allow yourself to be here. I telepath

Do I have any choice? The pain is unbearable. Why are they doing this to me? My hand!

Let your awareness expand outwards from your hand. What is happening around you?

Her breathing moderates, a little. 

I am in a musty place, underground, faded whitewashed walls, curved arches, crumbling bricks. The people in uniform who are hurting me despise me. I am female, my skin is white, I feel heavier than I am now. Why am I here? Why am I not Aboriginal, with my ancestors? What did I do to deserve this torture?

Your incarnation into the Aboriginal bloodline is recent, you have incarnated elsewhere at other times. Command your body to show you what led to this… 

As we travel through time and space I can see both before and after this incident and feel deep compassion for Kirra, who has come to see me because of her inability to conceive. After trying many other processes she has been referred to me to help her uncover why. Our shamanic journey has plunged us straight into this trauma, when we commanded her body to show us the reason she could not have a baby.

She relaxes as we are transported to another era. A period where everyone looks thinner and the few cars on the streets are bigger than they are now and mostly black. The air feels clean and fresh and the locals who are going about their daily business push carts, walk or ride bicycles. It feels peaceful, almost mundane but there is an undercurrent of fear, hidden by people trying to make the most of a bad situation by carrying on as normal.

For a moment Kirra forgets her recent pain, she is fascinated by the clarity of her recall. 

This feels like Europe, France maybe. The buildings, the people they look pre-war. People look good without much effort, the women have style, on a shoestring by the look of it. This is like a movie…

Where are you? Do you recognise yourself anywhere?

Yes, thats me! That busy woman over there, she looks happy, but something is not right.

Step into her body and allow yourself to be her, how does she feel?

She has a secret, an important secret. She feels scared but defiant, she is a big woman.

Oh no…

Kirra has noticed the grey uniforms of her torturers that walk in small groups through her community. 

I feel like they know who I am.

And who are you?

I see myself writing, I have access to information and I am helping the resistance, with good reason. I don’t look it, but I am Jewish. They have taken everyone I know.

So it’s not pre-war France is it?

No, it is occupied France. Oh… I feel it now. I am not fat, I am pregnant. I did not mean to fall pregnant, but I love him so much!

Kirra sobs quietly, re-experiencing the intense connection she felt with the leader of the local resistance. 

He is such a loving, brave and gentle man. They captured me and because I won’t talk they are cutting off my fingers one by one. My writing hand! I did not tell them anything, but they found him and they have him standing here before me now, witnessing my torture.

I cannot believe that anyone could do this to another human being.

We are beneath the largest Chateau in town, in the wine cellar, recently repurposed. The resistance leader is stoic, denying all connection with his pregnant lover, now witnessing her intensifying torture and coldly refusing to acknowledge her, in the vain hope that it will stop.

I have seen many things in my time travelling practice but what happens next is beyond revulsion.

After repeated threats they execute Kirra in front of her lover by opening her womb allowing the foetus to spill out before them both as she bleeds to death, now well beyond feeling any physical pain. Her stony faced lover is then taken outside and shot.

Never! Never will I get pregnant ever again!  Her last thoughts and feelings spread out across the universe and soak into her DNA.

Are you ready to release that promise to yourself? You see how it is affecting your life now? 

She is still in a state of shock. I give her some time, then she agrees. 

“Please repeat after me out loud”… By speaking we add the greatest power to her affirmation.

“I now dissolve any and all agreements I may have made with myself regarding my ability to bear children. These agreements no longer serve me and I release them once and for all. My reproductive area functions perfectly and I can conceive easily, as I choose. I do this of my own free will across time and space, now. So be it.”

As she finishes this powerful affirmation, her whole being releases a deeply relaxing out breath, permanently changing her present reality.

I feel it! I feel my womb, my ovaries opening, easing… Unbelievable.

In order to totally release the trauma you must also forgive those who tortured and killed you…

This takes a little more time and counselling, but eventually she is ready and does so.

I cannot believe how free I feel. What about my lover what happened to him?

Call on him.

She does so and he appears immediately, still very distraught, locked into the nightmare of their deaths, as if it were a moment ago. Deeply traumatised he has become Earthbound; we talk with him and I help him understand that all is well, that he is not responsible for the death of his lover and unborn child.

Calling on the beings who love him unconditionally to help him journey home to light, Kirra has one question of them, as they help him find peace.

Will I ever get to be with him again?

You are free of your death trauma and are able to bring new life into your world, you will now conceive easily. Once he has been counselled and healed, you may incarnate together again.

He will be your first born.

All stories are © 2019 Raym Richards and are extracted from his book “Sprit World. A diary of an Urban Shaman” available through iBooks and Amazon or directly from Crystal Dreaming