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Heaven and Earth

Anna’s desire to explore her own future death has profound consequences

“Raym, she has stopped breathing, we should do something!” I hear my apprentice’s rising tone, faintly, in the distance. She has been observing my session and has collapsed into fear and panic. 

In the tranquility of a healing centre, alarm is not a good thing, I feel it prickling my energy body as I take a deep breath, return to full consciousness and open my eyes. I gaze at my clients inert and supine form, spread on the floor next to me, surrounded by crystals. At her request we have taken a long and deep journey into her future death. As I return to my body and my out of focus vision adjusts, I perceive a pale, flaccid form next to me, that is my client Anna.

Did we travel too far?…

Anna is a mature, wealthy woman in the final chapter of her life, looking to understand more about her focus and community service as she ages. She is particularly interested in the implications that her lifelong yoga and meditation practice may have on her next life. In our pre-session interview she mentions that she had found a guru whose unconditional love touched her deeply, it is clear she still mourns his passing some ten years ago.

Anna wishes to visit her immediate past life death and her approaching death in this life in the hope of understanding her soul’s journey and choices. With some reservations and several repeated promises from Anna to return to her body at the end of our journey we travel together across time and space, as she lies in my crystal mandala and I command her body to take us to her most recent incarnation.

We arrive in an Asian country and she experiences a life as a male peasant working hard to feed his family. By Western standards the living conditions seem harsh and primitive. He spends long days under a fierce sun in a humid environment, planting, tending and harvesting his rice paddies in an interminable cycle of hard labour.  His body is lean and his muscles ache but he is happy. He is a devout Hindu and his faith and daily practice help him rise above the limitations of his birth.

We witness his love for his family as he tries hard to give them the opportunities for a good education that he did not have. They grow and leave home for jobs in the city, returning occasionally, driving cars and wearing Western clothing. He feels proud of their achievements. He grows old with his wife and his focus on daily devotion, offerings and community service increases as he ages. He dies, body worn out but at peace with everything, his practices helping him transit into greater consciousness as he leaves his body surrounded by his family.

Anna is emotional as she telepaths. Such a simple humble life, so beautiful… I guess I understand my choices to live a more comfortable life this time around. It was harsh. I see too how I fell easily into my yoga practice and spiritual path in this incarnation. It always seemed so natural to me. I sense his purity of heart and simple devotion made his death transition easier.

Anna also sees clearly that she has learnt all she needs to know about poverty and hard work and so incarnates into an affluent Western family.

 May we look at my future now?

You promise to return to your body afterwards?

I do.

Commanding her body to take us to the moment of her future death, I realise that the circumstances and date of her death are irrelevant as her consciousness spreads outwards from her dying body. It touches the people close to her, then the trees, the land, the sky, the continent, the seas, the planet, the sun and the stars. Her awareness expands exponentially, connecting via a matrix of light with the Milky Way, the Universe and Multiverses beyond that, into infinity and All There Is. She becomes one with everything and the beauty of the moment is beyond words.

After an age I gently remind her of her reason to visit this time, her question echoes outwards mingling with the music of the spheres. What happens next?

From the vastness around us a deep and resonant knowing responds.

In your now you say you are ready to be of service to humanity, your choices in the coming years are important. You have been touched by unconditional love in this life and you wish to share that. You may do so, you may express it in every interaction with every being you encounter from this moment onwards refining your essence with each interaction. 

Like my guru? I can do that?

If you wish. However it is enough to just be love and share love in your daily life. In doing so you will attune your own vibration to the limitless love that holds reality together. If you do so you will reach this point of limitless expansion and bliss that you are witnessing now.

Anna hesitates. How will I be able to compress this into a human form, when will I reincarnate?

If you reach this state of interconnectedness and love, you will have passed the need to return to the cycle of death and rebirth on this planet. 

If Anna does not reach this state? I enquire on her behalf.

Then she will reincarnate as a less aware being or thing, until she does.

Please show us her potential if she fulfills her desire to be of service based on love.

You may become anything that pleases you…

Moving into a profound understanding of the nature of reality, we are shown Anna’s consciousness becoming form again as a planet or a star and its magnificence is humbling. The communication between us becomes faint as Anna is drawn into the immersive experience of her probable future.

Oh so beautiful.

I know that her body will be looking devoid of life as her consciousness stretches into the distant reaches of the cosmos as I hear Jo’s distant panicked voice calling from another time and place pulling me from a deep and reverent state into the dense reality I call home. Jo has never seen a client in such a deep state before and does not completely understand what is happening, Anna’s very shallow breathing and state of utter surrender appears far more distressing than it actually is. 

Nonetheless I realise it is time to call Anna back to this time and place and I do so as gently as I can, knowing it will be hard for her to leave the exalted state of bliss she is experiencing. I calm Jo as she returns. It takes some time for her to become fully present in her body, her voice thin and her eyes still closed, I hand her a grounding stone and as colour returns to her cheeks, she whispers.

“That was the most profound experience of my life… Is that truly possible? That I may become that? Is it that simple?”

“It is.”

All stories are © 2019 Raym Richards and are extracted from his book “Sprit World. A diary of an Urban Shaman” available through iBooks and Amazon or directly from Crystal Dreaming

Forbidden Love

A shocking and passionate choice from her past creates turmoil for a client

My usually calm young apprentice, Jo, is agitated. I have never seen her this animated before a session. We are gazing into the parking area next to my healing studio as my client, Georgia, steps out of her polished, black Range Rover. Even the tyres are shiny.

“She looks much smaller in the flesh… Beautiful dress, she is SO pretty.”

Jo rushes to the door and greets the well known TV personality who is also welcomed into several million living rooms each week. I smile to myself as Jo unconsciously almost curtsies as Georgia enters, bowing her head as the media royalty crosses our threshold.

“Apologies for overdressing, I’ve just come from another function. I hope that’s OK?” Georgia breezes in.

I reassure her that we will be lying down and as long as she is comfortable that is fine; she slips off her shoes as we chat. Our interview reveals that she is ready to deal with her well concealed anger and resentment, which is affecting her wellbeing and work relationships. 

She tells me she has experienced no major trauma in her life and I catch Jo’s eye. She has made a smooth transition from a starstruck fan into focussed healer. We both sense that Georgia is concealing something. As Georgia lies in the mandala of crystals next to me, I confirm that she understands the power of the journey on which she is about to embark.

“We will be uncovering and resolving the source of the feelings we have discussed, this process reveals everything. All you have to do us surrender and allow me to guide you. Are you OK with that?”

“I am.” She nods, after a slight hesitation. Georgia’s journey will be far deeper than she anticipates.

Both Jo and I know that whatever she is hiding will surface once the crystals laid around her head work their magic. I watch her eyelids flutter rapidly as the enters a light trance. 

“Please say after me: Body I command you – take me to the source of my anger.”

Her body obliges, immediately transporting our consciousness to another time and place. We find ourselves in a beautiful bucolic setting, we could be in any time when fields are cultivated. It is a clear sunny day with a powder-blue sky and a light, warm breeze – a great day to be alive. Georgia is standing next to me in the body of a young girl. 

She is so happy, so innocent. So free. Georgia telepaths.

Why so happy?

She feels very loved. Life is wonderful!

A man calls her and she runs to him across the lush, green paddock, propelling herself headlong into his open arms. I feel an intense bond between them as they embrace. He loves her deeply and unconditionally and there is great joy between them. It is moving to witness such profound love.

I don’t want to be here anymore. Georgia telepaths, distressed.

Why not? This recollection of deep love is beautiful, we have not located the time and place, the nature of this relationship and what happens next. Please allow it to unfold.

She is reluctant to observe what comes next, but nonetheless allows the process to continue.

Ask your body to show you where this relationship leads.

I feel her resistance to the experience grow as we observe the relationship develop. The child that she is approaches puberty and their embraces become more intense, they hold each other closer and kiss each other longer than before. They are almost furtive when they do so. Still, I can feel the man has pure intentions in his love for this child.

Then things change.

Another beautiful, playful day filled with love and embraces, they lie together looking up at clouds in the sky, laughing at the shapes they make. His hands behind his head, her head on his chest, hand on his stomach. She moves her hand slowly down and touches his penis through his trousers. He is startled.

“No, my love you cannot touch me there, it is not allowed.” She persists and rapidly, naturally, without any overriding thought his body responds. 

“We cannot do this. I love you but I am your father, it is not allowed.” He hugs her close and she cries deep, mournful sobs.

“I want it to be like it was before.”

“Before? We have never done this before.” Her father is perplexed.

“I love you SO much.” The child cries, hugging him. He comforts her, reflecting on her words.

Over a period of years we see her persist with her advances, until, against his better judgement her father allows their relationship to become sexual. Their passionate, illicit affair continues for years until her mother, his wife, discovers them ‘in flagrante delicto.’ The family falls apart and becomes fragmented, her father is disgraced and the teenage girl is shamed beyond redemption. She leaves and they never speak to each other again.

Ask your body to show you when this happened.

There is no need to ask, I know… It was this lifetime, now. I seduced my own father. Georgia’s sobs are deep and full of remorse.

I hear a sharp intake of breath from Jo, I can guess what she is thinking.

Call on the beings who love you unconditionally and ask them show you why this happened.

The atmosphere in the room brightens as several beings of light join us.

Dear child, please do not be so hard on yourself. You set yourself a big challenge to reincarnate with this man so soon after your death. He was killed suddenly, when you were very passionately in love, your relationship felt incomplete and you yearned to be in a loving relationship with him again. Incarnating together in this life as father and daughter, you were not able to move from Eros into Agape love for him and that is understandable. It is time to beg forgiveness of those you hurt and most of all forgive yourself and move on. Remember that he had free will too. There is much joy in store for you if you allow it.

I take Georgia through the forgiveness process, calling on the higher consciousness of all those involved. We complete the session by affirming that she has learnt all she needs to know about self-loathing and needs never to repeat the experiences that led to it, ever again.

A much brighter Georgia sits up and opens her eyes.

“I truly understand what happened and why and I am at peace with it. Thank you.”

“Your life enters a new phase today, take your time. Jo will take you for a walk before you drive.”

As the bright, black car leaves, Jo returns, looking a little bit sheepish. 

“Thank you for not speaking during the session, I know you wanted to. The big lesson for you today is to let go of all judgement. We are here to facilitate peace and freedom, for all beings – without judging them.”

All stories are © 2019 Raym Richards and are extracted from his book “Sprit World. A diary of an Urban Shaman” available through iBooks and Amazon or directly from Crystal Dreaming

A wolf in wolf’s clothing

A many layered relationship prevents Elizabeth from attracting a partner

Elizabeth is a mature, poised, witty and attractive woman who has had great difficulty attracting and keeping a male partner who truly values all she has to offer. She has come to me to find out the deeper reason behind her present situation.

My apprentice sits close to us, her curly black hair framing a mischievous grin, that makes her barefaced cheek tolerable. She will track and observe the session both in and out of an expanded state of consciousness.

The mandala of crystals around us does its work and we are soon in no time-space. We scan Elizabeth’s etheric body and it immediately becomes apparent to me where the challenge lies. I wait for her to become aware of its location.

After releasing traumatic past life deaths and the minor attachments that go with them, she becomes aware of a major blockage in her heart. It has been there for a very long time.

Oh, that is not nice. Even when telepathing her enunciation is perfect. There is something hidden in my heart!

I observe as it presents itself as every fear based trigger that could induce fear in her. A personalised invitation to collapse into panic and helplessness, thus slipping further under its control. It appears a mixture of hybrid scary things in an attempt to frighten her, with little effect. Finally it reveals itself as a tall sinister man in a dark cape.

“A shape-shifter!” my apprentice’s excitement is uncontainable.

I see these images when I am trying to sleep, they keep me awake. Horrible. Elizabeth telepaths.

Don’t be afraid.

I am OK, I remember your advice to stay calm – but this is not pleasant.

Tell him you love him and you can help him.


Try it.

She does so and this calms things down a bit.

He can only be here with your consent. Ask him to show you the moment you gave him permission to be here…

At this point things get really interesting. We travel into a distant past. She sees herself as a wealthy, refined and well educated woman with time on her hands. Her husband is a man of striking good looks and charm, and they are deeply in love. Bored, they decide together to embark on a deep study of the occult. They become aware of the power of magic and their ability to harness it.

It looks like I may have abused my power. Elizabeth is mortified and stunned at both the clarity of the recall and the implications of her actions.

We witness playfulness turning into the serious manipulation of innocents as they both flex their magical muscles. Then Elizabeth comes to her senses and decides she will work only for the greater good. Her partner chooses the opposite path and their relationship quickly disintegrates.

Separation is painful, neither understanding the choice of the other. Elizabeth dies an honoured member of her community, to reincarnate many times, with a clear focus on service to humanity.

Her partner, feeling betrayed and abandoned, dies alone and angry, locked into despair. Fearing punishment for his actions, he remains Earthbound, refusing to return home to light. 

Elizabeth realises that he can be with her now as she has never dissolved the agreements she freely entered into with him, when they were alive. He has her ongoing permission to stay with her, indefinitely. In every subsequent incarnation, he has found her and attached himself to her, his jealousy and possessiveness creating a barrier to deep intimacy with every possible partner in all of her lives since then.

Rising above her initial revulsion, Elizabeth feels compassion for this sad man who she once loved so deeply. Releasing him from all contracts and agreements, it takes a great deal of persuasion for him to truly understand that he can find peace, without fear of retribution.

Elizabeth is very emotional as we call on the beings who love him unconditionally, they include his mother and ancestors. Just as he is finally ready to leave, Elizabeth notices something else holding him back.

Oh my, she telepaths, are you seeing what I am? He has something attached to him!

“An entity feeding of another entity. Wow!” my apprentice mutters to herself.

“He is ready to leave and when he does Elisabeth’s life will change forever. It is time for you to put what I have been teaching you into practice. You can deal with this situation and finish the session.” I hand over to my apprentice.

“Elizabeth, my apprentice will help you with this, it won’t take long. You are about to become totally free…

“I will be making a cup of tea, let me know when you have finished.” 

I open my eyes and sit up observing my normally relaxed apprentice with a look of total concentration on her young face.

All stories are © 2019 Raym Richards and are extracted from his book “Sprit World. A diary of an Urban Shaman” available through iBooks and Amazon or directly from Crystal Dreaming